5 Straightforward Hacks To Get Featured On Instagram

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5 Straightforward Hacks To Get Featured On Instagram

Do you also have the desire to get featured on Instagram? Then, you guys have visited the perfect place on the web. In this blog, I am going to offer you the five simple hacks to fulfill the dream of getting featured on Instagram in no time. So, are you ready? If yes, then here we go!!

Many of you may often wonder, what does it mean to get featured on Instagram? Right! Therefore, in brief, getting featured on Instagram is showcasing an account that’s committed to some specific niche. For example, there is an account over Instagram that shares thousands of photographs every single day. Hence, it can view as a successful photographic Instagram account.

Henceforth, when some Instagram account covers topics from particular communities, shares subject-oriented photos, and lot’s more belongs from a similar block, then it can get access to a broader section of people on Instagram.  


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After all this, it is remarkably crucial to pop-up in your mind how to get featured on Instagram. The ultimate answer to this question lies in these below-mentioned five interesting yet simple hacks. Let’s explore them!!


Step 1: Look For The Type Of Instagram Accounts You Want To Featured In-


Here is the first step to follow vis-a-vis identifying Instagram featured accounts related to your field. After making the list of these accounts, you have to understand their vibe inside out. You have to study the kind of themes, filters, photos, subjects, and all other critical aspects they usually covered.

Always keep in mind if you don’t follow the protocols of these Instagram account word-by-word, then never able to get featured on Instagram. Otherwise, there is no way around for making them feel satisfied with the content you have posted.

The other influential reasons that you should scrutinize the nature of featured accounts is to comprehend the psyche of followers as they already loved the manner and vibe of these accounts. As your main reason behind getting featured on Instagram is all about aiming potential followers for your account, then it is the best thing to do so far.


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Step 2: Read The Instruction Carefully Before Uploading Photos-


Your all efforts behind Instagram featuring aspects cannot be called successful till the time the work you have done displays at the top of accounts. So, even neglecting the nitty-gritty’s can go against your goals. Hence, be careful and watch out things completely without snubbing their flip side. Point to remember featured photographs preferred by ones who go through thousands of images on Instagram every single day.

So, meanwhile you submit images, you should tag them in your content under some perfect hashtag.

Some featured accounts can also ask users to mention their names in the images or like their photos or drop a comment on their content. Learn the instructions of the featured account precisely, so, apply them smartly while submitting the total outcome. Make proper use of hashtags as most of the featured Instagram accounts look after dedicated hashtags to find more inspiration for their work.


Step 3: Take Photos With Brand’s Products And Tag Them-


Nowadays, branding has become all about give and take. Well, big companies love to see their products on posts of Instagram accounts. Also, they adore marketers who kind of advertise their products on Instagram. So, for instance, if you’re a great fan of Manish Malhotra and loved his couture & fashion trends, so, you can quickly post images of his clothing lines and tag him in your posts. All this make his company feel like great and thankful.

Although, tagging popular accounts on every post of yours may not prove fruitful for you. All this can also make people perceive your Instagram account as fraudulent. Hence, tag popular Instagram accounts only in your top-notch content. Also, you have to be selective while tagging accounts. You can go through Instagram accounts that instantly pay back the favor of users by sharing their posts.

The other main reason why you shouldn’t tag your favorite Instagram accounts in many images is due to the quick cluttering nature of Instagram. Like Facebook, Instagram does not consist of any separate album kind of feature. As a result, all photos ended-up appear on your Instagram feed, so, directly in the photograph feed of your followers. As we all know, content curation is a complicated process. That’s why your photos shouldn’t be like a headache else you possibly get blocked.


Step 4: Give And Take Shoutouts-


Here is another one of the best things people could practice for getting featured on Instagram to broadening your reach. You have to search for users who share a similar niche as of yours, then pitch them for shoutouts. However, reaching to most appropriate shoutouts can be a little tricky. It needs lots of surfing, networking, and connection building. Sometimes, it may also happen that you have to post someone’s content before they showcase your content on their account.

Look for accounts which have more followers than yours- a key to finding out the best shoutouts.

Accounts with higher numbers of Instagram followers can also reject your pitch if you don’t have the same followers count. Don’t panic. Make proposals and try to convince them till the last beat.

You can also catch their attention by continuously liking, commenting, following, following back, and sharing their content.

As we all know, the constant pressure of these Instagram daily activities eat a lot of your time plus needs manual actions. Therefore, we’re going to suggest you the best social media management tool of today’s time- Socinator. These are some of the top maneuvers you can automate in the twinkling of the eyes with this tool. Let’s see!  


Auto Comment:

Commenting is known as one of the essential factors of engagement these days. Posts with high number of comments undoubtedly generate high engagement rates. Therefore, by using this tool, you can easily automate your comments and reach as many you people you want on Instagram.


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Auto Like:

Likes play a pivotal role in making you famous on Instagram. However, to get likes on Instagram, you also have to like the posts of other users. That is very time-taking as well as intimidating if done without grasping the chance of their favor your return back. So, Socinator automatically likes the picture according to your targeted niche and by examining all the statistics.  

Auto Follow:

Socinator automatically searches for Instagram accounts who share the same niche as of yours and like them vis-a-vis increasing your Instagram plot. In short, the probability of more leads to your business.

Auto Follow Back:

Following back on Instagram is one of the gracious gestures to building a strong association. So, Socinator is the best automation tool you can make use to follow back the people on Instagram.  


Step 5: Team Up With Instagram Influencers


Collaborating with Instagram influencers is one of the dominant and efficient steps people can do to get featured. Search out the Instagram influencers of your niche and start building a rapport with them. Yes, building a strong relationship with Instagram influencers is not simple at all. It requires patience and lots of patience. You have to woo them by presenting some unique gifts like a recommendation, credits, shoutouts, and all.

You can also contact them through emails and ask for help concerning this topic. Well, Instagram influencers invariably support people with creativity and pure talent. So, if you have something excellent to offer, then the chances of their refusal are considerably smaller.



No wonder, Instagram is the best marketing tool on the face of the earth nowadays if it gets used effectively. It consists of 1 billion and counting monthly active followers, therefore, can offer exposure to your business at a great extent. However, you have to work hard for making most out of it for your brand. So, these are some of the best hacks about how to get featured on Instagram.

If you have any more suggestions regarding this topic in your mind, please share with me as I am always open to new ideas.


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