5 Social Media Trends Expected To Make Waves In 2022

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5 Social Media Trends Expected To Make Waves In 2022

2021 saw fantastic changes to the social media marketing scenario; new advances, expanded customer interest, a flood of users, and a worldwide pandemic we are as yet feeling the effect of.

This pushed advanced marketers to adjust their social marketing strategies to match the requirements of users in this new digital era.

Things being what they are, as a marketer, how might you involve social media for your potential benefit in 2022?

The following are the 5 key social media marketing trends we figure you should give close consideration to in 2022, and how you can consolidate these into future campaigns.

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 #1: TikTok’s Domination


For the past few years, Instagram has remained the #1 social platform for digital marketers. It had the highest ROI, it was growing at the fastest rate, and was arguably the most fun to work on… but another platform has in many ways taken its place, TikTok.

In September last year, TikTok reached 1 billion users, making it the 7th most popular global social network, which rises to 4th place if you exclude messaging networks like WhatsApp.

For a couple of years, Instagram has stayed the #1 social stage for digital marketers. It had the highest ROI, it was developing at the quickest rate, and was apparently the most amusing to chip away at… in any case, another stage has in numerous ways had its spot, TikTok.

In September last year, TikTok arrived at 1 billion clients, making it the seventh most well-known global social network, which ascends to fourth place assuming that you exclude messaging apps like WhatsApp

This may not appear to be that great at first, yet when you consider the way that TikTok expanded its user base by 45% in under a year, you can see the reason why TikTok has got marketing people talking.

From 2018-to 2020, the worldwide client base for this stage expanded by 1,157%. Assuming you contrast that with Instagram’s monthly dynamic user development pace of 6% in 2020, TikTok’s development spray is shocking.

TikTok is additionally ruling web engine tool interest for short-video content, as indicated by Hootsuite’s Social Media Trends 2022 report. In 2021, search interest for TikTok expanded by 173%, while the quest interest for Instagram reels just expanded by “just” 22%.

With details like these, you can see the reason why TikTok has become such an important stage for marketers, yet numerous businesses are moving toward this network with fear and keeping speculation.

TikTok has effectively added a few supportive business tools in 2020 and 2021, including business profiles, promotions, stories, advertisements, and a creator marketplace.

Thus, it merits having the chance to grasp and explore different avenues regarding these now before more brands get on TikTok  promoting potential.

Be that as it may, don’t rush. Invest in some opportunity to investigate the stage, what will work for your brand, and test with various types of content before you create your authority handle.

#2: Video Content Will Reign


Video content will be at the front line of numerous social marketing efforts in 2022.

With the huge social media players Facebook and Instagram declaring they are focusing on video over images in their algorithms, it’s without a doubt other social media networks will stick to this same pattern. On the off chance that they haven’t as of now.

This implies you want to begin adjusting your marketing content on the off chance that you need it to perform well on these social stages. This is the ideal opportunity to put resources into video.

What’s more, it’s not only the content of the video you want to consider. The length of your video is the main thing. 60% of all videos published on the web in 2020 were under 2 minutes in length, which seems like no time by any means.

To begin, sort out the thing you’re wanting to accomplish with your video content. For instance, in the event that you’re zeroing in on holding your followers on Instagram, think about utilizing Instagram Reels.

To draw in new followers to your brand, then, at that point, contemplate creating videos on TikTok.

Since these videos are short by plan, you want to guarantee your substance is drawing in, informative, and grandstands your brand in the most ideal light.

In the event that you have accomplishment with short-form videos on one stage, give it a shot to others. You may accomplish far better outcomes.

#3: Social Commerce


Before Covid-19, social commerce had the potential, however not the business backing it appreciates today.

Be that as it may, the ascent of social media utilization despite overall public lockdowns turned into the impetus of the social shopping blast.

What’s more, it gives no indication of halting. By 2025, social trade will be valued at $80 billion in the US alone.

It’s not difficult to see the reason why social shopping has become so well known – by and large, it works on the buy interaction.

Before friendly shopping arose, clients would observe an item they enjoyed on Instagram, and afterward, they would need to explore an alternate site to finish the purchase.

This additional progression could make the buyer lose interest. This deficiency of interest turns out to be significantly more noteworthy on mobile, as cart rate abandonments are as of now high.

Facebook marketplace center and Instagram Shop are extraordinary spots to begin selling on the web. What’s more spotlight on selling a couple of key things that you figure your social media followers will doubtlessly purchase.

Ensure the customer venture is just about as consistent as could really be expected, slow stacking time or extended buys can switch individuals off.

At last, think about utilizing ads or shoppable posts, as these permit clients to buy from you rapidly and effectively.

#4: Paid Ads Are a Must


Social Media Today recorded a 92.3% year-over-year spike in web-based media promotion spending. What’s more, this spending has expanded because of the decay of organic reach.

The decrease of organic reach has been very much reported for a really long time, particularly on Facebook and Instagram. This is ending up a critical issue for SMBs as these organizations by and large don’t have the additional financial plan to pay for different types of promotion.

Today, the normal organic reach for a Facebook post is simply 5.2%. Along these lines, companies need to begin helping their posts, however, this includes some significant pitfalls.

Regardless of whether your spending plan begins little, your team should figure out how to help your content and comprehend the nuts and bolts of the audience focusing on, as soon as possible.

Try not to quit utilizing organic social media. Regular posts actually permit you to form your brand mindfulness and draw in with your followers. Be that as it may, have a go at advancing your top-performing presents to draw in new followers.

At the point when you choose to wander into the universe of paid social promotions, put resources into a program that permits you to follow the performance of your advertisements across social media stages. Information is everything.

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#5: Social Media Customer Service 


The pandemic has sped up the advancement of social shopping, which thus has sped up the interest for speedier customer support through social media.

60% of all customer service solicitations will be overseen through digital channels as indicated by Gartner.

However the interest in social customer care is developing, numerous organizations haven’t considered ways they can further develop their customer service care on social media… What’s more, this could be unfavorable to your brand’s notoriety.

Start by creating response templates for general inquiries, and afterward train your social marketing team with best practices for customer care.

In the event that you have the budget, put resources into a chatbot as this will assist with smoothing out your client care channels.

Last Thoughts

Social Media Media will keep on being a rewarding stage for marketers assuming you know how to utilize it.

Social media trends advance at lightning speed, so right now is an ideal opportunity to stretch out beyond the game before you and your brand become unfashionable.

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