7 Ways To Get More Followers on Twitter

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7 Ways To Get More Followers on Twitter

Almost 70-75% B2B marketers use Twitter to drive more sales and engagement and grow their business. Twitter is so popular because of its short text-based content under 280 words, where companies can share information with their audiences in a small copy. I hope many of you must be on Twitter and understand the significance of Twitter in social communication.

Even if you are not using Twitter, you must have heard about it every day, with various tweets or making news at the national and international level. During this week, we will look at the marketing aspect of Twitter. And you will specifically learn how to create and optimise a Twitter profile? But, first, let us understand the basics of Twitter marketing. 

We know that Twitter is a popular social media platform, having 340 million monthly active users. Twitter users usually prefer to share short messages (up to 280 characters), along with photos and short videos to their followers. In addition, Twitter offers people a platform to discuss trending topics that create a very engaged audience for your brand to reach organically or paid ads. 

But the question is, how can it help you to manage your business? There are many ways where Twitter will help you in your industry. So let me briefly discuss all these ways. 

Build Following on Twitter

The very first thing is, you can build followers on Twitter. Using Twitter, you can connect with your current customers and search for future customers. By sharing meaningful tweets, you can lock in visitors’ attention and get a chance to convert them from loyal followers to devoted customers. 


The second point is about Launches on Twitter. It doesn’t matter whether you are launching a new product, launching a new offer or breaking any latest news. You can use Twitter for this purpose, and you will be able to engage and make them aware of what is happening latest in your business.

Another point is where I think you can probably use Twitter for providing  customer support service. Many brands use Twitter to directly connect with their users and provide them with necessary customer support. You can open a dedicated account for providing quick and reliable service to your customer through Twitter. It can also help you to keep an eye on your other business competitors who are active on Twitter. Finally, Twitter allows you to create a Twitter list to keep yourself updated about specific brands, industries and communities.

How to get followers on Twitter?

We will learn how to get more followers on Twitter and optimize your brand profile and the other essential steps you have to take while managing your Twitter account from a business perspective. I am sharing seven critical steps to help you kickstart your journey to Twitter marketing and gain more followers on Twitter. And these steps are:

Create your Twitter profile:

Just go to twitter.com. Log into Twitter with your login credentials. Before you start with Twitter, it is essential to understand that in this case, there is no difference between your profile and the brand profile. What does it mean? It simply means that either you create your profile or create your business profile , you don’t need to create two separate profiles. Like in the case of Facebook, along with your personal profile, you need to have a business account with a Facebook page. But that’s not the case with Twitter. Either you create a personal account or a new profile for your business, the process is the same. 


Optimize your brand profile:

So first, let us see how to optimize your brand profile. The very first thing that you have to do, you have to optimize your business profile. Let’s start with the header image, often called the banner. It is the image that represents your business so you have to put it carefully. Instead, I will suggest you keep a single image showing your business profile, or you may change images frequently to show something new that is happening within your business. There  you also have the option to change profile photos. Usually, companies keep their logo as the profile photo. Play with other things like add proper Business name, Bio etc.

Follow others on Twitter accounts:

On Twitter, you have to be very active. You have to follow a few celebrities, people, so that you can see their activities or whenever they are making any tweet that will be visible in your Twitter feed. One way to get more followers on Twitter is to follow other people and brands. And it might eventually help you to gain more followers in return. Just click on this Follow button, and you will be able to follow any brand or personality suggested by Twitter. The second thing is here; you have your cursor on any of the names or any of that tweet, which you are getting here. And you will see the option to follow him. The third way to follow on Twitter is to search for anybody; you can search for brands or search for different organizations, and then you can follow them. For example, let’s search for any brand name, and you will be able to see their profiles.

Engage with others:

Now, the next step is you have to engage with others. For this purpose, once again go to the home section of Twitter, here you can view and engage with anybody’s tweet. It may be a tweet from your customer, supplier or anybody. It would  help you improve your social media presence on Twitter. So there are different options like any other social media platform; you can reply and retweet here. A retweet is just sharing of the tweet within the Twitter feed. You can like it, we have likes on Facebook, or you can share it through different channels as well. Like you can copy that tweet, you can add it to the bookmark, or you can send the direct message here. When you are managing your business Twitter account, you have to be very active, and you have to engage with others’ tweets as well.


  • Start posting:  Now, the next step is to ‘start posting’ tweets on Twitter. Once again, let’s go back to the home section on Twitter. As a business brand, you have to start posting your fresh tweets. You can post news and information about new business updates or any product launch. There you have the option to attach a few media and GIF files to make it even more engaging. You may add images, add GIF images, and even start a random poll. Also you can put emojis in your tweets to make it more creative. Now, one thing is essential; you can schedule any tweet for the future. So the scheduled tweet will be automatically displayed in a Twitter feed at an appropriate date and time. It’s a good idea; you can plan for all the tweets for your particular week and schedule them accordingly. So that you need not come back every time to Twitter, and these tweets will be automatically posted on the Twitter feed.
  • Use Hashtags: Now, another important thing, you have to use the hashtags in your tweets. With the use of trending hashtags, a tweet can go viral on Twitter. Of course that is not the case with Twitter only, you can also use trending hashtags on Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms to get more attention from audiences.

So first you should understand what hashtags are and how to take advantage of using the hashtags? Use the symbol hash (#) and without any space write about the trending topic. Example – #gettwitterfollows. Now, what does it mean? Most of the people on Twitter search for the information. Whenever they search for, let’s say ‘Twittertricks’, all the tweets related to this on Twitter will be shown in the search results. It means that if I’m using an appropriate hashtag on my Tweet. When people search for that hashtag, my tweet will also be listed there in the search results. That way, it has better chances, they will view my tweet. 

So try to search for appropriate hashtags and use them in your tweets and make it a habit of using them. There is one question from where I will pick up the hashtags? You can either search Twitter for various hashtags or go to this website and search for hashtags based on your keywords. And you will be able to have perfect hashtags and try to use those hashtags in your tweets.

  • Consistency: Consistency is the key to gaining new followers on any social media platform and Twitter is no exception. Tweeting several times in a day can really help you to get more followers.
  • Enable Messaging: And the last step is ‘enable messaging’. But you can also message someone directly using Twitter. So for this purpose, move to the messages. So to use this option, click on the Start conversation and search for the people you want to communicate with. And then start typing your message here and send it. And you can have a chat with any person, it may be your customer, or it may be your supplier. So with this, we have completed all the steps that are required to begin with Twitter and gaining more followers.

While managing Twitter and other social media platforms is necessary for any brand to gain more followers and customers, sometimes it becomes a headache to manage all the social media platforms. Socinator is a fantastic tool to manage Twitter and other social media platforms through a single dashboard. You can check more about this excellent tool here.

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