Reddit Marketing: How To Do It & How It Works?

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Reddit Marketing: How To Do It & How It Works?

Have you been thinking of enhancing your marketing reach outside traditional social media platforms? If yes, then marketing on Reddit could be a great choice. After all, it is the epicenter of anything going viral online.

Every month it has over billions of visits and 430+ monthly active users around the world. You can say that it’s the platform with the most engaged community online. Not to mention Reddit itself has quite a good reach on other social media platforms. Are you also looking forward to marketing on Reddit? Approaching it in a similar way as any other social media platform is probably not going to work.

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Why Should Consider Marketing On Reddit?

Are you also looking forward to marketing on Reddit? Approaching it in a similar way as any other social media platform is probably not going to work. When we talk about Reddit for marketing purposes, it is one of the most underutilized platforms. Although considering the traffic, it may not be able to beat the big social giant Facebook. But still, it is quite ahead of Twitter, Linkedin, and some other social media platforms.


For those who don’t know about how Reddit marketing works, it could be confusing at a start. With the endless number of communities, mixtures of different kinds of content, upvotes, and downvotes, random pictures, and haphazard links, it doesn’t seem like a simple social media platform where you can just publish your content and grab attention from viewers. But if you go beyond that, you will find a highly customized experience powered by a thriving and engaged community.

How Does Reddit Work?

Reddit promotes itself as a “front page of the Internet” because there you will find something for everyone. There are so many communities (subreddits) where you can find different kinds of social news aggregation. They use it as an Internet forum, while it is basically a platform where people can publish their content in the form of text, links, photos, and videos. And then people upvote or downvote that post or the comments on that post. The most popular ones rise to the top of the trend while the one with the most downvotes gets buried.

If you want your posts to stay on the top of the community, you need to publish relevant content. These individual communities are called subreddits. For example, r/AskReddit where people can ask and answer thought-provoking questions, r/CasualConversation where people can have just fun conversation with others and make some friends in the process.

How To Start Marketing On Reddit?

Now the question arises how to start marketing on Reddit? People who use Reddit-(Redditors) are quite protective of their community. And they try their best to avoid the entrance of any individual or brand promoting their stuff. Most of the time, marketers didn’t know how to approach the communities in the right possible way without causing any spam.

People come to Reddit to discuss social causes, hobbies or sometimes just to share fun facts. To make a place for your brand name on Reddit, you need to put some genuine efforts for the sake of the community.

For a start, here are the steps you should follow:

First Be a Member:

For a beginner on Reddit, it is important to gain the trust of other community members. If you start promoting your brand just from the beginning, people would think that you are causing spam. And they might even downvote your content to make them invisible.

Give More Input Than Output:

To gain success on Reddit marketing, you need to be a genuine contributor to a community. For suppose you are contributing 70- 80%  to the community, then you can only promote your brand up to 20-30 %. In case people find your brand trustworthy, you might be able to gain more share on  your plate.

Original & Genuine:

Unlike on other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, you shouldn’t re-purpose and publish your content on Reddit. Anything that is repeated again and again won’t get any value to your marketing. So make sure to deliver original and genuine content to the community. That way, you could be able to gain more fans for your brand.

Communicate Like Human:

If you ask, is it okay to use the bots? It depends! Although most of the Redditors don’t want bot-like behavior in their subreddits community. However, they also use bots to remove comments or posts that are not up to the standards of their community. But if you want to initiate on a good note, it is better to communicate more like a human.

The Challenge To Reddit Marketing:

Now, you are ready to start marketing on Reddit. But still, you will have to face certain challenges. Specially on Reddit, you have community guidelines on every subreddits. That’s one of the main reasons why Reddit is not popular for marketing purposes since most of the subreddits have strict rules against advertising.

But it doesn’t mean that Reddit is against the business. There isn’t any problem with brands joining Reddit. But the challenge is how they communicate and build relationships within their community.

Best Way To Approach Marketing On Reddit?

If you are ready to face challenges on Reddit, here are the tips you can follow-


Create Your Account:

As usual like any other social media platform first, you need to create an account on Reddit. Make sure to get a username with your brand keyword, or you can even use a personal name.

Know  Your Audience:

People on Reddit often discuss various topics. And if you think that you can put on some contribution to that while also promoting  your stuff, then it’s a win win situation for you. This way, you may also find some customers looking for advice and recommendations that you can convert.

User Generated Content:

One of the best ways to promote brand promotion is through user generated content. If Redditors are discussing your brand products or services, then it’s a good thing. You might even find some users sharing their success stories about your brand and advocating it on Reddit.

AMA Events:

AMA stands for- ask me anything. Most of the bigger brands create such events to converse directly with the audience. It is really a great way to organically engage on Reddit.

Be Consistent:

To be a valuable Redditor in the community, you need to be regular with your contribution and get more karma on your posts. With better karma, you could earn the trust of users on Reddit. And it would help you to build some value for your brand.


You can also run paid ad campaigns on Reddit. Although it could be a bit more work for you to target audiences based simply on paid adverts. From time to time there have been various changes on the algorithms. And it seems more difficult to gain from Reddit ads. However, if you are regular and active on Reddit, it would be easier for you to score higher karma for your links. And you could be able to generate more  results for your business.


Nowadays, you have so many options with social media marketing. If you are a good creator, you can just publish your content to engage with your audience on social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc). However, if you want to use Reddit, you need to give more effort on building your own community.  And also, check out Socinator to dominate over  Reddit and most of the other social media platforms.

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