Why Your Brand Needs To Be On LinkedIn?

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Why Your Brand Needs To Be On LinkedIn?

You may have most probably heard the name of “LinkedIn” from your colleagues at the office or companions at college.

What is it?

LinkedIn is one of the brilliant social networking platforms specially crafted for professionals. If you’re a businessman and are seeking for an efficacious tool that can help build your brand, generate sales leads and create new connections, LinkedIn could be an ultimate tool.

This blog is written with a motive of making people comprehend what an advantageous step it could be to include the LinkedIn marketing tool into your marketing strategy.

Certified Platform For B2B Vendors

Certified platform for B2B vendors

Usually, it is difficult to interface with the chiefs of an association. You rummage through a site or some white paper guarantees, however, you get to know very little or no information about the most appropriate individual that could be contacted to set up a potential business correspondence.

LinkedIn is a good social platform for all classifications of experts and the most effortless approach to become acquainted with individuals from distinct professional backgrounds. There you can readily locate people and get associated with them with ease.

On LinkedIn, the best you can do is to carefully check the profile of everyone before building connections with them. This will abstain you from getting linked to the wrong or fake ones on the platform!

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Company Portrayal

Company portrayal

It’s the company page of LinkedIn that is somewhat similar to a business page on Facebook. Upload a profile picture that expediently defines your business. You can create one by placing the logo of your company with one banner picture.

Make sure to write an overview of your enterprise and let others know about your goods and services. You can utilize your storytelling skills here and demonstrate the creative spirit of your company to other people as well. As we all know, LinkedIn is an SEO-cordial platform and that’s the reason why I recommend to include relevant keywords while describing your company. When anyone searches for that particular keywords, your profile page would be made available to them via search results. If you own some other brands as well, you can provide their links under the “Showcase Pages” and grow the popularity of your brand.

Employee Connection

Employee Connection

You can likewise urge your representatives to associate with your Company page. When they incorporate their employment positions in your organization on their particular LinkedIn profiles, they will be stimulated to pursue your organization page too. Your workers will basically go about as brand advocates who will edify others about your organization structure and culture with their profiles. Clients who see your organization page when they are signed in will likewise have the capacity to perceive how they are associated with your representatives.

To Prove Trustworthiness Of Your Brand

LinkedIn provides various professionals and organizations with a sense of credibility that people can easily rely upon. All the details of a company cannot be shared on its official website and so you can utilize the LinkedIn platform and make others educated about your services. This detail can be momentous for those who are in search of an enterprise like yours.

Before purchasing any commodity, people generally compare the quality and cost of products(or services) amongst various stores. This is the basic human equation! People will realize who has visited the profile and when did it occur. In case, the association works in a timely manner, at that point it can head towards a prosperous business connection.

LinkedIn Automation

The question that arises here is, “What can be automated on LinkedIn?”

Well, there are several activities on LinkedIn that could be automated. There are some Do’s and Don’ts of LinkedIn Automation that you need to consider so as to make your business flourish perfectly well.

Do Automate Redundant Activities

Automated LinkedIn Images

I use an automation tool to automate my messaging activities on LinkedIn. The tool lets me send a message to certain specific connections. I don’t use the tool to spam. Instead, I cautiously administer the content and even the connections thoroughly. Some businesses make use of such automation tool just to sell their goods via messages. I never do this. I have put a limit on the number of messages to be sent in a day. I also make sure each of the messages is genuine and the same that I’d have sent them especially!

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And this incorporates-

  1. A book that they would love to read.
  2. An effective tool for making their LinkedIn marketing successful.
  3. A post was specifically written for similar folks like them.

The reason for which I make use of an automation tool is simple. It helps me save a lot of time and money that I could use to generate more sales leads.

Best LinkedIn Automation Tool

Although there are countless automation tools for LinkedIn available over the web, the one I would suggest to use is Socinator.


Have a look at some of its terrific features-

  • All the connection requests can be accepted at once. Sharing requests could also be automated by the tool.
  • Fresh content could be easily imported and published from RSS feeds.
  • Create posts on your leisure time and schedule to publish them at the time when most of your connections are active.
  • Grow your LinkedIn circle by discovering professionals on your niche and send them requests automatically by means of Socinator.
  • Know how well your marketing strategy is performing by having a look at the statistics and reports of your account. The profile insights would help you know the vital facets of your LinkedIn profile.
  • Automate LinkedIn messages based on specific situations and get them sent to acknowledge your newest connections on LinkedIn.


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Wrapping Up

Hope this blog would be a great resource to know why all brands need to be on LinkedIn. I am myself a marketer by profession and so I know its worth.

Everything is becoming computerized nowadays and so is the marketing procedure. People also prefer to gain knowledge about products over the web before making the purchase. LinkedIn automation is also fantastic when done in a limit. Overuse of anything can be a sin and the same thing applies to the utilization of automation tools.

Which of the LinkedIn Automation Tools do you prefer? Share its reviews!


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