12 Tips To Get Content Inspiration For Social Media Marketing Management Team

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12 Tips To Get Content Inspiration For Social Media Marketing Management Team

If you are here, chances are- you are out of ideas and looking for inspiration for your next social media marketing management post, right? When working in the creative industry, you may reach a moment where your content no longer seems new. Believe me; there is nothing wrong with it.

However, because this is a professional game, one cannot continuously compromise on content quality. It can either lead to having a solid presence or change your social media game, of course, in a negative way. 

Well! This blog can help you! You now have the upper hand in overcoming this uphill struggle. I have come up with innovative content ideas for social media marketing management that will help you keep your feeds feeling fresh and engaging for your audience. One will get all the answers to the following questions in this blog.

  • What content should you share on your social media accounts?
  • Where should you take Inspiration for your upcoming content?
  • What is the correct approach to effectively post fresh content or trending content?

So, let’s begin!

What content should you share on your social media accounts?

To come up with new social media content ideas for the marketing management team is not a hard nut to crack. All it takes is piling up added pressure with brainstorming ideas at midnight. Don’t worry! I know all the hustle it takes. Head on to bundle up your social media posts for the upcoming days.

01- Host an AMA

How about incising your audience’s curiosity with a fun “Ask me anything” session. It is a fantastic opportunity to invite relevant individuals to your community and contribute by answering their questions. The AMA concept gained traction on Instagram. It is the most cutting-edge approach for communicating with people in real-time, promoting new features, upgrades, and products, and engaging with them. AMA’s can be educational, humorous, or a combination of the two.

Pro Tip- Make sure your AMA revolves around a specific subject. This might be about your most recent collection of limited-edition products. The audience will be eager to get their hands on your stuff if you do it this way.

02- Post your company’s blog posts

What better way than repurposing your posts and getting your blog seen by sharing it on your social media platforms. And, why not! When you share your content on only one platform, you limit yourself to one platform.

Also, if you feel like there is no creativity in just copying and pasting the content, you can think out of the box and bring out some creativity. Produce some Instagram graphics with quotes or a video inspired by the content to publish on Facebook or Instagram. Also, make sure the content you are sharing is valuable and goes parallelly with your business goals.  

03- Share Tag a Friend posts

Have you ever seen a post that asks you to tag a friend? If the answer is yes, have you ever found yourself unable to resist tagging your friends? If you answered yes, now you know- why this is an excellent content idea to share.

Believe it or not, Tag-a-friend posts are trendy since they encourage your followers to reply and bring in new prospective followers. Given how simple it is to tag someone in a comment, adding a tag-a-friend request to a post is simple. Numerous brands frequently urge social media users to tag their friends or relatives. One can also host giveaways just like a makeup brand- britandco, did in their recent post.


04- Post a meme

Memes are the ideal kind of entertainment for the time-crunched, stressed-out customer. No matter how silly a meme sounds, you can show off your brand’s sense of humor and turn your visitors into customers.

So, what’s next? Splash meme posts across all your social media channels. You can pick days and hours when your audience is likely to be relaxing and post your memes when appropriate. The goal is to publish precisely, interact genuinely, and play strategically.

KEY TAKEAWAY: Using memes for your social media marketing management team is a terrific way to provide much-needed comic relief to your fans. Have a look at how Netflix made a meme of themselves, and the audience went crazy.


Where should you take Inspiration for your upcoming content?

There are some days that are better than others. You will get tons of Inspiration within a minute, and some days you are just clueless. No need to stress out! Head on to know where you can get Inspiration. 

05- Pinterest 

Before we get into the crux of the matter, let us look at some stats. Pinterest is the world’s 14th most extensive social network, with 431 million monthly active members. For eighty-five percent of the marketing project management team, Pinterest is used to create new projects.

Pinterest is a veritable gold mine of ideas. Whether you post Instagram posts, Facebook videos, or TikTok videos, Pinterest can help you with fresh ideas for any content you are planning. 

On that note, also have a look at this blog:

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06- Steal the limelight of your competitors:

Eyeing a competitor’s strategy is an old concept, but it still holds that powerful perspective that no one can afford to overlook. To ensure that they do not lose out or fall behind, business analysts do competition analysis on a regular basis. The social media marketing management team should take the same strategy when planning the content.

The best content enlightens a potential consumer or client, resulting in a sale. Examine how your competitors communicate with potential consumers and figure out how you can do the same in your own distinctive voice.

07- Internal Team

What is the point of searching for content in every nook and corner when you can find them within your team? Many marketing management teams make the mistake of always searching outside for content ideas. Reaching out to different departments within your firm, on the other hand, may help you come up with some of the best content ideas.

One thing is for sure: you will get a bundle of ideas after talking with your teammates. Plus, chat to anyone who works on the front lines with clients and ask them to share their views: this will help you find out what your target market is actually looking for in you.

08- Engage in things that Energize You 

What gets you going when you do not feel like doing anything. There is something for everyone that pushes you to do better, and that something is exactly what will spark your imagination and motivate you to write engaging social media posts.

Also, if you think of content creation as a nine-to-five job, it will become less appealing. Therefore, don’t make content creation a pattern. What you can do instead is, think about your content whenever you are inspired.

You may also make your social media postings more friendly to increase interaction. Adopt lighthearted behaviour while being informative and entertaining. Make your posts more serious. This way, it will make them sound more like sales pitches. Most importantly, your viewers won’t appreciate it.

What is the correct approach to effectively post fresh content or trending content?

Everyone has their own set of approaches. However, if you are in a dilemma about which one suits you the best. The following process may help you!

09- Find inspiration:

Now that you are still sticking by us, you know the drill of taking Inspiration, as we have already covered in the above points. 

However, before you can begin, you must first seek Inspiration. It doesn’t happen all at once, or even when you want it to. Pinterest and the other instances listed above can assist you. However, you can also get inspiration when out and going about your daily routine. Also, always take a notepad or phone with you when you are out to maintain a record of the things that inspire you; otherwise, you will forget everything by the time you get home!

10- Create a strategy:

Perfect content comes from a well-thought-out strategy and a well-executed action plan, including plenty of experiments, failures, and research. Consider the larger picture, create an approach that focuses on trending subjects, and research your target audience.

To perfect the approach, make sure you build and understand the many personas you’ll be dealing with, & the kind of content that will fit with the brand, and the graphical styles that will work. Determine and attempt to answer all of these questions, and you will get a strategy that works for you and will take you to places.

11- Schedule your posts:

It is always a terrific idea to schedule your posts as the work doesn’t get hampered and you are always one step ahead with your plans. There are many tools available that can help you with scheduling your content.

One such tool is Socinator. This tool is a one-stop solution for all your social media needs. Every social media marketing management team can rely on this tool to make things easier for them.

With its automated features, you can plan your posts for the following seven days and have your content posted automatically. Socinator is one of the top platforms for posting on Instagram, with numerous options. You can schedule your content in any way you like.

Share your content on the Instagram story:

 You can use it to share your stuff on Instagram stories. It’s trendy, and your content is available for 24 hours. Since Instagram removes Ig story after 24 hours, you can also keep it in your highlights for the rest of your life.

Use geo-location in your social media postings:

Always seek to include geo-locations in your posts. It will offer you a strong post presence and increase the number of people who see it. However, if you add numerous places to your postings, remember to use a comma to separate each tagged location.

Tag people:

You can tag individuals of your preference throughout the posting process to boost the exposure of your posts. To enhance the rate of engagement, you can also tag prominent users.

Now, you can have your posts published instantly after scheduling them using Socinator’s auto-publish function. It saves a lot of time to attain your goals when you plan Instagram posts using Socinator.

Isn’t it exactly the tool you’ve been looking for? These features are sufficient to meet all of your Instagram scheduling needs, and this tool will be the icing on the cake if you have many social media profiles.

Also, to get clarity, have a look at this video.

How To Auto Post On Instagram Using Socinator

12- Implement your strategy:

Incorporate all of your ideas together and figure out how to best fit them all in. Also, update yourself on what’s going on in the company and the campaign goals you want to achieve. To say the least, watching things fall into place and perform as you had planned is satisfying.

As a social media marketing management team, you can implement this approach across all your channels. Maintain the momentum by connecting with everyone who uses your social media networks. Different firms will have different aims and objectives, but the mental process that underpins them is the same.

Ready To Create Incredible content?

Phew! We went over quite a long list. Hopefully, you can seize full use of these strategies in your own social media approach. I hope your content approach assists in the growth of your company. 

Also, a Golden tip: Your two top goals with your content should be creating new consumer relationships while reinforcing current ones, regardless of where you get your Inspiration or what business you represent.

I hope you understood what is marketing management and found  this blog valuable. Also, if you have any recommendations or topics you’d want us to explore, please leave them in the comments section below. I’d be delighted to hear from you!