The Perfect Facebook Cover Photo Size To Design & It’s Best Practices

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The Perfect Facebook Cover Photo Size To Design & It’s Best Practices

Are you fed up with trying out different cover photos and Facebook cover photo size?

And it still doesn’t seem quite right?

You are not alone facing this problem!

Visuals are key on social media, a world of photos and videos. Whether you like it or not, potential consumers don’t go straight to your post history or read your bio when visiting your Facebook page. They’ll get there eventually (hopefully! ), but first, they’ll look at your graphics, including your profile image and cover photo.

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Your cover photo serves as a billboard right at the top of your page, and first impressions are crucial. We’ll show you how to get the most out of your Facebook cover photo by advising you on the best size and content to use.

What Is The Best Size For a Facebook Cover Photo?


Always upload in the largest size possible, as this will yield the most outstanding results. Keep in mind that your cover photo will be trimmed somewhat on the horizontal axis on smartphones. One solution is to place crucial visuals and information in the image’s center.

Creating a test Facebook page is an excellent approach to double-check everything before releasing it. Before making it public, you can ensure that everything looks good on that page. You’ll be able to view how it appears on a smartphone. Because the majority of users will likely access your site using a smartphone. That is critical.

This is detailed in further detail in a section further down this page. You may check all Facebook sizes on the top page if you require something other than the Facebook cover size. Click the Facebook logo, and the site will scroll you to the appropriate section.

Display Sizes for Facebook Cover Photos:

  • Desktop resolution: 820 x 312 pixels.
  • Smartphone Resolution: 640 pixels width by 360 pixels tall.
  • PNG is the best file format.

Size of Facebook Group Cover Photo:

A few more image formats can be used as banners in the context of Facebook as a social media website, but they are less complicated. For example, after entering one of the Facebook groups, a Facebook group banner appears at the top of the website.

These group banners have only one goal: to serve as an introduction to the group in question. In this situation, both imagery and text are welcome, and a well-designed group banner should be able to attract new members in a short period readily.

The typical dimension for a Facebook group banner is 1640 pixels wide by 856 pixels tall. As a result, it is the only image on Facebook 1640 x 856 pixels in size.

Size of the Facebook Event Cover Photo:

Event banners differ from group banners primarily in their purpose. An event banner could communicate expectations for the event, a photo showcase from a prior occasion, or an event schedule.

The size of the event banner on Facebook is also distinctive in its own right. The recommended Facebook event page banner size these days is 1920 x 1005, which strikes a good mix between size and information.

Facebook Banner Size in Inches:

You don’t necessarily have to specify your image sizes in pixels. In some circumstances, knowing the Facebook banner size in inches is also required.

The following is a list of all of the previously listed banner sizes, together with corresponding Facebook banner size inches:

  • Profile photo 170 × 170 pixels (1.77 x 1.77 inch)
  • Cover banner/business page banner 820 x 360 pixels – 8.54 x 3.75 inch
  • Group cover banner 1640 x 856 pixels – 17.08 x 8.92 inch
  • Event banner 1920 x 1005 pixels – 20 x 10.47 inch

It’s worth noting that the conversion rate in the list above was set to 96 pixels per inch, which is now the industry norm for typical web material.

How To Choose a Facebook Cover Photo?


Now that you’ve mastered Facebook cover photo sizing let’s speak about cover photo content.

There’s no hard and fast rule on what should go in your Facebook profile photo. This could be for various reasons, including generating leads, showing functionality, or simply appearing incredible. Cover images can be used for multiple purposes, so think about what you want to achieve before selecting one.

Looking for something to spark your imagination? We’ve put up a list of cover photo rules, content ideas, and fantastic cover photo examples:

Maintain Brand Consistency:

This should be self-evident, but you’d be amazed how often it isn’t. Whatever you choose for your Facebook cover photo should be consistent in tone, content, and style with the rest of your business.

Use high-resolution photos rather than low-resolution images. People will not stay to learn more about your company if their initial impression is a pixelated, blurry image. I guarantee it will not look very pleasant.

Consistency is the key aspect of growing on Social media and kick start reach on Facebook, while the hardest of all to achieve. 

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Upcoming Events:

Is your company hosting a conference soon? Webinar? Bake sale, perhaps? You can promote it using your cover photo; remember to replace it after the event.

Generating Leads:

We compared cover photographs to billboards before; why not treat your cover photo as a billboard and utilize it to advertise or promote something? A button appears underneath the photo on Facebook as a bonus. You’ll get new sales leads if you direct folks there.

Photographs of Employees or Businesses:

An accurate snapshot can save the day when everything else fails. This might include images of your workers or even your storefront. You might be tempted to use photographs from the internet. A word of caution: don’t do it.

Features and Advantages of the Product:

Your Facebook cover photo is a terrific spot to create a brief, punchy value proposition, whether it’s customer testimonials or emphasizing a standout feature of your product. Explain why people should use your product.

Cover Photo and Profile Picture Should Complement Each Other:

Your Facebook cover photo and profile picture no longer overlap, unlike personal profile pages. So any clever blending between the two, such as this, is out:

That isn’t to suggest they can’t complement one another. Whatever you choose, brand colors, fonts, and visual motifs should be consistent across both pictures.

Remember that your profile image will display to the left of your cover photo, so for the best Facebook feng shui, move the visual focal point of your cover photo slightly to the right.

If your profile picture is your company emblem, you can go for something a little more daring with your cover photo.

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As an extensive social media network, Facebook offers a variety of ways to incorporate images into your personal or commercial page, and almost all of these images require a specified Facebook banner image size. We discussed all the important aspects, now it’s your time to shine!