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YouTube For Beginners: How To Start A YouTube Channel?

Do you want to start a YouTube channel? Ya! Great decision guys. It is one of the best platforms one can ever use to get into vlogging like a professional. YouTube for beginners can be alien at first, but once they get the right beats, it’s full of fun.

YouTube consists of over 1.9 billion monthly active users as of third quarter of 2019. Also, around 30 million people visit this website every day. Approximately 5 billion videos get watched on it daily. And YouTube has…

Well, these statistics are never-ending. There’s a lot you can say about this brilliant video-sharing cum vlogging online landscape. 


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Moving on to the main objective of this blog, I am here to share some exceptional ideas with you regarding YouTube for beginners. Yes, it is right that there are millions of YouTube channels present in recent times. Stakes are high moreover competition is very intense on this website. However, if you know what you want to achieve from this platform, then nothing is far-fetched for you. 


Read and understand the below-mentioned tactics for starting exceptionally on YouTube-


Be Consistent Vis-a-vis Posting Videos: 




It has been quite evident from the last few years that audience of YouTube praises accounts that are consistent with their stuff. If you want to make through YouTube, then consistency is something you have to take very very seriously. YouTube for beginners can become familiar in less time if they follow this tactic with punctuality. 

Many times, YouTubers come across a dilemma concerning posting as they think their videos are not good enough. Well, the majority of people post quite bad videos in their initial days in terms of videography and lots more. That’s why no one is a perfectionist here. Most of the folks start as a novice on YouTube. So, don’t ever disturb the consistency of your channel regarding being perfect. The more you shoot, the more you become good. 

You might think that YouTube for beginners is hard to achieve. However, if you have a strategy on how to get there, it’s quite simple. Draft a plan for your YouTube channel. Decide how many videos you can post in a month or week and work accordingly. Never miss out posting videos on the scheduled day as this can make you look like frivolous and can also disappoint viewers.



Audio Quality Should Be High: 


No matter how much hard work you have put in your video, if it does not make a word to the audience, it’s a waste. That’s why audio plays an extremely vital function in making a video delightful to the audience. Despite often content creators forget this thing and make the hugest pet peeve. However, these are some tips to follow while recording video plus keeping audio in central importance. 

  1. Avoid recording video right after climbing up at the top of the mountains. As, it can make you sound terrible and can annoy viewers in a big way. Take time and choose to film video when the wind gets little adjustable according to videography. 
  2. In case, if you’re making use of some traditional GoPro accessories, prefer taking them out of the camera case as this can prevent you from sounding muzzled. No doubt, the camera case protects it from damage. However, at the time of the shoot, it can restrict the sound quality of your video. 
  3. Nowadays, most of the YouTube newcomers prefer using mobile phones for filming their videos. Well, it has its advantages. Having said that, improper use of mobile can reduce audio graph of videos. Make sure to don’t put your fingers on the microphone of mobile while vlogging. 

These tactics can prevent your audience from coming across a terrible audio quality in your videos. These things become even more important to consider when you’re speaking into the camera. Youtube for beginners is not something that can access without expertise. Tips like this can make this journey smoother for you. 


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Choose The Best Out Of The Rest: 




For being a successful YouTube personality, it is critical to know the skill of keeping different components of the videos in equilibrium. Every aspect of video plays a crucial part. So, one element can’t be considered partially in contrast to others. Right! Although creators often missed out this balance. As a result, the content of their videos starts looking pretty redundant and repetitive. These small points play significant function concerning YouTube for beginners.

For instance, if you have filmed a video at some exotic destination and taken large-scale coverage. But, that doesn’t mean you have to keep the whole slot of footage. The best you can do here is to choose the unique out of the rest. It’s very imperative to pick the best piece of content to upload. Long and laggy videos make the audience lose interest in no time. 


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Don’t Compare Your Channel With Others: 


As I mentioned above, the competition is fierce these days on YouTube. There are many YouTube channels with an abundant number of subscribers, engagement, and audience. As a YouTube starter, all this might daunt you at some point. But, if you take it in the right spirit, then successful YouTube channels can aspire you in various ways. YouTube for beginners is clearly not easy to get started, but if they make themselves well-acquainted with the things going around, then it can become something approachable for them. 

You should take it in the sense that every channel starts with zero subscribers. People have to work hard to earn all the acceptance that’s the case with celebrated YouTube channels. So, never underestimate and judge your potential on the grounds of other successful YouTubers. Everybody has a different journey and destination.

However, creativity and uniqueness in videos are believed to be the biggest ultimatum for success on this social media network. Hence, you must take inspiration from popular YouTube channels regarding content curation, filming videos, and how to present all aspects substantially. 



Extra dose:- 


To do this, you should subscribe to influential YouTube channels of your niche, so you can gauge what’s working for them the most. Though, subscribing to different channels is quite a time-taking, if done manually. Well, I have the best solution to this problem. Social media management software like Socinator can Auto subscribe YouTube channels for you in no time. How? Let’s follow the given steps- 



Method 1- 


Step 1: Go to Socinator’s Account Manager Screen from where you can configure your YouTube account. Right-click on your YouTube account and hit go-to tools. It will let you to the configuration screen where you can see different activities that can automate your YouTube via Socinator. 




Step 2: Let’s click to Subscribe as you want this aspect to automate for your YouTube account. 




Step 3: Go To Search Query. As the name signifies, this aspect allows you to recommend software on which basis it should target YouTube channels for the subscription. It consists of two sections- query type and query. You can select the Query type by clicking the drop-down. Next, you have to enter the Query. You can either type it manually or import it from CVV txt file. Then, click the add button to include it in the query list.




Step 4: Next category is Job configuration. It allows you to choose the speed at which the whole process of subscription should take place. There is three preset activity speed given- Slow, Medium, Fast, and Superfast. You can also go to the “Advanced Settings” to customize the speed setting according to your needs. 




Step 5: Now, we have Channel filter configuration. This option permits you to filter the type of channels you want to auto-subscribe for your YouTube account. By using Socinator, you can also grow your Instagram account




Step 6: Follow-up is the category to manage blacklisted users. Blacklisted accounts are the ones which you don’t want Socinator to interact with. It further possesses two traits- Use Private blacklist and Use Group Blacklist. 




Step 7: Last is the category for video filter. This section allows you to filter the videos of the YouTube accounts you want to subscribe. 




Step 8: After managing all the configuration settings, it’s time for you to hit the save option and swipe the status button to active. 





Method 2- 

This method is best to use for multiple YouTube accounts, which allows you to create campaigns. 

Step 1: Go To Upper right hand of the screen and click “Social” and then hit on YouTube. It will bring you to the Accounts screen, then move to subscriber tab and hit on “Subscribe”. Here you can name your campaign and call it as you want. 




Step 2: Now, you have to perform all the configurations similarly as of above method. In this, we also have a category called others configuration. You can tick it if it’s a unique subscribe activity. After doing all this, you have to select accounts. You can choose multiple YouTube accounts, then hit the save button. 




Step 3: Select “Create Campaign” option and if you would like to proceed, then click save button. 





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Implement SEO On Your Videos: 




As, there are millions of videos get uploaded on YouTube daily. But, only a few of them come in the eyes of a large number of people. Why? The one-word answer to this question is SEO. Execution of SEO is foremost when it comes to making your YouTube video search engine friendly. Many YouTubers make brilliant videos, create the best of the best content, and do extraordinary videography. However, not able to make the most out of it. One of the biggest reasons for this is lack of effective SEO strategies. To know more tricks regarding growing your YouTube account, you can click here


These are some of the best SEO practices you can consider for making your YouTube video more reachable. 


Give Best Suited Title To Your Video-

You should give a descriptive title to your video plus making use of the most relevant keywords. Instead of writing a two-word thing like Chilling, you should go for little detailed things such as Chilling at the beach of California. It gives a more clear perspective to the audience regarding your video. 


Make Use Of Associated Tags-

Tags are keywords that make your video more searchable and discoverable to people. According to the above example, “Chilling at the beach of California”, the different tags you can use are the beach, leisure time, chilling, and much more. They should be relevant to your video in the first place. 


Describe Your Video In And Out- 

Tell your audience what your video is all about. Describe each nuance of your video to the public. A short description beneath YouTube videos opens humongous doors for it to rank on search engines. YouTube provides sufficient word limit for doing this, so don’t hesitate to put your video into expressions. 


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These were some of the best tactics you can execute for initiating greatly on YouTube. Tips mentioned in the above blog can work wonders for your vlog presence. YouTube for beginners can be impressive if they have a clear strategy in their minds, moreover, implement them with perfection. 

Well, there is an endless number of tactics you can apply concerning YouTube for beginners. Do you guys know some of them? If yes, then comment them in the section below. I am waiting for your responses. 



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