All About YouTube Analytics For 2022: A Comprehensive  Guide

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All About YouTube Analytics For 2022: A Comprehensive  Guide

Except if you’ve been hiding in a cave somewhere, you definitely know how YouTube is the #1 destination for streaming video content. Yet, did you have at least some idea that its videos reach 2billion users per month-around 33% of the whole web’s traffic?

In 2021, YouTube Premium and YouTube Music together have in excess of 50 million subscribers all over the planet. Also, In 2022 the number of YouTube viewers are relied upon to hit 210 Million in the US alone.

Assuming you’re using YouTube for business, you really want to comprehend YouTube Analytics. Regardless of whether you intend to leverage ROI straightforwardly from your YouTube content or just use YouTube as a marketing platform, you want to know what’s working and so forth.

When you plunge into YouTube metrics, you’ll rapidly uncover an extraordinary abundance of data, from audience demographics to traffic sources, note down to the keywords individuals use to track down your videos.

All of this can assist you with refining your content strategy over the long run, so you create videos that rouse YouTubers to continue to watch. We should check out all the YouTube metrics you must know.

What are YouTube analytics?

YouTube analytics is the free tool by Google to screen your YouTube channel execution as it measures views, demographics, traffic, and then some.

Why is tracking down YouTube analytics important?

This data is here to assist you with getting what kind of content your audience is keen on so you can further develop your YouTube strategy.

On the off chance that you disdain swimming through information, you’ll be glad to know the YouTube analytics is really direct.

Rather than overpowering yourself with a huge load of data, you can decide to zero in on the information that matters most to your brand.

How to View YouTube Analytic Data

Prior to refining your YouTube content strategy with YouTube analytics, look at the accompanying advance to sort out where you can track down the entirety of your data & numbers:


Stage 1: Log in to your YouTube channel and click on the profile icon. A drop-down menu will show where you’ll track down YouTube Studio. Click on it to open the channel dashboard.

Stage 2: On the dashboard, you will see specific outline measurements. To get the in-depth information to tap on ‘Channel Analytics’, or you can tap on the ‘Analytics’ present on the left half of the menu.

Stage 3: Based on your necessary data, look at metrics like Overview, Reach, Engagement, Audience, and Revenue. Assuming you are searching briefly breakdown, click on the ‘Advanced Mode in the dashboard upper right corner. In Advanced mode, you can get metrics of individual videos.

Stage 4: Choose all metrics you need to track and tap on download to produce your report in Google Sheets or .csv file.

YouTube analytics that matters the most

YouTube Analytics are the indicators of how effective your YouTube channel is. It alludes to how users are consuming your videos. These channel measurements are situated on the overview tab; use these YouTube channel analytics to get the channel execution report, distinguish the latest trends, and get what’s turning out best for your brand.



Subscribers on YouTube are the users or channels who have subscribed to your YouTube account throughout a particular time frame. Whenever you upload any videos on your channel, your subscribers can notice them on their feed. YouTube’s ‘Subscribers Report’ gives you information about acquiring and losing endorsers in light of videos, locations, and gain periods.


View metrics signify the gross number of times your brands’ videos have been played throughout, including repeat views. Most viewed videos show that your content is alluring and viewers are keen on that sort of content. Views help to sort out your top-performing videos. The real-time view is the metric that shows the number of views got by your video as of now. It is introduced in a chart with an assessment of hourly views refreshed progressively.

Channel Watch Time

Channel watch time metrics give you information about the aggregate sum of video watch time in hours over a particular period.


Channel Views

Channel views allude to the average exhibition of your channel by showing the number of views your whole channel collects throughout a specific time span. Channel view assists you with sorting out high-performing videos, expecting occasional changes and trends, and deciding the best and ideal time to upload new videos.

Average View Duration

To get the normal view duration metric, divide the complete watch time by total views for your video or channel. To put it plainly, it’s the normal measure of time individuals spend watching your video. Average view duration assists you with examining how captivating your substance is. Low average view duration means that viewers can’t associate with your substance and your video content expects extemporisation to meet viewers’ assumptions.

Audience Retention

Audience retention is a chart showing the recurrence of watching your video every second; it offers information as a percentage of total views. Audience retention is an essential metric to follow as it shows the exact minutes that viewers start to drop off from your video.

YouTube Reach Analytics

Use YouTube reach metrics to screen how viewers are finding your videos. How about we look at top YouTube reach metrics you should follow:



Impressions refer to the number of times your videos are spotted by potential viewers while on YouTube. Impression shows if your videos are shown on YouTube searches or not. Tracking impressions helps you to get a clear idea of the relevancy of your video content. YouTube impression does not comprise external traffic sources.

Traffic Sources

Traffic sources are the YouTube analytics that alludes to the space where your viewers track down your videos. Traffic sources incorporate channel pages, browser features, suggested videos, search, playlists, or other YouTube elements, or outside sources like outer sites or direct traffic.

Impressions Click-Through Rate

Impressions active clicking factor is the percentage of viewers who watch your video subsequent to getting a brief look at your thumbnail and tapping on it. A high click-through rate demonstrates that your video thumbnail and keywords are effective. Impression CTR includes views that you have gotten uniquely from the thumbnails shown on YouTube, views, and clicks from outer sources. Impression CTR is the sign of the viability of your video thumbnail and title.

Top YouTube Search Terms

Top YouTube search terms are accessible under traffic sources which signify the search terms that immediate individuals to your videos from YouTube search. YouTube search terms assist you with breaking down assuming your YouTube keyword strategy is satisfactory or then again on the off chance that it requires a jerk in certain areas.

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YouTube Automation

Plan your YouTube profiles on Auto-pilot, Auto Follow, Auto Subscribe, Auto Unfollow, Auto Like, Auto Comment, etc and watch them grow.

Activity Data and Reports

View every one of the reports and data regularly for the activities finished with your profiles, which can help you for a superior examination of your marketing strategies. Acquire experiences on every one of the significant parts of your YouTube Channel.

Auto Subscribe

Add subscribers to your YouTube channel by making an automatic subscription link. It will help you raise the number of subscribers of your YouTube Channel.

Auto Like Videos

Foster mass auto likes on your videos utilizing multiple accounts.

Auto Comment on Videos

Publish mass comments or reactions from multiple accounts.

YouTube Audience Analytics


YouTube audience metrics give you insights about your viewers & help you to understand their choices & requirements. You can scale your video reach and impression by inculcating this understanding on your content & communication management strategy.

Unique Viewers

Unique viewers metrics allude to the assessed gross number of individuals who have watched your videos throughout a particular time. Unique viewers are individuals or accounts who have watched you once. These metrics provide you with a brief look at how habitually individuals are watching your substance on YouTube. Individuals who have recently watched your channel from a private browser and deleted their watch history or the people who have not watched your channel for long are likewise included in unique viewers.

Channel views compute every one of your views, yet unique views count real viewers. Consequently, assuming a solitary individual watches a similar video on different occasions, the algorithm will consider it just one. Conversely, the channel view will count the occasions guests have visited the video or opened the channel.

Returning Viewers

Returning viewers metrics allude to watchers who have watched your videos already and again got back to your channel to observe more videos in a chosen time frame.

Watch Time From Subscribers

Watch time from subscribers tracks the absolute number of watch time of your channel that comes from your channel’s subscribers.

Audience Demographics

Audience demographics give information about your viewers’ age, gender, location, and language statistics.

YouTube Engagement Analytics


YouTube engagement analytics give you the information in regards to how viewers are interacting with your videos. How about we look at the  engagement metrics.

Top Playlists

It is the YouTube analytics that shows the playlist with high overall watch time. The top playlist is an essential engagement metric as a superb and tempting playlist can hold your audience’s consideration, keeping them observing a greater amount of your video content for a more extended term.

Average Time In The Playlist

Average time in playlist YouTube metric estimates the normal time viewer spends watching that playlist prior to going out. Viewers investing more energy in your playlist boost your overall watch time & views for the channel.

Shares & Comments

Share & comments indicate the occasions your video has been shared through the share button and the number of comments you have gotten on the video. Share and comments show assuming your substance is conversation commendable. Ordinarily, viewers can connect with a video appended to a passionate point, which lifts share and comments numbers.

Card & End Screen Reports

Assuming that you’ve added interactive content to your videos, these reports show you how viewers collaborate with these components. Card and end screen metrics show the adequacy of your visual CTAs in convincing more clicks and views. Card and end reports share information about the viewers’ engagement with your interactive component on the video.

YouTube Revenue Analytics


YouTube monetization highlights are accessible on qualified accounts and you can get to the ‘Revenue’ tab to screen and track your profit.

Estimated revenue & Ad Revenue

The estimated revenue metric signifies the net income your channel has procured from all Google sold advertisements and footings over a chosen period. The estimated ad revenue gives you profit information for your picked boundaries for AdSense and DoubleClick advertisements.

Estimated Monetized Playbacks

Estimated monetized playbacks are the figures signifying the occasions a viewer saw something at least one advertisement impression during your video or then again assuming they quit watching it at the hour of a pre-roll promotion.

Transaction Revenue

It gives experiences into the assessed net income from exchanges like paid content for the chosen parameters.


Subscription status is an analytics breakdown of your viewers. It parts among subscribers and non-subscribers and assists you with observing any change or contrasts in review propensities between the two groups.

Subscription Source

Subscription source YouTube analytics show information regarding which subscription button on your channel landing page is driving subscribers. It uncovers the potential open doors you have missed to acquire subscribers.


This article helps you how to use the force of YouTube Analytics Data and bring vital insights into the exhibition of your YouTube channel. It likewise gives inside and out information about metrics like audience retention, real-time activities, traffic, and so on that you monitor, to refine and upgrade your content and strategies utilizing YouTube Analytics.