Track These 09 Social Media Metrics To Thrive In The Online Market

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Track These 09 Social Media Metrics To Thrive In The Online Market

Tracking social media metrics is not a challenge. With the help of social media tools, the social media KPIs metrics can get tracked easily.

In this blog, we will discuss social media metrics along with social media management tools to track those metrics.

Problem point: Not every social media strategy will work for your organization. Everyone has different marketing strategies. So, social media metrics are required to keep you updated about your activities and the progress made on social media.


Let’s have a look on what are social media metrics and what it does for you.

When you choose the right social media metrics or social media KPIs metrics, you can track the result of your efforts on social media activities. It also points out the area to focus on to make more improvement in your social media activities.

With social media KPIs, you can achieve goals like- conversions, engagement, brand awareness, and much more. Overall, every marketer must achieve success and rank high in the eyes of every social media user.

After having a deep conversation with 61+ marketers, here is what we have found- the best social media metrics to include in your social media analysis report.


Top 09 social media metrics that every marketer should keep an eye on:

1. Social media followers:

Social media followers

One of the essential metrics that all marketers need to track is social media followers. You may have many followers but having engaging followers is a challenge.

When you want to spread your brand awareness, you need to know the number of followers you have assembled over time. There may be some accounts of yours that are doing better than others.

Work on the one that is doing good rather than wasting time on the ones that are not attracting more audiences. Also, track the growth rate of your followers to determine your followers are increasing or not.

By tracking social media metrics, you can identify the effort you have put on your followers. So, it is essential to have followers count consistently.


2. Social media reach and impressions:

If you want your brand to shine on the top of the list, include reach and impression in your analysis report.

Through reach, you can determine- how many audiences have viewed your content.

Through impressions, you can determine the number of times your content has appeared in front of the users. With it, you can know the people who have seen your content without any clicks, likes, or comments.

Are you confused between the reach and the impressions? Let me clarify for you.

The impression is the total number of times the user sees your content whereas, reach is the people who are seeing your content.


Why are reach and impressions important?

With reach and impressions, you can identify the engagement rate, whether people are viewing your content or not. When reach and impressions are low, your content gets viewed by a less number of people.

Tip to focus: Know your audience and then target them.


3. Social media engagement:

Social media engagement

Social media engagement shows how well your targeted audiences are getting engaged with your content.

Here are the engagement metrics that you need to track:

Likes, comments, shares, retweets.
Engagement rate after your posting.
CTR( It is the click-through rate with which you can determine the people who click on your mentioned link after viewing the post.)
Account mentions. (with it, you can measure the number of times your content appears in the audience feed)

When you track your engagement metric, you can know the best time to post your upcoming content. Also, this engagement metric can determine the engagement rate and launch your new brand products.


4. Social media sentiment and volume:

How often have you ever discussed or mentioned your favorite brand on social media? Maybe a few.

With the help of the volume metrics, you can count the number of times people mention your brand or your content online.

The sentiment metrics help to know what people think about your brand in comparison to your competitors. Monitor the messages and mentions to measure the sentiment. When you get to know what people think about your brand, you can develop more according to their requirements and choice.


5. Social media influencers:

social media influencers

Let us know about influencer marketing.

Among your followers, there may be many who mention your brand and talk about it regularly. It will increase the conversion rate as it gives a good impression in front of new audiences. These people are called influencers.

You should find those people who are interested in your brands and have a big bucket of followers. Track them and encourage them to engage with your brand. It will definitely increase your follower rate and ultimately your sales. This process is called influencer marketing.

If you are a marketer, have you ever implemented influencer marketing? If so, what was your result? Do not forget to share with us because after moving with this blog, you will have an impactful social media campaign with improved ROI.

Tip to focus: Just because someone has a lot of followers. That does not mean they can be an influencer. So, choose the right one carefully for your brand.


6. Track website visitors:

It is also an essential social media metrics where you can know how many have visited your website and done some desired actions on your site.

It is necessary to track what people usually do when they land on your website? Do they purchase anything or simply bounce back? By monitoring this metric, you can determine your fault that results in fewer conversions.

Also, you can make your content more engaging which will compel your customers to make desired licks and purchase your products.


7. Lead generation:

lead generation

What is the number of leads generated this month? Are you monitoring this metric? If not, then start tracking now. It is the most necessary social media metric that needs to get tracked for your business improvement.

The primary goal of your business should be lead generation. You should have conversions consistently that are required to stand out in the crowd of your competitors.

When you conduct social media campaigns, you need to track the number of leads generated to ensure that your content will yield maximum revenue.

It is the metric that stakeholders focus on social media analysis reports.


8. CTR:

With a click-through rate, you can identify who is interacting with your post by clicking on it and landing on the desired page. These social media metrics need to get included in the social media report.

CTR refers to the people who view your post and interact with it by clicking on the mentioned link. When you have a high CTR, it means that along with views, people found your post more engaging to interact with it through the links.


9. Response time and rate:

When any customer complains about any product on social media, they expect the problem to get resolved within a few minutes. You need to maintain these expectations of your customers.

This metric is as important as others as it shows how faithful you are to your customers. You can also hire a community manager to maintain this metric. With it, you can know the overall approach for your customers.

Well, these are the social media KPIs metrics you need to monitor for the betterment of all the sections of your social media account.

Now, let us know about the social media tools to monitor these metrics.


Socinator| The best tool to manage your social accounts!

Socinator-track social media metrics

After knowing about the metrics to be measured, it is time to adopt the best tool to manage your social media and track these metrics.

Socinator, also known as the social dominator, is one of the best social media management tools that work amazingly with its automated features. It is the best option for busy marketers to manage their accounts safely and organically. With it, you can have an impact on social media in less time.


Let us put our eyes on its features:

It helps you in Facebook marketing, Instagram marketing, Pinterest marketing, Twitter marketing, LinkedIn marketing, youtube marketing, and many more platforms.

It has the option of advance publishing, with which you can schedule your post on multiple networks.

It has automation features for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, and 5+ platforms to grow your social accounts 10x faster.

There are many more features that will be more valuable for your social accounts. Do checkout once on its official website and get to know more features with exciting offers to buy it. It has the best pricing to meet your needs.


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Here we end:

With social media metrics, we can monitor many issues arising in social media accounts and resolve them. Now, it is time to select metrics from the above list and start tracking them.

Have you decided yet, which of these metrics you are going to select? If so, please comment below.

If you have any queries or want to add anything to this blog, frame your voice in words and reach me through this comment box below. I would love to hear from you!