Social Media Live Streaming: How to Live Stream Like Pro

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Social Media Live Streaming: How to Live Stream Like Pro

There is no denying the fact that social media live streaming has become quite popular. Most of the social media channels like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter already have a live streaming option on their platforms. And many of the brands are also including live stream in their social media advertising strategy.

As you know that the public also wants to interact with brands and influencers on social media. And utilizing live videos, you could be able to gain more audience engagement on your platform.

In this article, we would show you how you can do live video streaming on different social media platforms. The only thing you need to worry about is what topic you want to create your stream.

So, have you also decided to do live streams on social media platforms? If yes, then this guide can really help you out.

Reasons For Going Live On Social Media

Social Media Live Streaming Is Taking Off-

In live videos, creators can directly interact with their audiences. And that’s what motivates the audience to engage with creators on social media platforms. In a global survey report, we found that every year there is quite a rise in the viewership of live videos on social media platforms.

In another report, we found that people would like to engage in video content more compared to images or texts. And it was estimated that till 2022, more than 80% of internet traffic would be inclined toward videos only. Taking note of that, brands are also focusing on video contents that are more captivating to viewers on social media.


While with live streaming, creators can instantly interact with their audiences to get their feedback and to know what they like. So that creators can also improvise their strategy to engage with more viewers on social media platforms.

So, here we are going to discuss some reasons why you should be doing live streaming on social media platforms:

Get Instant Feedback-

A social media live stream is just a video broadcast where a creator can directly converse with their live viewers on social media platforms. Viewers can like, share, and comment on the live broadcast, for which the creator can instantly respond in real-time. As a creator, it gives you a way to engage directly with your audience so that you could be able to win their trust and respond to their request to make them happy.

Get More Views-

When you are live on social media, it creates an urgency between the audience. And that way, you could be able to attract the attention of viewers on your live stream. Most of the audience would like to watch a live stream rather than watching regular videos on social media platforms. Being a creator, you can provide on-demand content to your audience. So, make sure to be ready with the content that your viewers may like and be excited to watch your social media live streams.

Audience Intimacy-

Let’s face it. During the live broadcast, you are quite vulnerable to do things. As you can’t be able to make edits in the live video. And there is always a chance that things may not go according to the plan. But that’s the thing that makes live streaming more attractive is the realness of the video. Viewers love the real thing and want to interact with the real people behind the camera. So, it can help you to create an intimacy with the audience on a personal level. So that you could be able to increase your influence more viewers, and get more likes and shares from your audience.

Skip The Algorithm-

Most of the big social media platforms prioritize live content compared to regular posts. It means that live video shows up in the top feed results and could get six times better engagement than regular posts. So, if you are not doing social media live streaming, then you are missing out on a huge opportunity to attract more viewers and followers.

Stream To Multiple Platforms-

Now you also have the option to stream on multiple social media platforms at the same time. There are some simulcasting platforms like Vimeo using which you can broadcast live video on multiple social media platforms like YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter, etc.

However many of the marketers still don’t know how to use live streaming on different social media platforms. Here I have shown how to do live streams on some big social media platforms.

How To Go Live On Facebook?

It’s quite easy to go live on Facebook. If you are streaming using a desktop or laptop device, under the create post section at the top of your newsfeed, select the live icon. It will take you to the next page where you need to give permission to use a webcam device. After giving permission, you just need to click on the “Go live” button, and now you are ready to go live on Facebook.


In case you are streaming using a mobile device, open your Facebook app. Beneath the update box above your news feed, you will find the “Live” button. There you also have the option to select your audience (Public or Friends). You can also use filters on your live post to make it more amazing. Now, if you are done with the setup, tap on the Start Live Video button to stream live video on Facebook.

How To Live Stream On YouTube?

You know that YouTube is the leading social media platform in the video space. But when we talk about live streaming, YouTube is still catching up with Facebook. You can’t live stream on YouTube using a mobile device unless you are verified by YouTube. However, you can easily go live on YouTube using your desktop device.

To start your live stream, open YouTube on the browser. There you have a camera icon, tap on that. There you have two options. Either you can upload a pre-recorded video, or you can go live on YouTube.

Click on Go live. Next, select the webcam option, enter all the details, title, and description about your live stream. Choose a privacy setting. There you also have the option to schedule your live stream for later. Go to more options and select “Advanced settings” and save it when you are done. If you prefer, you can also announce a preplanned live event before going live on YouTube. Using the Live Control Room, you can access or schedule your live streams on YouTube.



How To Do Live Streaming On Twitter?

In between the non-stop tweets, a video can really catch the attention of viewers. While you can use Periscope to do a live stream from your mobile device. Open the Periscope app on your mobile, tap on camera, or broadcast button, and you will be live on Twitter.

To start a live stream on Twitter, go to the composer and tap on the camera. There you have the live option, click on that. If you want to go live with audio, but don’t want video, tap on the microphone icon. The camera will turn off, and viewers could only be able to listen to your stream. Then you have the optional description to fill while you can also invite a few guests. Tap on the Go live button.

How To Go Live On Instagram?

You can easily go live on Instagram using your mobile device. Just tap on the camera icon on the top left corner of your mobile screen. Click on the Live option. And tap on the Go live button to start your streaming.

How To Go Live On Linkedin?

In a Linkedin official report, we found that videos are getting better engagement on Linkedin. The best thing is, after the broadcast, that video will remain live on your feed. And it will help you to lure out more audience engagement on your platform.

If you are going to do live streaming on Linkedin, make sure to use two separate devices. One for broadcasting the video and another to check comments as they come in. You need to use a third-party broadcast tool, it will let you enable you to go live from your Linkedin profile. Authenticate your Linkedin account and click on the broadcast button. Now you can use the second device for responding to the comments of live audiences.

Now you know how to go live on most of the social media platforms, here I have shown you some tips to create successful social media live streaming.

Promote Your Live Video

Make sure to promote your live stream on all social media platforms. So that your video could attract more viewers’ attention. While you can also make use of automation software like Socinator to automatically manage your posts on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, etc. It can even help you to automate your day to day activities on social media platforms. That way, you could save your time and efforts while you could be able to deliver more engaging creations on various social media platforms.


Engage With Audience In The Moment

The main reason for doing a live stream is that you can directly interact with your audience. So make sure to let your audience know that they are an important part of the show. Do interact with them, take their questions and give them a reply. That way you would bring more audience on your live streams.

Always Be On Time

If you seek audience attention, make sure to deliver your live stream on time. As there is quite a competition on all social media platforms. If you are late, there are many creators who are seeking for the audience on their own live stream. So better don’t be late on your live streams.

Optimize Your Setup

Another thing about live streaming is that you need to entertain the audience in the real time environment. So there are less opportunities of glitches. Make sure to be prepared with your setup so that you won’t have to face any difficulties while streaming.


So, have you been ready to do live streaming on social media platforms? We really hope that reading this article could help you to enhance your experience with live streams. And also, you can use Socinator automation software that allows you to manage accounts on multiple social media platforms. So that you can promote your live events on various social media platforms.

If you really like this article, please share it with others also. In case you have further queries about the live streams, you can comment below. We would try our best to help you out.

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