9 Easy Hacks To Get More Followers On Instagram 2019

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9 Easy Hacks To Get More Followers On Instagram 2019

Looking for some easy tips and tricks to earn more number of followers for your Instagram account?

Then you have come to the right spot. In this blog post we will introduce 9 super easy hacks to get more followers on Instagram.

Who would have known that Instagram would become such a huge and a major platform one day. With 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram has grown to become a successful platform. After Facebook and YouTube, it has the third biggest audience base.

Instagram has now become a powerful and a useful social media platform to target larger group of audiences, ensuring larger engagement and foster profitable leads.

But if you are thinking to generate revenue from your IG accounts, then you must have a large following base & achieving that is not a cakewalk. But it is possible.

In this blog post, we will surely help you to accomplish your goals by providing you some super interesting, easy yet important hacks –

#1. Reposting Others’ Content


This is going to be the useful and the smartest hack to follow. When you are planning to repost some other persons’ posted content, then do not forget to mention the original poster name. Instagram has now gone very strict regarding this, you need to seek the approval of the one who posted the content and then only you can proceed further. While I was once into the reposting, I reposted a video that helped me to earn around 15,000 likes with 1700 comments, 70,00 around people viewed that particular video and that was really a big thing.

#2. Increase Engagement & Audience Base By Asking Users To Share Their Pictures


This trick is common but it is a very effective one. Once you have mastered this one then surely your account will be blessed with tons of followers. You can post your customer photos in your account feed, as it will increase a social proof that is really important at the moment you just start. In case you are a newbie, you must focus the Instagram Influencers who are having under 5,000 followers and then you can offer them the affiliation. If it get scored then you have to pay commission to them. To build a customer network you can offer cash incentives and freebies to your customers. This is not for the long term basis but it is one powerful way to build your brand and business.

#3. Be Consistent with Tones & Color Schemes

People love to look at the things which pleases their eyes. They will only follow if you have that consistency factor. Real and attractive things do hold people’s attention. You have to be very strict and should maintain a tone for your posts. Just like @minimaliststyle.

In case you post diverse content, then people might get confused and could not be able to build a trust as they will doubt on your future posts and will thereby say big no. If you genuinely want to get followers on Instagram then you must follow this.

#4. Experimenting With Your Bio


Instagram Bio is the core of your Instagram Account. You must definitely play well with it. Make sure you does not seems to be boring just by putting up the URL that redirects visitors to your website’s landing page. On a weekly basis you must change it and take it to your recent contents, web posts, guest blogs etc. This will provide your audience a change and then they will tap on your mentioned link. One of the powerful trick that can get you blessed with a ton of followers is by putting up the clickable link in your Bio.

#5. Get Innovative with Hashtagging


Hashtags can do wonders if used in a proper way. All you need to do is to be creative and should stand out of the league. You must stop using the hashtags which are general and obvious, instead you should try to create your own creative hashtags that seems to be catchy and powerful. The only thing that matters is you do not have to be boring at all. Your tags must justify your posts and should be placed in the right manner.

#6. Be Unique and Rare

Just like Frooti Show your unique side to the world. People love to look at never seen before content. Try to create something new out of the box and share it with your audience. Once you are done with creating your own pattern and way, people will start getting to recognize you and who knows One day you will be popular.

#7. Put Up your captions smartly with Creative descriptions

We all know that Picture itself can speak a thousand of words and can deliver the message to the audience, but you must never miss out the description with your post. It makes your post interesting and pushes viewers to get indulged with it. Connection is made and this will help you gain followers.

#8. Control Over Tagging

You should restrict Instagram showing tagged photos of yours automatically on your Instagram profile. Make it “Add Manually” so that you can check the niche and the post quality beforehand. This is one of the important trick which you must consider.

#9. Targeting People Near You by Geo-Tagging location


You have to be in touch with what is happening around you and then accordingly you should post content as per the choice and the taste of the audience nearby you. If you want to receive the posts of the individual living near your location, all you need to do is to search the are in the search bar and that’s it. For getting immediate results, the Geotagged posts works very efficaciously.

To be successful on Instagram you must have a large following base and a bulk of likes and comments on your every single post. But it will not happen overnight. It will take time. You need to work hard and get more and more people engaged with you by posting high quality and Interesting contents, creating uber cool hashtags, introducing your own unique style,  and so on. Then only you will be able to have an account with massive following.


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