03 Significant Changes About To Happen On Facebook In 2019

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03 Significant Changes About To Happen On Facebook In 2019

No wonder, Facebook is the excellent social media platform of this era. This social networking site has given an entirely new perspective to people in the direction of Internet social presence. Facebook, an American social network launched back in the year 2004, came into action and broke every possible myth of online applications. From 2004 to 2019, Facebook has been seen tremendous growth in terms of users, technological advancements, new features, and many more.


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Presently, the platform consists of around 2.38 million monthly active users. That’s undoubtedly a huge figure. Well, everything not always remains hunky dory. Last year Facebook had seen various privacy crises, therefore suddenly people started questioning the safety measures of the platform.     


In 2018, some virus called bug disrupted the privacy nuances of Facebook and exposed about 6.8 million users personal photos. Then there were various other safety breaches arises on the platform’s photo application programming interface (API). As a result of all this technical error, the company’s stock market value was instantly pushed down to 7% in December 2018. That almost wiped out around $30 billion in their market value. That was quite a loss.


In the starting in the year 2018, Mark Zuckerberg wrote about four personal posts and expressed its feeling on all these issues. Also mentioned that he and his team trying every possible beat to fix those gaffes.


Later on, when the Facebook F8 conference held on May 1, 2018 in San Jose, California- Mark Zuckerberg and his other company members revealed various changes in the social network platform critical aspects vis-a-vis new privacy laws, community groups, Facebook new logo, mobile interface changes, and many more about its subsidiaries like Instagram, Whatsapp, Messenger.


So, there are some significant changes on the way to Facebook this year.

Mark Zuckerberg openly mentioned at the event of the Facebook F8 conference that now his company primarily mission is to provide top-notch safety measures to its users. Hence, the focus of the company shifted to privacy issues. Facebook has also announced a completely new logo and an entire redesign of their website. They are also going to make changes in their mobile application interface with lightning-fast Messenger and about to highlight end-to-end-encryption on the mobile application and the new desktop application.


Here are the top three Facebook Updates will possibly make in 2019:


#1: A New Mission and Concentration To Privacy:



After having a bad experience in the relation of privacy crisis last year, Mark Zuckerberg made it quite clear on the occasion of F8 conference that now the new mission of his company is to provide high-quality safety to its users.  Now there is no way around when it comes to offering ultra privacy to Facebook users.


As our digital world is continuously growing and changing, “privacy gives us the freedom to be ourselves,” said Zuckerberg.

According to Mark, a few years prior, his company prime focus was to provide as much as liberty to users in terms of sharing online posts, communication parameters, and many more. Although, now the time is changing drastically, so, privacy has become a concern that’s all they want to adapt.


With this mindset, Facebook is trying to reduce the possibility of all the previously arrived glitches not only in its platform, but also on its Ancillaries like Instagram, Messenger, and Whatsapp.

Mark also mentioned that this year people witness most secret conversations either in Facebook private groups or in DMs with potential end-to-end encryption coding. As an outcome of which Facebook also won’t able to read those messages.


Zuckerberg also proclaimed that they are also trying to reduce a post permanence on the platform. Like Instagram, you also may come across more expiry dates, videos and post on Facebook this year.

There perhaps one more feature will get added in this whole scenario that is Facebook’s knack to personally message anyone from your contact list either through Instagram DM through Facebook Messenger or share a post to the Facebook Group with Whatsapp.


The final date of all these new changes not declared at the F8 conference. Although, Mark Zuckerberg made it crystal clear that privacy is a new zone of their company and they are here for expertise in that.

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#2. A Completely New Design For Facebook Website Including Its logo:



So, are you ready to enjoy Facebook’s new aesthetics look?

The company is about to change the “big blue” app logo and about to merge it with a sparkling white trim look. Also, the blue border display at the top of the home page is somewhat ready to redesign.


Additionally, the brand new design will consist of a fresh “app real estate” to showcase features like Private and Groups Messaging. That honestly means the group messaging features are concerned to put in the most prominent position. So, engaging and posting on the Facebook landscape become easy for people.


However, the improved and new Facebook mobile applications have already executed and ready to use. All this is an enormous chance for businesses to engage in a better way on the Facebook business page. Hence, we are looking forward to a complete revamp Facebook web design. It will make navigation of feed as well as many other features of Facebook much smoother and streamlined.

It is one of the big announcements made by Facebook in a couple of the past few years to its web redesign. Well, the date of all these executions was not declared.

Extra dose-

Facebook Messenger is also getting an upgrade:

Messenger praised as the best subsidiary application on Facebook. So, there are lots of aesthetic changes about to take place in it. After this upgrade, you will able to see your friend’s Facebook stories more precisely.

Additionally, some other social facets are about to add in Messenger application. Facebook recently tested a feature through which you would able to see Facebook videos with your buddies simultaneously.


Facebook Messenger will also possibly have a stand-alone desktop app that allows people to message each other within different platforms like Whatsapp and Instagram.

All these major factors are in the testing process. Facebook also declared that people expect that the new superpower version of Messenger will get out at the end of this year.


In terms of specifications, a new powerhouse version of Facebook Messenger application is perceived to be 7x smaller and double as fast as some of the other leading chat apps in the online market. It will be called “lightspeed” that weighs less than 30 MB plus has a cold-start time of 1.3 seconds.


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#3: More Concentration on Community Groups:



Mark Zuckerberg had made it pretty clear at the Facebook F8 conference that the company is going to focus more on private and personal online communities together.

He also highlighted that nowadays our digital lives need a mixed bag of both personal as well as private space. It means people want to enjoy social network features to the fullest, but with keeping vulnerability aside. They don’t want to showcase their vulnerable side to the whole world. Nobody wants!


There might be some section of people in front of them they won’t mind revealing their likes, dislikes, and secrets. That’s why people are looking for personal Facebook community groups where they can be active as well as somewhat remain safe when it comes to their private space.

So, most probably in the future, you get group recommendations from Facebook as per your past actions on Facebook. That surely helps you to find the best and most relevant community groups for yourself.


According to records, there are formerly tens of millions of active Facebook groups available. Therefore, the newly redesigned version of the Facebook mobile app, as well as the desktop web, enables you to locate these groups quickly without going for endless searches. All credit will go to revamp group tab. Here you will able to find a more simplified feed along with the Group updates in one space.   

All this will make you able to distinguish between personal feeds and group posts. And will hand over the new ability to share news feed posts in your public and private groups with much ease.


So, Facebook is all set to cater to the audience with much safer and better online experience this year. This year can prove to be the best year to Facebook growth and prosperity. Just wait and watch!


These are the top three consequential changes going to take place on Facebook in 2019. What’s your most preferred Facebook update? Which update according to you will prove to be a real boon? Share your opinions in the comment section below.


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