Here’s What No One Tells You About Facebook Like Campaign

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Here’s What No One Tells You About Facebook Like Campaign

Have you seen Facebook Like campaigns while visiting a website? Do these windows redirect you to their Facebook page? 

Do you find it interesting?  How do they build these campaigns for their websites and what benefits do they offer? 

We will address all your queries related to the Facebook Like campaign in this blog. Hence it will help you create winning campaigns for your brand, which will build more engagement in your posts and advertisements.

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The Like Us On Facebook option is a paid campaign to increase the number of likes on a particular Facebook page. The main aim of Facebook Like campaign is to acknowledge a vast number of people regarding your brand. 

Facebook does it by showing up your posts to the audience that view a similar type of content as you share. So if your posts reach out to more number of viewers, then your brand will have more recognition.

It places the posts and advertisements you share on your profile in the News Feeds of people sharing a relatable interest as the products and services provided by your brand. 

Once they start liking your post, you can mark them as your targeted audience while posting further on your profile regarding the services offered by your brand because they already appreciate your content.

Doesn’t that sound so fascinating and easy to reach out to more people with captivating and imaginative posts on your profile. On the other hand, some might be thinking, why and how should we avail the Like Us On Facebook option. Let’s check out some of the reasons.

Why Use Like Us On Facebook Option?

Facebook like campaign

The main reason to use this option is to increase the number of viewers on your post. As it becomes evident that more the number of viewers on the post, more likes you acquire. Hence, the foremost reason to avail this option for your brands’ Facebook profile is to share the posts and advertisements to more users.

You have to make sure that the posts that you put up or the way you design your advertisements should be unique from others. They should include the top products and services provided by your brand. The reason behind this is to grab the attention of the users who are unaware of your brand.

How Does The Like Us On Facebook Popup Works?

There are some websites on which the window appears just after entering the page. 

A big No-No for that!! 

It is because nobody will like it if the campaign appears at the beginning. We have to let the visitor explore our website first.

You have to set your window to appear after the viewer has spent some time on your website and checked out some pages. After getting to know about your products and services, they might be interested in checking out your profile to view your posts on Facebook.

You can also put the window to appear while the user is leaving the page. If they have liked the services on your website, they will follow your content on Facebook as well. It is because we all know that launching new products on Facebook is so much into the trend and also beneficial.

If you use the Like Us On Facebook option accurately, then it will be so much advantageous for your brand’s profile to gain more recognition.

How To Create The Campaign Window?

Now that you have learnt about the pop up window, let us look at some of the steps that you need to follow to create a campaign that appears on your website.

Step-1: Build your Facebook Like campaign

In your advertisement management tool, you have to select the option to create a campaign. Then choose the type of window that you are looking forward to designing.

Select the window option from the list of campaign types, then install a template. Avoid using the one that is already available on the list, as you can design your own according to your preference.

Then you have to name the campaign that you are building and select the website where you want it to show. 

Step-2: Update your Facebook Like campaign

When you start building the campaign, you will, first of all, see a blank window. There you can start creating beautiful campaigns for your brand. Make sure to highlight the uniqueness of your products and services. You have to make it the most appealing campaign by adding images and other templates while designing.

Step-3: Receive the code provided by Facebook

Then you have to move to the Facebook page. Here enter the URL of your Facebook page. Then you have to adjust the campaign according to your requirements.

Then click on the get code option. Here Facebook provides you with two sets of codes. Then copy the first set of code and keep the page open as you have to come back to copy the second set of code.

Step-4: Add this code given by Facebook to your Facebook Like campaign

Then paste the first set of code in the tool and repeat the same with the second set of code. Now you can check how your campaign looks like by selecting the publish option.

You can go back and adjust the campaign or make any changes if required for the final time.

Step-5: Place your pop up appearance rules

Now you have to select when your window is going to appear. You get a bunch of options from which you can choose, whether you want it to appear right after the user visits the page or after the visitor has checked out the contents and been through some of the pages.

You can also put up the campaign while the visitor is leaving the page. For that, you have to select the exit-detected option, which will detect when the user is about to leave the page, then accordingly, the pop-up appears.

Step-6: Save and release your Facebook Like campaign

Now that you have completed all the steps, you can save and publish your campaign. Check once that you have created the campaign the way you wanted it to be. 

You can now save the campaign then the window will pop up according to the time you have chosen after the user clicks on your website.

Looks like too much work? 

We have the solution to ease everything out.

Socinator is a tool that will automate all your posts and advertisements. It will help you to schedule your posts so that you do not have to worry about taking out time to post your content. It is a tool that works organically and safely for about eight social media platforms.


It offers different traits for each platform. The features work accordingly for separate social media platforms. All the large scale and small scale businesses can acquire all these facilities to grow their business more on social media platforms like Facebook.

Some Clever Tricks To Gather More Likes On Facebook

Now that you know why and how to use the Like Us On Facebook option, you need to know some of the tips to get more likes on your Facebook profile.

1. Build an active marketing strategy on Facebook

You have to be very careful while building marketing strategies on Facebook. The tactics you are using for your campaign has to stand out from others. You have to put up posts and advertisements that will create more engagement. It should be so productive that users will visit your website frequently.

2. Make Your Facebook Page Accessible

The campaign that shows up while visiting your website should redirect to your Facebook page. It should be that simple. 

If your pop up window does not redirect to your page, then some of the viewers might not get interested in checking out your posts and advertisements later. You have to make it easily accessible for your audience so that they do not have trouble finding your page. 

Another issue that may arise is there are plenty of accounts with a similar name, so your audience might get misguided. So to cut all the confusion, you have to set your pop-up window accordingly. Hence, make sure it redirects the users to your page so that they can view your content.

3. Engage At Appropriate Times

As we have discussed, you have to maintain a schedule for your posts. You cannot put up your posts or advertisements randomly. You have to figure out a routine so that you can post your content at that time only, and your audience will be aware of the time you post new content. 

Maintaining a schedule will always create a great impression in front of your audience. So by using tools like Socinator, you will never have to worry because it will schedule your posts accordingly so that you keep posting on time, and your audience will keep enjoying your content.

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Final words

Facebook is a platform that can build your brand recognition at ease. You only have to follow some steps to reach up to that extent. You have to use all your creative skills to build alluring advertisements and posts.

The posts and ads should define what you want to convey to your audience. It has to be so appealing that it can grab the attention of your followers as well as impress the viewers who do not already view your content.

All this might sound a little daunting because you have to focus on so many things. But by using automation tools like Socinator, you can schedule your posts accordingly so that you never miss posting on Facebook.

I hope this article provided you enough information regarding the “Like Us On Facebook” option. Is there something you would like to add? Please drop your thoughts in the comments below. I would love to hear from you!