Top 10 Social Media Post Ideas You Can Apply in 2020

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Top 10 Social Media Post Ideas You Can Apply in 2020

If you are into marketing, then now and then, you must have suffered from a creative block. It becomes even worse when you are going through it without even being aware of it. While it is natural for every creative person to run out of ideas, if you are experiencing the same while managing your social media account, then we have compiled a list of top 10 social media post ideas that you can refer to get some inspiration.

Engaging the audience on social media is crucial for marketing your products. You have to maintain a fine balance between advertising your product and adding value to your potential customers. You must compose your posts in a way that it doesn’t look spammy and boring, which can make your audience to avert from engaging on your posts.

In online marketing, audience engagement means everything. If more audiences are engaging with your social media posts, the better your posts would perform and will reach a wider network. And that’s the most desirable outcome you would want for your social media marketing. So, how can you create high performing posts through engaging social media post ideas? That’s what we are going to cover in this article. So, let’s get started.

#1 Share your company’s blog posts

The best way to add value to your potential customers is to show that you are a source of knowledge in your business niche. Hence, you must regularly post blogs on your company’s blog page, and share them with a wider audience. Your blogs are the best way to showcase that you possess a large volume of knowledge in your business niche.

Even if your customers haven’t decided to purchase your product so far, they would still know that you are a known face in this industry. That’s how you gain credibility and trust of your customers, which would lead them towards purchasing your product in the future. Hence, out of all the social media content ideas, sharing your blog comes first in the list.

#2 Showcase your company’s culture

The best way to connect with your potential customers is by giving them a sneak-peak of your organization. You must share occasionally about how your company culture is. These posts can include photos of various celebrations you organize in your company. These celebrations can be like small treats on achieving a milestone or celebrating your organization’s annual ceremony or anything that gives a warm feeling about your company.

#3 Industry updates and trends

Other social media post ideas can include giving updates about what the latest trends companies are following in your industry. This would give your audience a perception that you follow your business ecosystem well and always aware of what is happening in it. You can get all this latest news by following the community groups and pages of your business niche on various social media platforms.updates-and-trends

#4 Share videos about your product

Visuals are always the best way to engage your audience. And if it is about your product, then it will attract more customers to your business. Make engaging, trendy, and short videos about your product and share them online. You can hire an agency and agree to pay them monthly or quarterly for a fixed number of videos they will make for you. This way, you can make sure that you post videos regularly and never run out of this type of content.

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#5 Gaming experience

To drive the attention of a large number of people, create a gaming experience in your posts. This means including puzzles or contests in a post whose answers are easy to guess. Keep a reward for those who answer them correctly, like a discount coupon or loyalty points. These kinds of social media engagement posts will drive a huge amount of attention from a large audience.

#6 Select the top most FAQ and share it

It often becomes frustrating to respond to the same query coming from a multitude of customers. Instead of responding to each of them individually, select the most frequently asked question, and share it on your post. This way, many of those who are about to ask this question would get an answer, and even those who had this question in their minds but didn’t care enough to ask it would also get a response to them. This also gives a feeling to your less engaged audience that many other customers are taking interest in your product and engaging with you inquisitively.

#7 Engage with industry experts

Industry experts have a huge list of followers of their own. Engaging with them on social media will not only give you exposure to their fans but also give you a platform to showcase your knowledge. Make sure you ask genuine queries on key areas of your business or add a comment of similar nature. They must reflect that you are not a new player in the industry but possess a fair amount of knowledge and are capable enough to engage fruitfully with experts.


#8 Recruitment announcements

Although the best recruitment results you can get from the staffing websites, it is still a good idea to showcase these opportunities on your social media platforms. Through this, you can spread the news about your company hiring any resource, and that, in turn, would drive an extra amount of publicity for your organization. This is also the best way to show that your company is growing, evolving, and is always open to new opportunities. This creates a subconscious perception in your audience that you are doing good in your niche.

#9 Highlight your new customer acquisitions

These are the types of social media post ideas that create a spark in your potential customers to try out your products. Whenever you get a request from a known brand in your niche to try a demo of your product or even better, when they have signed up for your product, it is a good idea to spread the news in your circle. Your existing customers drive more customers when you highlight them in positive ways. Sharing these kinds of posts gives an extra push to those potential customers who are about to finalize their purchase from you but have been delaying it for some other reason.

#10 Product reviews

When you get a good ranking of your product from any other product comparison magazines, then you must share them immediately on your social media platform. There can be nothing more effective in marketing than sharing reviews of your products from others. If these reviews are from a happy customer, then it will add stars to your publicity. Everyone can say good things about their products, but when they come from third parties, it adds a point of value and credibility to your products.

How about automating your activities on social media?

Social media engagement posts are not just one-time activity you need to perform on a weekly or even daily basis. It is not something that you can count as something extra for your marketing strategy. It has become one of the most important strategies for marketing your product with so much footfall on every social media platform.

So, how to keep up with all the social media accounts and engage with them effectively regularly? If you think you can do it manually, then you would be wasting a lot of time and effort. Hence, automating your social media engagement is the best way to go about it.

With a tool like Socinator, you can handle all your social media accounts from just one platform. You don’t have to switch to multiple accounts you have on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. From Socinator, you just need to compose a post, and then you can post the same content on all the platforms. This means you can reduce the time and effort up to the extent of 5x.

And guess what, it doesn’t stop there. You can also engage with other posts automatically through set instructions on this tool, which lets you auto-follow, auto-like, auto-comment, and reshare other posts without the least amount of manual effort you need to put in doing them. This is just a short glimpse of this tool. You will discover a whole new level of experience once you try your hands on this exceptionally intelligent tool.

Final take

Engaging with an audience on social media is an evolving science that everyone is discovering in our times. You can no longer rely on outdated ways of posting on social media and expect a good public response on them. You need to really study the new marketing strategies that new and successful brands are applying in exploiting opportunities through these platforms.

There is a huge amount of business you can derive out of these platforms if you have the right number of engaging social media post ideas. With the right strategy and a deeper understanding of your engagement methodologies, you can add wings to your business and take it to a whole new level.

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