Twitter Marketing: The Modern Mix Of Automation & Advertising

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Twitter Marketing: The Modern Mix Of Automation & Advertising

Every business knows that social media marketing is essential to modern marketing- And while we are on the topic of blending technology with traditional marketing strategies, automation is leaping these days. It has changed its course perfectly and neatly. You can now automate tweets, schedule on Facebook, generate performance reports on your Instagram, and do so much more.

The key to success is maintaining a robust online presence. However, it is more important than ever for business owners to get in touch with their audience to convince them to support their brand.

Unfortunately, relatively few businesses effectively leverage various social media platforms to build brand awareness. First off, a tonne of companies and enterprises merely utilize Facebook. Others make use of LinkedIn as a tool. On the other hand, Twitter is still a marginal competitor.

Given that Twitter has over 317 million active users, it is surprising that the social media platform has not been leveraged for corporate promotion. However, every brand and business that uses Twitter for marketing appears to have a sizable presence.

Why do companies choose Twitter instead of other social media platforms? More importantly, how can you use these qualities to improve your company’s Twitter presence, and how to automate tweets using Socinator?

Let’s take a brief introduction to Twitter and its terminology before diving into how you may get the most out of it.     

Reasons Why Twitter Marketing Is Crucial

Maybe you’ve been using Twitter for your business for a while but feel uninspired or unhappy. Because it takes time to develop a loyal and active Twitter following, it can be disappointing to see content posted and receive little to no response. However, giving up on the platform may reduce your company’s exposure and make it more challenging for customers to find you.

Here are a few explanations why you should continue using Twitter even if you’re not currently impressed.

There is competition for you: On Twitter, there’s a reasonable probability that your rivals have goals comparable to your goals. So, even if it sometimes feels like you’re screaming into the void, it’s essential to have quality content for potential customers to find.

You may learn about your competitors’ social media strategies by checking their Twitter activity. A great way to enhance your Twitter strategy is to look at what your competitors are doing that is successful and what is not.

Perfect for free marketing: Nest to this is interacting with your audience or customers. Responding to customers is crucial, especially if they have a terrible experience. Twitter is great for communicating with customers and starting a feedback loop. It’s a fantastic resource for unpaid advertising: Who could turn down free advertising?

Twitter helps in increasing sales: Twitter is where customers may find you and a platform for spreading the word about your company. 60% of a company’s Twitter followers are more likely to make a purchase or make a recommendation after following the business. You may use Twitter to increase sales by carrying out the following actions: If you tend to decline free marketing, the prospect of more sales may persuade you to stay.

Understanding Twitter Jargon

Understanding these terms is crucial if you want to use Twitter for your small business.

  • @: Use the “@” symbol with the user’s handle, as you would on any other social networking site, to tag or mention them.
  • # (hashtag): A word or phrase followed by the pound sign is a hashtag. It suggests that a piece of information relates to a subject or fits into a particular category.
  • Block: On Twitter, blocking an account prevents that user from following you, adding you to Twitter lists, or viewing your tweets. Additionally, you won’t be able to view their tweets.
  • Bookmarks: Like bookmarks in a web browser, the Twitter Bookmarks button enables you to save tweets; so you can find them easily later. It is beneficial if you want to read the article or watch the video linked in the tweet but don’t have the time right now.
  • Direct messages (DM): These are messages exchanged across Twitter accounts. The “requests folder” is where DMs from accounts you don’t follow are automatically sent. Make sure to change this setting if you want to use DMs to interact with your consumers.
  • Lists: You may make lists of users that interest you publicly and privately. You don’t have to follow a user to add them to a list. List your local media sources, writers, competitors, influential people in your field, and substantial clients.
  • Retweet: Retweeting is similar to sharing a post on Facebook. If you enjoy a tweet and want your followers to see it, you may retweet it. The tweet is then shown on both your profile and your followers’ timelines.
  • Quote Tweet: Similar to a retweet, a quote Tweet also adds a comment on the original Tweet.
  • Timeline (or home timeline): Your timeline shows tweets and retweets from persons you follow and advertisements.
  • Trending topics/trends: These are currently the most trending topics and hashtags on Twitter. On your Twitter homepage’s left side, you may view popular subjects under the “trends” box. Your trend display may be customized to reflect what’s popular nearby or among the people you follow.

06 Ideal Ways To Uplift Your Brand On Twitter

01. Give Your Username & Profile Some Thought

Your username and profile picture are the first things visitors see when they get on your website. Make it exceptional by taking your time. It would be best to choose a username that accurately describes who you are, your brand, what you do, or is simple to remember. Look at the profile pictures of your competitors before choosing one, and make sure that yours stands out in a good way.

Images may say much more than words about who you are and what makes you stand out from the crowd. Potential customers or partners will understand how dedicated you are to your business when they see how much time and effort went into developing your page. They will also assume that their projects will be handled with the same care and attention.

02. Create A “human” Touch

According to Twitter, “it’s essential to have a human tone of voice for your brand.”

We all know that social media is all about facilitating communication between individuals. Finding a way to connect with your target audience is crucial for success, but it is also important to represent what makes your business unique. Don’t just bombard your followers with advertisements if you want to thrive on Twitter (or any other platform).

Adding personality to your Tweets is one way to humanize your brand, even if you decide to automate tweets. Think about the character you want your business to have. Do you prefer to be friendly and outgoing or smart and sophisticated? Whatever you choose, be sure that your personality doesn’t change.

03. Plan & Automate Tweets

If you want to benefit from Twitter marketing, you must tweet regularly. More people will reply when you tweet more. Thus, you must tweet three times a day, in the morning, afternoon, and evening.

Additionally, it has been shown that sending out a tweet at 5 PM is the best time to get more retweets. On the other side, tweeting between 12 and 6 PM will result in the highest CTR (Click Through Rate), especially towards the end of a working day.

Now, if you are wondering how to automate your tweets? Here is your answer.

It could be challenging to tweet often each day, though. Why not make things simpler for yourself instead? To plan your tweets and simplify your life, you may utilize Twitter marketing tools like Socinator to automate tweets.

Scheduling not only reduces work and saves time but also encourages participation. You may also retweet popular tweets after seeing which ones get the most attention. Keep an eye on these actions to get more done.

A great application that offers a variety of alternatives to automate tweets is Socinator. You may schedule your Twitter updates to meet your needs if you want to use Socinator to generate a post for Twitter.

  • To access your Socinator dashboard, enter your login details.
  • Click on Social in the top-right corner of the website, then select Sociopublisher on the left side of the page.
  • You’ll see a Publisher page in front of you. Enter your post description after clicking the Create a Post button. You may begin with a campaign before moving on to a post.
  • Click Add Media, then Parameters to modify the settings for each post before adding media.
  • Choose Twitter from the list in the post options dialogue box.
  • Finally, arrange the postings according to your requirements.

That is all there is to automate tweets with Socinator to make your marketing easier.

04. Use Every One Of The 280 Characters

Despite the controversy over Twitter’s decision to increase the character limit for tweets from 140 to 280, research has shown that lengthier messages encourage more engagement.

The 140-character limit is challenging for many people, but those who manage it have found that it boosts creativity and improves language, making tweets seem more polished.

05. Create A Brand Persona

create a brand persona

Consumers may relate to a brand personality, and having a dependable set of characteristics can help a successful business build its brand equity. In addition to its practical advantages, it increases the value of a brand. Three types of brand personalities include Excitement, Sincerity, and Competence.

Excitement: It’s easy to see when someone is ecstatic on Twitter. These people enjoy life and all they do. Additionally, they like tweeting about their happiness, and it’s fun to follow them. You’ll always feel better after reading their Tweets.

Sincerity: In our lives, we’ve all encountered sincere people. They always communicate with people on Twitter in the same way when they tweet, being genuine, kind, and honest. They’re thinking about you and your well-being.

Competence: This person is educated and bright and adores tweeting information that will astound other people. They want to share their knowledge and use complex vocabulary in their Tweets, which may be challenging given the 140 to 280 character limit.

06. Create Snackable Content

One of the best ways to engage your audience on Twitter is to generate content specifically for the platform. Because of Twitter’s character limit and real-time nature, “snackable” content- single tweets that tell a succinct yet impactful story- is the kind of content that often performs well.

However, the story must also evoke emotion for it to be successful and for other people to want to connect with it. Some companies are pretty good at telling these stories by producing content that surprises or amuses customers, causing them to stop and pay attention. They occasionally succeed in doing both of these things at once.

Remember: Always run “controversial” ideas by a small group of reliable people to gauge their reactions before releasing them to the public. These might be colleagues, coworkers on a team, or business partners- it will help you polish and fix any mistakes. 

Keep The Following In Mind

Twitter is a fantastic tool for getting your target market to notice your company and products. These strategies can help you master Twitter, regardless of whether you’re a newbie wondering how to utilize it to build brand awareness or an expert marketer trying to boost interaction:

  • For your Twitter, create a marketing plan, and establish clear, measurable, practical, and pertinent goals.
  • Improve your Twitter handle, profile picture, header image, bio, trackable links, and pinned tweets.
  • Knowing the Twitter algorithm can help you plan your content delivery strategy.
  • To build a relationship with your target audience, engage in active communication.
  • Follow trending hashtags and stick to a small number of hashtags when developing a hashtag strategy for your Twitter account.
  • Decide when your target audience is active and create a distribution strategy for your content accordingly.
  • Recruit expert Influencers to actively promote your products.
  • Make effective use of sponsored and paid content to target your audience.
  • Go live on Twitter to increase interaction in the present.

Final Reflections

Twitter is one of the engaging social media sites you can use to increase brand recognition and connect with your target audience. Regular, casual communication with followers fosters a genuine relationship that, when appropriately managed, may boost customer loyalty and trust.

Handling one’s Twitter brand presence has always been challenging, and at least once- we all have questioned ourselves- how do I automate my tweets? And, now with Sociantor, you can do this better and in a more cost-effective way. You can automate tweets with Socinator and a little bit of planning. Increase your audience and achieve meaningful marketing results as you engage with and draw inspiration from the community you create in no time.