Top 5 Social Media Scraping Tools To Automate Your Lead Generation

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Top 5 Social Media Scraping Tools To Automate Your Lead Generation

Data Scraping is basically a prospecting way that gets a machine to do all the truly difficult work for you.

Actually, this program abstracts information from numerous sites — applications — databases and is presented in the human-readable format. The most beneficial strategy is to see the information being conveyed straightforwardly to you in a spreadsheet, ideally in the form of CSV record.

Usually, site pages are designed using XML or HTML code or some other language which are not planned and designed for automation use. This is the perfect time when some of the best social media scraping tools will save you. These scraping tools automate the entire procedure and will even work in the places which won’t be easily accessible.

Website pages are retrieved using the scratching procedure. This is a time when data extraction takes place. The data is either parsed (broken into little pieces of information with the goal that it tends to recombine similar structure once more) or reformatted, and then saved in the readable format.

There are various social media like Instagram, Facebook Scraping tools, but, you might think…

What Could You Do With Scraped Data From Social Media?

What Could You Do With Scraped Data From Social Media?

The scraped data from social media platforms, is without a doubt the biggest and most unique dataset about human conduct, providing the social researchers and business specialists extraordinary chances to comprehend people, gatherings, and society, just by exploring the large wealth hidden in the data.

Social media analytics is basically a study of tools, techniques and different platforms.  In earlier days, these analyses were only done by finance and retail-based industries, which uses this analytics to increase their brand awareness, marketing strategies, customer service and even detects fraud.  

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Aside from the previously mentioned applications, in this completely new and huge era of data today, these datasets can also be used for :

Target market segmentation

Target Market is basically a group of people for which the organization plans, accomplish and keeps the marketing standards appropriate as per the choices and needs of that particular group. Analyzing and obtaining the datasets allows you to know, when and whom to advertise your products and services.

By getting more number of targeted audience will maximize your returns on those particular investments.

Identify Marketing Trends

Distinguishing market patterns is essential to modify your business system, holding your business at a similar pace. With the help of enormous automation tools, marketing analysis has become very simple which helps in tracking the influencer and productions through media channels.

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Online Brand Monitoring

Monitoring your brand online isn’t just about listening to the voice of your clients, but it additionally helps in learning about your competitors, businesses sayings, etc. It isn’t only about services and products but also about deals, customer services, social commitments, and all other touches which helps in getting you tons of engagements.

Once you get to know about the use of scraped data, there are many things that you can do with all the data available. But, as the main focus of this blog is about lead generation, prospecting, thus let’s concentrate on the scraping tools to automate your leads.

Without any further delay, check out the list of the top finest 5 scraping tools which will definitely benefit your business outlook, in selling and growing.

Tool #1. is one of the best scraping tool, which separates the information from URLs and organizes it on CSV documents, excel-sheets and APIs. Information can be utilized by means of integrations with the third party, like a CRM, ERP framework, investigation programs, reporting devices, and even custom based applications.

Information extricated can be utilized for prospecting, price comparisons and for risk assessment. If you have a small scale or medium scale business then it is one of the best decision.

Special highlights
  • Adaptable extractors with the point-and-snap capacity to fabricate extractors
  • Schedule and train the extractors as per your necessities
  • Verified information can be withdrawn from login qualifications
  • Store all the scratched information in the cloud.

Tool #2., one of the most powerful chrome extension tool, helpful in generating leads for your social networks. It not only helps you in automating all the social media activities but also helps in interacting with the profits.

Special highlights
  • Automate the activities on different social media platforms.
  • Auto-embrace, Auto-visit and send Direct Messages to the profiles which it visits.
  • Helps in doing targeted researches using LinkedIn Sales Navigator.
  • Transport the leads created in the CSV.

Tool3 #3. Octoparse


Octoparse has become my favorite website scraping tool as it mimics human behavior while scraping. This tool not only helps in extracting a lot of data from interactive sites but is also useful to collect data for prospecting, revenue shaping, and analysis.

Special highlights
  • Easily extract the authenticated data with login/password
  • Draw out competitors data as well as pricing in real time
  • Abstract the HTML code, image URLs, text links, etc.  
  • The scraped data can be directly stored in the cloud.

Works using multiple IPs for data extraction, therefore, there is no risk of getting blocked.  

Tool #4. gives both cloud-based and Chrome expansion site scraper. Web scraper is an expert in data extraction, especially from website pages. You can separate numerous kinds of information like messages, documents, and links.

This chrome extension tool enables you to make a stream to pursue and plan the manner in which you remove information.

Special highlights
  • You can make sitemaps to explore a number of sites.
  • Concentrates information from Javascript
  • Waits for the dynamic information that will be stacked

Similar to Octoparse and, it can only abstract the information after login.

Tool #5. Gramdominator


Instagram has become one of the most vital parts of social media campaigns because of a large number of audience associated with it. Using, Gramdominator you can easily scrape Instagram users, filter them, and also grow many more followers to your account.

Special highlights
  • Scrape the followers and followings using hashtags.
  • Hashtag Images, usernames, and keywords can be easily scraped.
  • Scrape image URLs from the users
  • Auto like high-quality images.

Feeling devastated from all the above-mentioned data?

Then there are a few things which you can do, if you have an online business then you can monitor your competitor’s strategies. If you are a blogger, then using this data you use this data for demographic analysis, content creation and many more.

Thus, use the complete information and for generating leads, prospects, and reach out to different profiles in a smarter and more precise way.  As, opportunities are endless. Therefore, get to work with the best Instagram, Facebook scraping tools which can be very beneficial for you.

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