How To Use The Advanced Twitter Search With Its 07 Best Parameters

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How To Use The Advanced Twitter Search With Its 07 Best Parameters

Are you aware of the current situation of the world? Do you still know what is happening around you? Do you want to remain updated with all information about what is going on around you?

Don’t worry!

With Twitter, you can get a lot of information about what is going on around you with tweets.

Twitter is a social media platform where people used to communicate with each other using short messages called tweets. It is also used by many business people to create social media campaigns to boost their sales and promote their brand.

With 330 million monthly active users, Twitter is now regarded as one of the most popular social media platforms with 500 million tweets per day. But if you want to find things particularly with fewer efforts, you can go for an advanced Twitter search. This tool is a goldmine for business owners as well as marketers.

Heard about it before? If not then continue reading about this amazing tool to find things easily on Twitter. Also, you will get to know advanced Twitter search techniques that your brand needs to know.

What is an advanced Twitter search, anyway?

Are you tired of scrolling all day to find your interest? Put an end to your efforts. Advanced Twitter search helps you to find things easily. It narrows down your searches according to words, people, date ranges, and more. Now, finding tweets is easy.

Why use an advanced Twitter search?

Let us now understand why we need to use an advanced Twitter search.

1. Use hashtags and keywords to search potential customers:

Use hashtags and keywords to search potential customers

There are billions of people who use their Twitter account daily. There will be many people who show interest in your products and services. It can be difficult to find those customers if there is no proper way to find them.

Through keywords, it will be easy to find customers who search for your products and services. This keyword should be related to your business so that when people search for your products using those keywords, you will get to know them.

For example, if you are selling gym pants, you should use keywords like buy gym pants or I need gym pants, etc. therefore you will be knowing about people who use these keywords to search for their products.

Hashtags are also an effective way to search for new prospects. As an owner of gym pants, you can use hashtags like #ilovegym, #gympants, #need new gym pants, etc.

Once you are aware of your potential customers, reach them, have a conversation with them, and build a trust-worthy relation with them before you talk about products and sell them.

2. Know your target audience:

know your target audience

To reach more people, you first need to understand your audience and their needs. With an advanced Twitter search, you can get to know who your audience is and what are their needs.

When you search for a related keyword, you will be aware of what people say about your services and products. Are they happy with your service? Do they need them? Are there any complaints about your product? 

All this information you can get from an advanced Twitter search according to which you can build a new marketing strategy and fulfill their demands. You can also make products according to the needs of your customers. 

So, it is important to understand the needs of your audience with which you can offer them products according to their choice.

3. Reputation management:

reputation management

You need to keep track of the positive and negative comments of people on your products. If there are positive comments, you are great at your work and continue with it. But if there are negative comments, know where you are making mistakes and try to rectify them.

With an advanced Twitter search, you can get to know what kind of sentiments people have for your brand. Exclude your username from the search results to know the tweets which mention your brand and did not tag you.

4. Find similar industry influencers:

find similar industry influencers

It is important to know about the influencers who are talking about your brand, services, and products. But how to find them?

The advanced Twitter search tool is the best option. Find Influencers on Twitter using advanced Twitter search and boost up your influencer marketing.

Choose influencers carefully. You need to find an influencer who is interested in your brand and your products. Just having a huge fan following is not enough.

5. Monitor all your mentions:

monitor all your mentions

When someone mentions your username in their tweets, you get a notification and you know what they are talking about your brand. But what if they do not mention your username and what if they had no time to tag you?

Here you will miss a lot of information and sayings of people about your brand.

6. Provide best customer service:

provide best customer service

Twitter is well-known for its good customer support. calling customer care and getting help was done in the old days. Nowadays, everyone wants to get instant help online. 

Get this information and offer help before things run out of hand. Be the brand that offers customers support in seconds and resolves problems quickly.

You need to find those issues faced by the customers using the advanced Twitter search tool and fix things as soon as possible. People love brands having good customer support.

How to use an advanced Twitter search?

As a business owner, I hope you are already liking the advanced search option of twitter as it is beneficial for your business in many ways. Just enter your search in the search bar and click on advanced search. Thousands of options will appear on your screen. Now let us get to know the parameters.

1. All of these words:

This parameter is used to search all the words you type in the search bar. You can also search and add quotations like “buy gym pants”.

2. This exact phrase:

When you want to search for a specific phrase, use these parameters. Here you do not have to give a quotation, it does by itself. Quotes or full names, everything is possible with these parameters. You will get particular results with this parameter.

3. Any of these words:

When you enter your search in this parameter, it separates every word of your search with an OR when a search is performed.

For example, SocinatorOR#socinatorOR

4. None of these words:

It is also a helpful parameter that narrows down your search results. If you are searching for gym pants, you can exclude gym instructions to follow that are also very popular. You can also filter your search that you do not want to see.

5. These hashtags:

If you want to search for any tweets or hashtags related to any industry, this parameter is the best one. You do not need to add a hashtag here. It is done by itself.

6. Language:

Always search for tweets of your language that are understandable by you. When your search results in other languages, it is of no use to you. It is not even applicable to your business and brand.

7. Date range:

If you want to search for a tweet of a particular date, you can use this parameter. It will narrow down your search according to the dates mentioned by you.

Well, using these above parameters, you can use an advanced Twitter search tool to make the use of twitter easy.

After this deep discussion, let me introduce you to an amazing software tool that will help you manage your social media accounts. It also helps you improve your social media marketing campaigns. It is called Socinator.

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These automatic features can help you manage your accounts with fewer efforts. Install now and enjoy the features of Socinator!

Features of Socinator in detail:

features of socinator

  1. It has advanced publishing features through which you can schedule your posts and auto-publish them on multiple networks.
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  4. It has twitter automation features with which you can boost your Twitter activities for better engagement and ROI.
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  6. It has Quora automation features with which you can succeed on Quora.
  7. It has Pinterest automation features with which you can boost your Pinterest account for faster growth and more revenue.

There are many more features of Socinator that you can use to grow your business on social media. Try it once!

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Wrapping up:

So, I hope you liked this article and got a brief idea about the advanced Twitter search. If you have any queries or want to add something to this article to make it more valuable, reach me through this comment box. I would love to hear from you!


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