How To Get Twitter Followers: 09 Tips And Tricks That Actually Work

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How To Get Twitter Followers: 09 Tips And Tricks That Actually Work

Today Twitter has a whopping 321 million active monthly users and Yes! those are huge number. Getting yourself noticed and Marking your presence on such a big platform seems to be a tough task but it is possible.  

Twitter is one of the major social media platform where people come together to share their views, engage, interact, learn new things and do a lot more. Twitter is meant for all. Every major companies, celebrities, public figures are proudly on Twitter.  If you have got a voice and wanna be heard. This is the right platform for you. Twitter is full of people with things to say and everybody listens.

On Twitter, if you have got a huge following base then you are definitely successful and a powerful person. After all, influence matters. But How will you get a huge Twitter following base? That’s one severe question that might has popped in your mind. Do not stress, because today’s post will make you aware of 09 tricks and tips that will actually help you earn followers on your Twitter. Trust me!

Why to wait then? Let’s get started –

#1. Pin your best tweet at the top of your account

In your Twitter account always keep the best at the top. You can put up your popular and the best work or you can link to your latest achievement. Also you can showcase your promotions as well as famed creations. Whatever you pin you have to make sure that it is of high quality. It should compel and evoke people to take interest in you, follow you.

On twitter when you tweet something that’s really impressive and creative and which represents your content  – you must pin it. And after pinning it if you see that it is not performing well, consider swapping that particular tweet with another one.

How do you pin a Tweet?

Firstly, check which tweet you wanted to pin. In the right corner, click on down arrow symbol. Tap on “Pin to your profile page.” Other new Tweets will show up right below it as they are published.



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#2. Perfect Twitter Profile Picture

Putting a clear picture really works in Twitter. It is very important to get noticed in this large pool of twitter feeds. If you are a big brand and is popular then put up your logo in the profile picture. It makes easier for the people to notice you. In case you are an individual then you can put a headshot of yours and that too with a dark solid background like green,orange. Try creating a picture that is clear and noticeable. Your profile represents who you are.

#3. Craft a Great Twitter Bio

Your Twitter Bio is what makes people to contact with you. It should be relevant and up to the mark. Twitter Bios get indexed by the search engines, so you must be very smart and clever while crafting it. Nobody gives a damn to boring and irrelevant bios. You have to make sure that your bio is interesting enough to dwell in people. You can use emojis as well to lighten up your bio.

#4. Do not forget to Add location

Adding location to your bio will help to develop a sense of trust and credibility among the users. If you have a retail shop or a restaurant, then it is highly recommended that you put the geographical location in your Twitter Bio. And if you don’t have a shop or a live store, you can mention the city from where you are handling the business.

#5. Publicize on other social platforms

If you want more people to follow you on Twitter, you can make use of different social media platforms to publicize. Start mentioning your twitter handle inside your posts. You can motivate your fans to follow you. Also to make it feasible for your audience to pick and choose their own preferred platform, interlink your every single social profiles.

#6. Blue checkmark in front of your Twitter handle counts

Having a blue checkmark showcases how authentic and genuine your account is. It makes people to believe in you. Also today there are so many fake accounts that gets created and to clear out any sort of confusions between accounts this blue tick helps. This is basically meant for the famous people, public figures. Twitter has set this to maintain the authenticity of the platform. People should know that they are following the right person rather than following someone phoney. Currently Twitter verification process has been put on hold & is not accepting any verification requests for now.

#7. Include visuals and videos in your tweets

Try to avoid text only tweets as much as possible. Adding an interesting video, or a bold picture or Gifs to your tweets adds exquisite touch of whimsy, personality and it leads to higher engagement rates. It has been seen that – People are likely to be 3x times more interested to interact and engage with the Tweets that carries pictures and videos. Yes! You heard it right. Also you can add up to 4 pictures in one tweet.

#8. Tweet more often but don’t be spammy

If you tweet more, then only your tweets will be retweeted. This is one ultimate way to gain followers. It has been seen that the accounts that tweets more on a daily basis has large number of followers as compared to the ones which are not active and consistent. But you have to make sure that you post high quality tweets which makes sense. People won’t follow you if you provide vague or rubbish content to them. What matters is quality over quantity. Also don’t act like a spammer. People will not like if you flood their feeds constantly with your tweets popping up all over even it is interesting or worthy.

One another major advantage of tweeting more often is – you can yourself get an idea of what works and what doesn’t. You can then craft your tweets accordingly.

To save time and to earn more followers, you can schedule your Twitter posts  by taking the help of twitter automation software for free. It helps you manage your account plus makes you predictable and consistent.


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Posting on a daily basis is important as once if you fall off the radar, your followers count may go down and you might face a big loss.

There are number of great softwares available for scheduling tweets and managing your twitter account. One such fine software is – Socinator [The Social Dominator]. Socinator is an ethereal software that comes with power packed features which will help you to take your twitter experience to the next level.

  • Automatically find people interested in your content and auto follow them
  • Keep up with your Twitter fans by automatically following them back.
  • Autoretweet popular tweets according to your genre
  • Manages multiple accounts efficaciously
  • Introduction to the Live Chats
  • Detailed reports to gain the insights of your twitter account

And much more.

#9.  Twitter analytics

Analyzing things and working in a right direction is important. Reach, engagement and impressions – these are the three important things that you need to analyze. When you come at that point and can analyze what success look like for your audience, you can then raise your bar by replicating it.

These were some of the tips and tricks if followed in the right way will result in flooding your account with tons of followers. But you need to be patient because success doesn’t happen overnight and you have to be smart because dumbness will lead you nowhere in Twitter. After all Twitter is a place for intellectual people.


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