3 Ways To Optimize and Convert your Pinterest Website Traffic Into Leads

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3 Ways To Optimize and Convert your Pinterest Website Traffic Into Leads

When did you last thought about your site’s customer journey?

Being a Pinterest Manager, one thing which I am ardent about is instructing people about the significance of optimizing your sites to transform Pinterest viewers into potential leads.

That is to say, the whole intention behind expanding your site traffic utilizing Pinterest is to transform that traffic into something real, which will help you grow your business.

We can’t directly send individuals to the money sites and expect them to take action. But we can urge them efficiently to make a move by utilizing the main marketing strategies.

There is a wide range of strategies to motivate individuals to enter your business pipe and once they arrive on your site, consider these 3 ways mentioned below, which will help you in getting desired outcomes.

Continue reading to discover what they are!




There are two sections to Pinterest.

Section 1: Obtain new visitors to your content and site.

Section 2: Take your guests on a voyage on your site, so they convert into leads.

So what do you think about a lead? Leads to the optimal group of people fall under:

  • Email subscribers
  • Social media follows
  • Digital product purchases
  • Podcast subscribers
  • Inquiry submissions

What does lead intends to you? It might be dependent on your plan of action. However, since I have worked with many mentors and administrators, these are some of the things which I have noticed converting. They also use different Pinterest automation software amongst which Socinator is one of the best social media marketing tool, using which you can effectively manage multiple Pinterest accounts and convert your targeted group into leads.



Apart from these, the three main ways to optimize and convert your site traffic into leads are:






The core part of Pinterest is content advertising. Usually, it’s not only for blogs it can also be for videos, podcasts or any other type of valuable and free content, which you are pushing out to draw attention from your intended interest group.

Do you have your blog post on Pinterest? No

It profoundly helps in getting a large number of leads.

If you don’t have a blog then, I will highly recommend you to get one – even if you use Pinterest only for podcast or videos, this blog will help you the best. As most of the content which we are sending to Pinterest are blogs, hence most of the people are mainly going to land on these blog posts rather than on your website nor your landing page or contact page or services page.

Pinterest traffic is snappy – they’re going in to discover what they need and at that point, if you don’t give them a reason to stay- they will leave your site, and you will lose them.

That is for what reason I’m a great believer in having a Call To Action (CTA) in all the blogs. As in this manner, you won’t lose potential leads and can snare them when they arrive on your blog at least by offering them something overpowering.

Here are a few instances of successful CTAs which you can use in your blog entries:

  • Urge them to download your complimentary gift that is significant to the blog.
  • Offering the services in case they need any additional assistance
  • Advancing your upcoming courses.
  • Pitch your advanced items that are similar to the blog.
  • Advance your online courses.
  • Guide them to podcasts.
  • Encourage them to tail you via social media for an off-camera look.

If you wish to fasten up the work, instead of contacting all the users individually using the CTA option, you can simply Auto Follow people using Socinator by which you can find users who are interested in your work and start following their activity. It will help you to do Pinterest marketing in the right way!

How To Auto-Follow People On Pinterest?

If you wish to become famous on Pinterest and convert the website traffic into leads, the first thing you need to do is to associate with your fans. The easiest and the simplest way to do this is by using the Instagram Bot! Are you aware of how to do that?

Let’s imagine a situation where you have a website, and there are tons of people who come to your site daily. But are they all your reliable customers?  If not, then the best way to convert them into your potential leads is by associating with them. Connect with your customers by using the auto-follow option in  Socinator.

  • SignUp or Login into Socinator dashboard.
  • Right-click on the tab (Pinterest) and go to the tools option;
  • Which will lead you to account activity and from there tap on the search query, and choose the desired query type like, Keywords, someone’s followers, someone’s following, custom users, board followers, custom boards, etc.


  • You can also schedule your auto-follow option and wait for the outputs!

Pinterest users with whom you associate are most likely to like your website as well. So, it’s easy, fast, simple and if you wish to use then



Just imagine if a bot can help in providing such interactions per day, without any special call to action functions, then it will help in saving time and money. Using this, you can get more organic traffic to transpose them into leads.





Pinterest is a search engine platform that works similar to Google, which means the traffic that comes with Pinterest is cold traffic.

All the users of Pinterest are on a task – searching for the solutions to their issues.

So, whenever a Pinterest user sees your pin that helps in solving their problem, they will wish to know more and will click on your website URL.

People may land on your money site sightlessly without being aware of who you are and what you offer, just with the hope that you can help them. It means when you have free time, prepare supportive content based on your skills. So that your followers can become familiar with your identity and how incredible is the data which you offer.

By demonstrating your infusing identity and become an expert in your content, you can easily make your followers, viewers aware of the person behind the brand.

Everything goes like the “Know, Like, Trust” factor.

When your followers know you, they are most likely to start talking to you and begin trusting you enough by sharing their credentials and buying your products.

To make the relational bond with your followers reliable, you can keep an eye on the activity statistics and reports using Socinator. As knowing about the moves and activities will help in converting them into potential leads.

How To Check Activity Statistics And Reports?

Consider all the statistics and reports now and again to know about the activities performed within your accounts, which will help you in having improved analytics of your marketing strategies. Gain insights on all the aspects of your Pinterest Account, by:



  • Now, check the charts view (beta) option available and from where you can check the statistical representation of your followers, people you are following and the total number of posts.





Transforming Pinterest guests into email supporters is one of the easiest ways to transmute them into leads, on autopilot.

As I referenced above, the traffic generated by Pinterest is cold traffic. So the probability of users arriving on your site and consequently purchasing a product or inquiring about your services is considerably very less.

Thus, once you are on your email channel, you can sustain the hell out of them to transform these people into a client!

For this reason, you need to ensure and put email opt-in forms deliberately throughout your site so you can catch potential leads, regardless of where they click.

Here are a few instances of spots where you can put your opt-in forms on your site for Pinterest traffic transformation:

  • Top Bar
  • Above the heading of your website
  • Sidebar
  • Embedded in every relevant blog post
  • Pop-ups
  • Navigation & footer menu
  • Embedded in your most visited pages

Are You Tired Of Associating With Your Fans, Individually?

The flow of customizing your pins consumes a lot of time, but Socinator has the best solution for you!

You can broadcast your messages using Socinator. This feature is a time saver and will help you look more real and authentic at the same time. How can you try it!


  • Login or Sign up to the Dashboard.
  • Click on the broadcast message options present in the top right corner.
  • Click on the configuration tab and check the accounts activity.
  • If you have important news that you want to tell your fans, send a message out to all by broadcasting it.


Pinterest is one of the primary source of social traffic for online websites and blogs. Using these simple best-proven tips, you can become the number one source to generate traffic.

So begin pinning, and pin frequently, and you’ll see your site traffic skyrocket.

Pinterest Marketing Is Easier Than You Think!

You are a website owner, you are an internet marketer! All you need to do to gain success is to Signup on SOCINATOR- a social dominator and we will start working.

  • Sign up or Login right to the Dashboard.Pinterest-automation
  • You will get various features like auto-publish posts,auto-comments, activity statistics, and reports, add video pins, etc
  • Stable and firm support.


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