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Youtube automation, is it possible?

How many times have you watched your favorite artist’s video on YouTube? But how many things do you know about YouTube? Do you know how it all started and if YouTube automation is possible?

You will find the answers to all the above questions in this article.

YouTube – how it all started?

YouTube was founded in 2005 by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim. They were former PayPal employees. The trademark, logo, and domain were registered on 2005 Valentine’s Day by Chad Hurley.

Karim confessed in 2006 that the idea of launching an online video platform started from two events that took place back in2004: the tsunami in the Indian Ocean and Janet Jackson’s issues with her wardrobe during the Super Bowl event.

It all started as an amateur videos website. Actually, the first video was posted by co-founder Jawed Karim on 23rd of April 2005. The video only had 19 seconds and was posted with the title “me at the zoo.”

The beta version of YouTube was launched in May 2005. Its interface changed so much since then!

youtube automationThe first million viewers

It was September 2005 when YouTube reached its first million views. It was a Nike commercial that was posted. In the video, Brazilian football player Ronaldinho was given his pair of Golden Boots. Nike started believing since then that YouTube can be a mine of gold for the brand.

Sequia Capital made a significant investment of $3.5 million dollars in November 2005. This allowed YouTube to increase its bandwidth and servers. This was the key for the public launch in the same year’s December month.

Since it was launched, YouTube has never stopped growing. More and more companies have started to see the advertising potential of the online video platform. What started as an amateur video website has rapidly converted into a platform distributing original content.

How can YouTube help you in growing your business?

It is said that the visual memory lasts the longest. This means that people tend to remember visual content longer compared to something they have just heard, for example.

This is only a reason to use YouTube as a marketing tool. Furthermore, people like to see enjoyable content. If they like something they have seen, they tend to replay the video content over and over until they decide to buy your products or to use your services.

People are also looking for product reviews on YouTube. They are even watching the unboxing videos for them. If they like what they see and if they have enough information about what they are interested in, you have all the chances for your profit to grow.

Commercials are part of our lives. We see them everywhere. Even if we say they can be annoying sometimes, they make us buy products. It’s part of the marketing strategy that various businesses are using.

Video Ads and Messages

Video ads can also have subliminal messages. They are hidden messages that make people think of something that is not directly presented in the commercial.

Pepsi is of the companies using subliminal messages very often. One of the commercials was playing during a movie at the cinema. People started buying Pepsi right after the movie ended. This is an ingenious way of growing your business, isn’t it?

If you want to use YouTube advertising, people need to see your message and understand it. They need to know what you are providing and what will be the benefits if they buy your products or use your services. Your message needs to be short, clear and put into a catching-eye video content.

Also, if you want to grow the number of your YouTube followers, you also need to follow people. Think about a win-win situation. This can be based on a YouTube automation process. We will talk about it in a bit.

YouTube automation – is it possible?

You have the video content to attract your targeted audience. This is essential but is not enough. You also need to perform some other actions for growing your account.

YouTube automation is possible and you can have maximum results with minimum efforts. But before proceeding, make sure you are aware of YouTube’s guidelines and you respect them. This will help you avoid any kind of issues on the online video platform. Technology is really advanced nowadays, but rules need to be followed if you want a happy life in the online media.

You are asking yourself what tool you can use for automation your actions on YouTube, Socinator is the answer.

Why is Socinator the best automation tool?

Because it is very easy to use and you don’t need technical knowledge to do this. Only some customs settings are required and the tool will be ready to be your online assistant afterward.

This tool is the perfect one to be used by busy marketers; not only for its numerous features but also for the statistics and reports it provides. They will keep you updated with what’s happening on your YouTube channel and profile.

Socinator will automate the following features for you: following, unfollowing, subscribe, liking and watching videos, commenting on videos, liking comments. You will basically have all the YouTube automation in one place.

The good news is also Socinator’s accessible price; you can purchase it from only $9.95 per month.


Now that we have talked about the best YouTube automation tool, let’s do a recap: the online video platform started as an amateur video one; the first video posted only had 19 seconds and the first company who started believing in YouTube’s advertising potential was Nike. Remember that companies are also using subliminal messages in their commercials and Pepsi is one of the most known ones for doing this.

Don’t forget about the visual memory and give people what they want to see; enjoyable content that can determine them do buy your products or use your services. Try to stay updated with everything new and perform all the necessary actions for growing your business. Don’t forget that people are the real key to success.


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