08 Big New Year Tips To Watch For This Year

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08 Big New Year Tips To Watch For This Year

Hey, Happy New Year, everyone!!

Are you still in the celebration mode? Yeah, it is justified though but now we also need to pay attention to our social media pages. Are they able to gain the same engagement? Well, first of all, you need to create some appealing content to make sure that your target audience looks up to your posts to make their new year more amazing.

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You must have tried some of the best tips to make the most out of the holiday season that we all just enjoyed. You must have provided your audience with some of the best deals on Thanksgiving, Cyber Monday sales, Black Friday sales and not to forget the big Christmas sale. 

You must have also utilised the best social media marketing strategies to reach out to more customers in the Year-End sale and the New Year sale. But now what? You cannot just sit silently and wish the audience engagement to remain the same. Just because your consumers like your content they will want more of it.

So what are you worried about? Take these 08 social media marketing tips that will help you step into 2021 with engaging content and a more targeted audience.

08 Social Media Marketing Tips For 2021

1. Design a Handwritten Representation

Okay now, this might not sound technical to you. But hearing me out will definitely help you in implementing this in your digital marketing strategies. We all know that if a note or description is handwritten then it indicates privacy. But in this day and age, no one is inclined to handwritten representations. 

So imagine going a little out of the box and sending a beautifully described handwritten note regarding the products and services about your brand or a description related to how overwhelming you feel to serve your target audience will make a difference.

Sounds fascinating?

Yes, it is. Because your customers might take it to social media and appreciate your efforts as it makes you stand out. In this way, you can grab the attention of more audiences towards your brand. And the best part about making this happen is you do not have to spend a penny.

2. Share What Goes Behind the Scenes

Nowadays behind the scenes are trending. So why not utilise it for advertising to more audiences. You can make small behind the scene videos showing how people are engrossed in writing those thank you notes. You can even show in which pure and organic environment your products are getting designed and manufactured. 

Even if you are planning for a surprise sale or a launch of a new product, then you can create engagement and curiosity within the audience by sharing a little sneak peek of the product in those behind the scene videos. In this way, your audience will be aware that some interesting stuff is coming their way shortly.

3. Organise a Contest

What’s more fun than organising a contest for your audience. Let them virtually be a part of your business. You can arrange a creative contest, such as sharing their experiences with the services of the company in a single sentence or sharing a picture with their top valued products. You can make it more fun by giving away amazing prizes to the one who actively participates in the contest.

The prize should be worth enough to attract the attention of more audience. It will create more engagement on your profile, and you can observe a rise in the number of participants in the contest.

4. Plan a Giveaway

If you do not like the idea of organising a contest, then you can go for something more trending and interesting for both the brand and the audience. 

Giveaway!! You know what, the customers have a different spark in their eyes when they look at this word. So what can be a better way of attracting an audience than planning for a huge giveaway. Clearly mention the instructions and steps that the customers need to follow so that they can be a part of it.

Keep it short and easy. Let the audience participate in huge numbers, and then you can pick out the names to whom you are going to send the goodies.

5. Launching of New Products

You might have never considered launching new products during the new year. But you should consider doing it more often. Let me tell you why. The new year is the time when buyers will be more interested in looking for new products as they might get bored with the sale and the old items. Discovering a fresh product on their list will definitely help the product gain more limelight.

It is also a fact that at the beginning of the year, your target audience will want to see what trending and interesting products you have for them. So you can put up posts or stories in which you can ask your audience for the type of product they want you to add to your list.

6. Get Personal

The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to get intrigued by your audience. So if you wish to get more personal and closer with your audience, then share some unique content on your profile. Now you can do this by creating videos in which you can share your experience with them. You can show how you feel when people actively participate in your contests, sales and how they are an integral part of your growing business.

Do not forget to thank them at the end as they have been a great audience throughout the year.

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7. Enhance Your Website and Social Media Profiles

Your website and social media profile is the face of your brand. So why not make it more appealing. You can pick out and design a perfect theme for your page. May it be any sale or just the commencement of a new year make the page look more happening and welcoming. 

If you share posts maintaining a proper theme, then your audience will be more interested to look up to your content as many times you post. Make the most out of this by creating a beautiful theme for the profile on all the social media platforms.

8. Build In Curiosity

If you are one of those business persons who plans everything in advance then you might have already planned the new product launch, the sale and every other thing related to your business in detail. Now let your audience know about this a bit. Give them a little idea about what is coming their way in this year.

Make them look up to your latest posts to know more about what else they can get their hands on. This will definitely make them interested in checking out your website more often.

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Final Words

The new year can be quite exciting for businesses like yours who want to proffer to more audiences with some amazing new products and appealing content. Start planning at the earliest because you will never want this opportunity to slip off your hand. Because after the holiday season now it is high time to focus on your business!

I hope the article helped you know about some social media new year tips. Is there something that we can incorporate? Please drop your thoughts in the comments below. I would love to hear it from you!