7 Hacks To Grow Your Linkedin Connections Right Away

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7 Hacks To Grow Your Linkedin Connections Right Away

Want to grow your Linkedin connections! You are not alone. Whether you are an intern or an expert in a profession, building a quality Linkedin network will help you get better exposure for your work.

With the ongoing trend, savvy marketers and creators are also trying to reach more audiences through Linkedin. Of course, when it comes to sales and building relationships with potential customers, Linkedin is the platform that comes first in mind. While compared to other social platforms, Linkedin is not quite popular among marketers.

But that’s what makes it a more lucrative platform for marketing since there you have lower competition. And you have better opportunities to reach a wider group of audience on Linkedin. That you can nurture and convert them into potential sales prospects for your business.

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So if you also want yourself or your business to be more visible on Linkedin, then you should strategically build quality connections on your network. Here, in this article, we are showing you some ways utilizing which you can grow your Linkedin network.

Personalize Your Connection Requests-

While scrolling and finding the people you may know on Linkedin, you will see a connect button below their profile. But don’t click on that. Instead, go to their profile. There again, you will find the Connect option. Click on that. It will pop up a window where you can customize your connection request.



People can easily miss out on a regular Linkedin request. However, when a request comes along with a personal message, it enhances your chances of getting connected. For example, suppose you are interested in a project by that person, and you have shown interest in your request. Then there is likely more chance for that person to accept your request and even give a reply to your message.

Engage With Your Connection Updates-

Usually, even after making connections, people don’t often make interactions on Linkedin. That could be one of the reasons why they didn’t receive many connection requests. The simple idea is to engage more on the posts of other Linkedin users, like, share, and comment on their posts. It will help you to gain more attention, and you will be even more visible. We have also noticed that socially active people have a better possibility of expanding their network on Linkedin.

Add Linkedin URL With Email Signature-

Want to get more exposure on Linkedin! Then why not add a Linkedin profile to your resume. Or you can also use it in social proof, portfolio of projects, testimonials, etc. Especially, you should definitely mention the Linkedin profile in your Email signature. It makes it easier for recipients to access your profile and learn more about you.


Go to your profile page. There you have the option- Edit public profile & URL. Tap on that. There you can select the URL. Copy it down and past it in your Email signature as a clickable link. People who have received your emails can directly tap on the URL to access your Linkedin profile information.

Set A Monthly Growth Goal-

Having a specific goal set in your mind gives you the motivation to try better. So, if you had a goal of reaching 100 to  500 Linkedin connections at the end of a month, just go for it. You might even have a better chance of getting closer to achieve that goal. And also, make sure to keep the algorithm into consideration and not go overboard just to gain a few more Linkedin connections. Since spamming can make you lose more than what you actually win. While it’s better to look for quality rather than quantity.

Also, make sure only to accept connection requests of those who may know you or about your business (vice-versa) or might be interested in what you do. Unnecessary building a network of people who don’t really care about your business won’t be any help to you.

Frequently Publish Your Status Updates-

It’s a self-explanatory thing that once people find your posts and engage in them, they might even send you or accept your connection requests. If you are publishing content that is relevant to audiences (second-degree connections), then there is more likely a chance that they may connect with you. However, consistency plays a big role in achieving that. People would like to connect with experts and professionals who are quite active with their posts and suggestions on Linkedin. And with more shares and comments on your post, it will get you better reach to show yourself as an expert in front of your relevant audiences.


Also, you can make use of Linkedin automation tools (like Socinator), which allows you to auto-update and schedule your posts on Linkedin. The tool Socinator- The Social Dominator has features that can help you to grow your Linkedin network systematically. It would help you to reach out to relevant groups and audiences to target your post so that you can gain better engagement and grow connections on your Linkedin Network.

Join Linkedin Groups-

If you want to grow your Linkedin connections, commit to search and join a few groups every month. It will help you to get better visibility for your posts so that you can get better engagement. Within a group, it’s easy to find your relevant audience who might be really interested in your services or products. As you start interacting with more people, they will be more likely to connect. And you may even expect some conversion as well.

To search for relevant groups to join, enter your keywords on the Linkedin search box. It will show you the suggestions of groups that you may join. After joining a group, you can start asking questions or you may also discuss anything you want. Also, you can create your own groups, where other people can join who are most likely to join in your network.

While to make it easier for the audience to find you on Linkedin, you can also make use of specific keywords. With relevant keywords, you would be getting more engagement on your posts. And it would certainly help you to grow your connections on Linkedin.

Create Your Own Linkedin Group-

Here is the one last secret to gain more connections on your network. After joining a few groups on Linkedin, you can also create your own group. Once you started engaging with other groups, you will find people who are interested in your brand. And they might want to join your network. You just need to filter out such users and invite them to join your group. The more people would join your group, the better will be your growth on Linkedin, and you would be getting more connections in return.


Here you go! These are the hacks that you can utilize to grow your Linkedin connections and expand your network. In terms of marketing, if you compare Linkedin to any other social media platforms, here it’s easy to target relevant audiences who are really into your services or products. On Linkedin, people would like to connect with professionals who are experts in their niche. So, if you want to share your expertise with others, Linkedin is the best place for you to get exposure.

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