Step By Step Guide To Make Most Of The Twitter Spaces And Extend Your Business Rapidly

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Step By Step Guide To Make Most Of The Twitter Spaces And Extend Your Business Rapidly

Twitter as of late presented its audio chat rooms called Spaces, and it is currently accessible on both mobile and desktop browsers. In the event that you have beyond 600 followers on Twitter, then, at that point, you can host a Space right now. The component is accessible inside the application and is available to both Android and iOS users.

In this post, we investigate Twitter Spaces – what it is, Why you should utilize them, and how you can use them for your brand. How about we begin.

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What is Twitter Spaces?

Twitter Spaces is a new element that permits users to have live audio discussions on the stage. Users can have these discussions in an audio chat room called a “Space” and welcome different users to take part. On the off chance that somebody you follow is facilitating Space or a Speaker in one, it’ll appear as a purple air pocket at the top of your timeline for the term of the discussion.

Twitter Feed with purple bubble at the top appears as somebody facilitating a Space.


Anybody with at least 600 adherents can now have a Space on Twitter. So assuming that you’re hoping to extend your contributions, it’s no time like the present to develop your Twitter following to utilize this component. Twitter Spaces is accessible for both individuals and businesses, permitting them to construct more unique interactions with their audiences.

Also, Twitter Spaces is available to the public, which implies that anybody can join as a Listener. Up to 13 individuals can talk in a Space, including a Host and two Co-hosts.

Why use Twitter Spaces?

Discussions are occurring live, at this moment. The best part is users presently don’t need to restrict their contemplations to 280 characters. They can represent insofar as they’d like and get reactions continuously from different speakers in the Space.


This rejuvenates discussions and urges individuals to have more open conversations. Having a component like Spaces additionally assists users to make more grounded associations with their crowds. So it’s an extraordinary way for businesses to connect with their customers, particularly since Twitter use is expanding among buyers.

How To Get Twitter Spaces

At present, you can begin a Twitter Space from the Android or iOS application. There’s no choice to begin one from the web variant (yet), however, you can in any case join as a Listener.

For Hosts, there are two methods for beginning a Space on Twitter:

  • Press and hold the “Compose” button then, at that point, select the icon for new Spaces. This will resemble various circles looking like a diamond.
  • From your timeline, tap on your profile picture at the top. Then, scroll right and tap on the choice to begin another Space.

In the subsequent stages, you can start to set up your Space prior to going live:


Name your Space

Give your Space a name that is pertinent to the upcoming discussion. Or then again create a hashtag as a name for the Space as a method for keeping the discussion pursuing the event has finished. Or then again you could gather your followers’ inquiries utilizing the hashtag before the event and answer those inquiries live during a Space.

Set up consents and subtitles

When you initially begin utilizing Spaces, Twitter will request authorization to agree to have their discourse captioned progressively. Transcriptions make your Space more open for clients who are hard of hearing or almost deaf. Twitter likewise anticipates making Spaces open for screen perusers later on.

Welcome speakers

Whenever you have made a Space as a Host, there are a couple of ways of getting individuals to join the discussion, regardless of whether as a Speaker or a Listener. In the lower right-hand corner, you’ll observe a couple of choices, one of which is to “get more individuals to join.” This appears as though a little bolt facing up.

Tap on this button and select whether you need to:

Welcome Speakers by means of DM

Share your Space by means of Tweet so your followers can join

Copy the link to your Space to share it elsewhere

Notwithstanding the Host, Twitter permits you to amount to 12 additional Speakers in your Space: two Co-hosts and 10 Speakers. While anybody can send a solicitation to speak in your Space, you can likewise include limitations on who can speak.

As Host, you have the choice to:
  • Permit everybody the choice to speak. This implies anybody can send a solicitation to speak, however not necessarily speak all at once.
  • Permit just individuals you follow to speak.
  • Permit just individuals you welcome to speak.
  • Extra highlights


As a Host or Speaker, you can likewise:
  • Deal with your speakers. You can mute them, eliminate them from the Space or block them totally. This is a magnificent element to use on the off chance that somebody is being problematic or hostile.
  • Pin Tweets to the Space. This is a helpful element to feature the topic of your conversation.
  • Turn on subtitles while speaking. This will make your Space more open for audience members who may be nearly deaf or inclined toward subtitling.
As a Listener you can:
  • Respond to what you hear with emoticons
  • Look at any pinned Tweets
  • Track with subtitles (or turn to inscribe off)
  • Tweet or send a private message to different members
  • Solicitation to speak (in the event that the host has made the Space available for everybody to talk)
  • Block different users or Spaces
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How businesses can benefit from using Twitter Spaces

For businesses that are now utilizing Twitter to develop a brand local area, Spaces will assist with enhancing those endeavors. The following are a couple of ways you can utilize Twitter Spaces to help your association:

Share organization updates or declarations

Create a Space to share information about product updates, strategy changes, new or impending products, including updates and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. This is an extraordinary method for keeping your followers in the loop drawn in with your organization.

The Twitter Spaces group themselves have been facilitating Spaces to share community updates.

Have conversations on trending industry subjects

Further, form your clout in the business by facilitating conversations on trending subjects. This could incorporate critique, future forecasts, and tips connected with the subject.

To settle the score greater perceivability for your Space, welcome industry influencers as speakers to your event. Twitter has even introduced a choice of welcoming up to two Co-hosts in your Space, so you can add influencers as Co-hosts. Once more, know that Co-hosts can oversee requests, welcome speakers, eliminate members and pin Tweets.

Remember that Co-hosts will figure in with your speaker limit. Once more, it’s up to two Co-hosts and 10 Speakers for a sum of 13 — including you!

Support your brand community

Twitter Spaces gives you the ideal gathering to cooperate with your followers continuously and assemble associations with them. Facilitating a Space offers your crowd a chance to draw in with your business. This could incorporate discussions connected with client assistance, live Q&A gatherings, feedback meetings and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Twitter’s exploration chief Reggie Murphy likewise facilitated a Twitter Space to acquire feedback connected with direct messages.

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You will actually want to see the outcome of this multitude of activities through actionable insights and reports. This will assist you with further developing your marketing strategies. It will furnish you with valuable data for every one of the exercises performed among your Twitter accounts.


Audio content is a pattern at this moment however it’s a pattern I can see staying. Social audio gives us a method for interfacing all the more unequivocally with individuals without agonizing over what our hair resembles. In this way, it will draw in a bigger number of individuals than video conferencing as you don’t need to be on screen.

Twitter offers the best spot to have these talks with our current audiences—which means we can produce further connections.