How To Set Up And Use Twitter Lists To Grow Your Following?

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How To Set Up And Use Twitter Lists To Grow Your Following?

Twitter has been growing as one of the best social media platforms where brands can connect and engage with their audience. However, due to the sheer volume of tweets with over 500 millions of tweets per day, makes it nearly impossible for brands to keep up with their feed.

To overcome this challenge, you should know how to organize your feed results so that it would only show you some selective tweets only. While on Twitter, you have the simplest way to achieve that- Twitter lists.

No matter how many people you follow on Twitter, having a list gives you an option to target your efforts in a specific direction. So that you could be able to gain more followers and engagement back in return.

Here in this article, we are going to reveal the secrets about how you can set up and use Twitter lists to bring more engagement and conversions for your business. But first, you should know, “what are twitter lists?”

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What Are Twitter Lists?

A Twitter list is a curated group of accounts, which one can create to list out the people they want to engage with. The best thing about this feature is that you don’t have to follow anyone just to add them to your list. So that you can be assured to balance the following-to-followers count ratio low. And it may also allow you to bypass the pesky limit of the following 5000 accounts. By default, there is a limit of following 5000 accounts on Twitter, and if you want to follow more than that, then you need to increase the number of your followers.  For most people, this isn’t an issue because their followers’ count is likely low. But if you want to enhance your influence on  Twitter, having a high following-to-follower ratio would put a bad impression on your brand.

In case you have already crossed the limit of following 5000 Twitter accounts, you will be limited to follow 10% more than the number of your followers. While you can just list out some accounts of the people who are interested in the niche relevant to yours. That way you can take advantage of the algorithm to increase your Twitter followers.

Steps To Create A List On Twitter

  • After login to your Twitter account, go to the navigation bar. There you have the option lists.
  • Tap on the lists option. If you haven’t created any list, you will find Create a new list option. Click on that.
  • Choose the name for your list and describe it in a few words. The characters of the list’s name shouldn’t exceed 25 and there shouldn’t be any number in it.
  • You can make your list private (only accessible to you) or public (anyone can follow the List).
  • Next, you can search for the accounts and add them to your list.
  • Click on the done button.

Top 8 Ways To Use Twitter Lists To Grow Your Followers:

Know About Your Competition

Many companies want to promote their brand and enhance their influence through Twitter. So, if you are looking for a tool to keep an eye on the potential competition, then Twitter is the best option for you. However, you might not want to reward your competitors with a follow or let them know that you are monitoring their tweets. You can just add them to your list. By creating a private list, you can be assured to check on your competitors without being noticed.

Other than monitoring tweets, you can also use lists on which your competitors are subscribed to and what list they are included on. That way, you can learn about valuable information about your competitors who are using Twitter to interact with their followers.

List Users Who Retweet

Want to gain more exposure for your tweets? Then you should create a public list of promoters or brand advocates. That way, it would be easier for other users to find out about your brand. If you regularly engage with your chat, you would find that some of your followers really want to advocate your stuff. In general, you can create a team of followers who promote or share your tweets. By creating this list, you can engage with your followers and also request them to share your tweets and article. This way, you can also encourage them to support your brand activities on Twitter. So that you would be able to grab more audience for your business promotions.

Monitor Relevant Conversions

As you already know, the Twitter list is a curated mini Twitter feed. By creating a Twitter list relevant to your business, you can uncover the secrets to bring more conversions in your niche industry. You can also use it for social listening purposes. However, you are not the only one creating Twitter lists. Similar to yours, there are many other lists that contain some useful information that is relevant to your business niche. While you can also search for those public lists which are already full of great content relevant to your business niche. To find such lists, head to Twitter profiles of brands or influencers who create content in a similar niche as yours. Click on the list tabs, you will find the lists they have created. You can subscribe to such a list to acquire more information and ensure success for your business.

List Influential People And Competitors

Whenever someone is added on a public list, they would receive notifications. Especially, if you are following some influential people, this would help you to catch their attention. Also, with a list of influencers, it would be easier for you to collect information about other people in their industry. It would help you to learn about users who really want to promote or retweet their favorite brands’ or influencers’ content. While you can target such users through your campaign to enhance your engagement opportunities.

Differentiate Your Offering And Brand Accounts

Now that you have established a brand on Twitter, you might have grown a certain size of following. You might also have separate accounts with different functions like accounts for marketing or providing services to your customers. In a public list, you can share such accounts, as it would also help to improve your brand reputation. While it can also help you to gain a few more followers on Twitter.

List To Connect People From Events

By organizing events, you can connect with more people. However, it would be tough for you to keep a record of all accounts that you have associated with. In such a case, you can just create a list of attendees of your events. As it would help you to build a relationship for your brand and you could be able to gain more opportunities to grow your business.


Monitor Lists On Which You Appear

While you are growing your brand on Twitter, there will be some people who would like to add your accounts to their list. Whenever your account is added to a new list, you would receive a notification. It is a good thing that other people are also interested in your activities. You can follow back such accounts and also try to accumulate information that could be useful for your business.

Share Twitter Lists

Now that you have discovered the power of Twitter lists, you can also utilise it as a helpful resource. As you can also share your Twitter lists to  other users as well. You can just simply navigate to the list, then copy and paste the URL in the format given below.[username]/lists/[listname]

See What You Want

Sometime you might see a few tweets on your feed which are not relevant. As it is not on your control to prioritize the type of content you want in your feed results. However, when you create a list of accounts, you have the option to create your own priority of accounts whose tweets you can see in your feed first. There you may have multiple accounts where you can create multiple lists to prioritize accounts that seem more relevant to your business.

While managing multiple accounts on Twitter, it would be difficult for you to manage manually all by yourself. In such a case, you can utilise the Twitter automation software like Socinator, which gives you the ability to enhance your brand presence on Twitter.

Socinator is an all in one tool using which you can manage your accounts on multiple social media platforms. You can also use this software to analyze your performance and accordingly create your content strategies to bring more success through social media marketing.


By utilizing the power of Twitter lists, you can gain more followers. The thing is that most people wouldn’t give much preference to their audience engagement. That’s why they won’t be able to accomplish success through their Twitter marketing. But if you can Twitter lists that would allow you to keep track of the hottest trends and engage with your audience on a personal level. By following the tips shown in this article, you’ll certainly grow your reach and followers count with real people that are really interested in your work, not just bot accounts and fake profiles.

If you like this article please share it with others as well. And in case you have any further queries, you can mention them in the comments section given below.

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