5 Costly Cyber Monday Marketing Mistakes To Avoid This Year

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5 Costly Cyber Monday Marketing Mistakes To Avoid This Year

The thanksgiving season is approaching! And e-commerce retailers are getting ready to come up with new strategies to hit the market. Every year people spend billions of dollars during this holiday season. And one of the big reasons behind this holiday shopping success is due to Cyber Monday.

As we know that online shopping is picking up the race since it has become easier for people to use their mobile devices for shopping online. To make things more clear, because of the Covid 19 pandemic, this year we can’t expect to see huge lines in front of stores. Considering this, marketers are also shifting their business to online media and social media platforms.

So if you are planning to gain some good results for your business during this year’s Thanksgiving season, then you will have to utilize an online platform to promote your business. Especially, you can’t ignore the impact of social media on the market.

Here in this blog, we are going to discuss what are the Cyber Monday marketing mistakes that people often make while presenting their business on social media during the holiday season. Whether you are promoting your business for the Thanksgiving season on Facebook,  Instagram, or any other social media platforms, keep in mind that you are getting a better return on investments in the end.

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Mistake 1# Not Having An Early Start-

For the upcoming holiday season, you should start promoting your brands as early as possible. There is already quite a competition on social media platforms. Most of the popular brands are already pretty active with their social media actions. And if you think that you have enough time to start preparing for your social media campaigns this holiday season, then you are already quite late.


We are already half past the month of November, and it’s only a few days left for you to plan out your Cyber Monday marketing campaign. In case you haven’t started preparing yet, you must take some fast actions so that your campaign would be effective enough to bring more sales conversions to your business.

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Mistake 2# Not Having A Complete Strategy-

Nowadays, more new brands are emerging through social media to compete with big brands in the market. One of the biggest reasons for this shift is because of Covid 19 Pandemic, as shoppers are also connecting with brands having a good presence on social media platforms. In that case, you can’t rely on your usual marketing strategies to compete with other marketers.cyber-monday-marketing

Usually, marketers spend most of their efforts at the top of their sales funnel to improve their brand awareness. However, due to the competition on social media, they couldn’t be able to bring many conversions at the end of the funnel. And to target more audiences they have to invest in high CPMs (Cost per impressions) and CPCs (Cost per clicks).

In such a case, instead of focusing too much on the front end of the funnel, you should target the midsection of your sales funnel. As you can also retarget your potential leads to generate better conversions in your business. While you need to work on every section of your sales funnel- Awareness, Consideration and Conversions.

Make sure to plan out each and every aspect of your Cyber Monday marketing campaign so that you won’t have to face trouble in the midway or the end. And also, to have a flexible approach when something happens not according to your plan. Then you can pivot accordingly to claim better results for your business.

Mistake 3# Not Targeting The Right Customers

As we have discussed in the previous point that you need to target the right audience to bring conversions. In every holiday season, many brands come up with their new deals. That is the time to pick up the interest of potential customers and hit their pain points.

Sometimes having a wide approach with marketing is not favorable for your business. As it could cost you more in terms of CPCs and CPMs, and it may not help you to bring results for your business. On the other hand, you can focus on targeting a certain group of audience who are really interested in your brand products.


Instead of randomly targeting your campaigns on social media, you should target niche-based communities in a targeted way. While nowadays, you have social media tools to find and analyze such communities whom you can target to gain value for your Cyber Monday marketing efforts.

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Mistake 4#Not Training The Algorithms-

To generate good results for your social media marketing efforts, you will have to understand their algorithmic pattern. Whether it’s YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media platform, it would show your content based on its algorithm. The upcoming holidays, especially Cyber Monday is going to be the boom for the brands to connect with their target audience and convert them into customers

To understand the algorithm of platforms like Facebook or Instagram, you will have to analyze and recheck your strategies so that it would be more effective. That way, you can be sure enough to spend only the amount and be ahead with your ROAS (Return of Ad Spend.)

Mistake 5# Not Learning From Previous Experience

Finally, in the end, I would suggest you avoid too many experiments in this year’s holiday marketing campaign. Although some new ideas might help you to catch the attention of a newer audience. However, doing too much can also cost you more. And you might not be able to gain results as per your expectations.

Even if you have seen some new options available, make sure to test them earlier. That way, you can be confirmed about the results and accordingly make your expense on social media campaigns. Depending on the different features of the platform, you can target your audience in a different way. However, it depends on how you utilize it to claim better exposure and conversions for your business during this Cyber Monday.

Bonus Tips-

  • Test your sales funnel at the different stages to spot any obstruction in the juice flow. Doing so, you can also smoothen up the process for your potential customers by enhancing their user experience, all the way from adding to cart to purchase and post-purchase.
  • Retarget your customers who have abandoned their cart with fresh deals and offers.
  • Check the site load speed of your online web-store and landing pages.
  • Make use of social media tools like Socinator to auto schedule your campaigns on different social media platforms to save you some extra time and efforts.


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Have you prepared for your holiday marketing campaign, especially for this year’s Cyber Monday? Since this year due to Covid 19 pandemic impact, we might not see big lines of customers in stores of mortar and bricks. Still, using the online media, you can increase your reach  with the audience to turn them into your potential customers.

By avoiding the above shown social media marketing mistakes, you can be on the right track to crush your BFCM (Black Friday and Cyber Monday) marketing goals this year. So now is the time to be ahead in the game.

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