How To Run Valentine’s Day Marketing Campaigns In 2020?

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How To Run Valentine’s Day Marketing Campaigns In 2020?

Will you be my Valentine? Oops! Not asking you! 

Well, On the 14th of February, I guess it will be the most used one-liner that couples share. Anyway, Valentine’s day is primarily about love and gets celebrated all across the world. However, Valentine’s is no longer remain just about giving away roses, gifts, and goodies. But, it has also become a prominent event for business marketing nowadays. 

Brands run various Valentine’s marketing campaigns to boost their product sales. Besides this, the main motive of companies behind participating in these festival marketing is also about taking a great initiative to engage with their potential prospects. In fact, interaction is a key these days as far as retailing success is concerned.


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However, running effective marketing campaigns can sometimes exhaust you, as it requires you to brainstorm ideas that might have never been covered before. Well, there are some tactics that can always help you to come up with new and refreshing Valentine’s marketing ideas. 


Want to know what they are! Don’t stop here! Continue reading!



How Can You Create Winning Valentine’s Day Marketing Campaigns?


These are some of the best tactics you can use to create the best Valentine’s day marketing campaigns


Get Acquainted With Trends-

I’m sure you would have heard it many times what trends are all about. And, how they set the tone of the social media platforms in the first place. Not to mention, they impact the online choices people make in a big way. That’s why, before developing any marketing campaign, you need to consider what is going on in your business niche. 

If, for example, your business is about online clothing, then you should know, currently, what kind of clothes your targeted audience prefers. Before doing all this, sorry, but it will be quite silly to draft ideas regarding your Valentine’s marketing. According to the trends of your business niche, you can align and outline the most well-receiving campaigns for this Valentine’s day.

You can make use of Socinator to keep track of social media trends. It is an advanced social media management software, according to which, you can analyze what’s working for your brand and whatnot. Besides, the most substantial advantage that comes with Socinator is that it can be used for multiple social media platforms. Like, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Reddit, Tumblr, and much more.




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Consider User-generated Content-

The user-generated content has become very impactful in this era of social media. Images, videos, GIFs, or any form of media created by your potential customers in awe of your brand get considered as user-generated content. According to the researchers, it substantially impacts the viewers’ psyche. That’s why the use of user-generated content in Valentine’s day marketing campaigns is one of the best things you can ever execute.

Here, you can peek into a beautiful example of user-generated content by Starbucks- the biggest coffeehouse chain in the world.




That way, you can also ask your potential customers to send their generated content to you. Accordingly, you can use it for your Valentine’s marketing endeavors. 


List Out The Standout Points- 

To every disadvantage, there’s a corresponding advantage- a great quote given by W. Clement Stone ( he was a great book author and social worker).

Well, I buy that fully and can relate this to business aspects as well. Because, every business has advantages as well as disadvantages. But, eventually, it’s up to you what you want to put out, your weaknesses or strengths. Your brand also might have some weak points, but you should know how to cover them up. That’s why, while drafting Valentine’s marketing campaign, you should mainly concentrate on the unique characteristics of your products, which obviously makes them stand out in your niche. 

So, you have to list out all the chief attributes of your services. Hence, you can portray them in the first place. Like, for instance, if your business is all about restaurants. But, the most preferred menu of your customers has always been Italian. Then, it will be better for you to use your Italian food menu as your USP. 

To run Valentine’s marketing campaigns for your business, you can offer them a great discount on choosing your lavish Italian dinner and anything like that. That way, you can market your business strengths as well as implement Valentine’s day marketing.


Target Single People Also-



It’s a myth that Valentine’s day is only about couples and not for single people. According to surveys, it has come up that bachelor girls and guys celebrate Valentine’s day as predominantly as couples. So, don’t forget to target singles in your Valentine’s marketing tactics. 

That’s why you have to make sure that your Valentine’s marketing strategies should apply to single people as well. For example, you can ask them to tell you about the qualities they want in their desirable partners. Or, what are the pet peeves they for sure don’t aspire to in their future significant others, and various other fun things?


Create Resonating Content-

It can perceive as one of the most overused lines of this era, but no one can discard the fact that “Content is the king” in today’s business marketing realm. So, even if you’re planning to implement Valentine’s day marketing campaigns for your business, you have to look after the quality of content you’re using. Because, without that, the chances of the success of your campaign is zilch.

Drafting content for Valentine’s day marketing is not rocket science. However, it demands you to think out of the box. Especially when you don’t want to feel lost in the crowd of millions. Because, you’re not alone who’s going to try its best to make the most out of this Valentine’s.

You can sit through your content marketing team and brainstorm different ideas regarding this. However, you can also take inspiration from your peers, whose work has been appreciated concerning Valentine’s day marketing.


Know Your Audience-

know your audience


Abbas Kiarostami (he was a prominent Iranian film director, poet, screenwriter, photographer, and film producer) once said-
“A work of art doesn’t exist outside the perception of the audience”.

Well, I agree with him entirely. Audience perception is the most important in any form of creativity. And, this becomes even more critical when you are a marketer whose job is to create things according to the interests of masses. That is why knowing the likes of audiences should be your top priority. It’s a fact that every business has different types of audiences.

For example, if your business is about beauty cosmetics for women, then no doubt, your customers lie within the females. So, accordingly, you have to market your business on this Valentine’s day. Hence, in case, if you’re not well-versed with the demographics, gender, location, and various other aspects of your audience. Then, unfortunately, you can’t execute your marketing endeavors the way they should be.


Don’t Forget The Free Stuff-

Shopping is one of the most commonplace quirks of human beings. And, the festive season brings new spark in all of us that inadvertently makes us more prone to shopping. But, many times, the increased price of products during festivals make people think of their budget. So, if you’re thinking about increasing the value of your services during Valentine’s can profit you, then think again, as it can go in either way.

On the flip side, people love to buy free stuff ( who doesn’t! ). So, offering your services free of cost or at least at a lower price is one of the best strategies you can embrace for this Valentine’s day. According to veteran marketers, providing audiences giveaways and discounts is the right strategy to implement at the time of celebratory occasions.


These were the best seven tips about how to run Valentine’s day marketing campaigns in 2020.



Over To You:

Running effective Valentine’s day marketing campaigns is not as challenging people perceive. Sometimes, you need to just walk an extra mile. Considering the above tactics into your Valentine’s marketing realm, you can no doubt achieve your desired goals. However, there might be some other points you need to take into account for your Valentine’s day marketing strategies. 

Do you have some queries related to this topic? If so, feel free to contact us. We are always ready to help you out! Also, don’t forget to mention your most favorite Valentine’s day marketing campaigns strategy in the comment section below.