08 Foolproof Strategies To Use Social Media For Small Business

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08 Foolproof Strategies To Use Social Media For Small Business

Social. Media. These two words never miss a chance to surprise us with their opportunities and their reach. The overwhelming nature of these platforms has made you either jump for excitement or curl up as a fetal leaving none in between. The only reason you are sticking to it is probably here because of one of these feelings: either you adore everything about social media or, else mere thought of it makes you break out in a cold sweat. But don’t you think that it is high time for us to accept that social media for small business is here for the long run.

Social media for small business- Starting a business and managing the social media handle is not everyone’s piece of cake. This trip can turn out to be an exciting venture and a terrifying process as well. And especially while you are working from home.

Even in such situations of social distancing, social media keeps on showing us its best game. We get constantly overwhelmed by it. We are all known for the power of social media in our lives and the marketplace. But don’t you think we should also understand this better by looking at the rough numbers of what this actually brings us to the table.

According to market experts- there are over 4200 million social media users. And as a matter of fact, it is roughly double the figure than it was in the last five years. Regarding this data, it is clear that every user spends nearly 2 hours and 30 mins on an average on social media platforms every day.

If you keep an eye on this data, it can turn into a gold mine of opportunities for your brand to build perfect brand awareness. Directly this will lead to improving your relations with your audience to skyrocket your sales within the social media platform.

On the other hand, more businesses join the social media bandwagon, and it is getting increasingly difficult to stand out and be unique in such a crowded environment. Nowadays, it appears that everyone you know is on social media. But social media still works, despite how busy it has grown. You can still bring in new clients with an accurate plan.

But, with the algorithm of every platform favoring and pushing paid content and adverts, it is no longer enough to post your content and not do anything extra. It is vital to add other power boosters to your player to take a clear shot on your target audience with the power of precise strategies into the approach to gain more followers on social media for small business.

We understand that you are having numerous questions floating in your head right now. With the growing popularity of social media, it is not a mystery to solve why social media marketing is important for small businesses but the question is how we can do it.

Don’t worry, We have got you covered here.

We will list 08 strategies on how to use social media for small business that are important to know in 2021 and beyond.

Select The Right Platform


Make sure you do not presume which social they use most. Focus your social media marketing strategy on Instagram rather than Facebook if your brand is oriented to Gen Zs, as Instagram is full of this generation.

If you are selling products targeting ages over 65, social might not seem like a top priority. But it should be. Facebook is the topmost social network for such products. Adults over age 65 are the fastest-growing audience segment of Facebook.

To operate this social media marketing efficiently, make sure you perform your own research. This study will assist you in gaining a better understanding of your target audience’s interests. Look for platforms that do not guarantee you anything in exchange for your money. There aren’t any. Another advantage of using social media is that you can use different social networks to target different audiences or achieve several business goals.

Understand Your Audience


Understanding and knowing your target audience is the first order of business. It goes without saying that we should be aware of the demographic to whom we will be presenting our product ans making your social media presence.

After gaining this knowledge, we can move forward by digging more into this information with analytical tools. And social media platforms are serving this information on a silver platter by filtering the target audience and identifying your potential online customers.

By outlining your target audience, you can construct buyer personas to assist you in figuring out the best methods to communicate with them, which will make the remainder of the process go more smoothly.

Form Connection With Influencers


Imagine that there is a way through which you can increase your social media brand influence without even posting any content?

Vola, there is.

In the digital realm, influencer marketing is the fastest-growing means of gaining an audience. To boost your product credibility, consider forming a partnership with micro-influencers.

You can pay influencers to post material about your company and product, even if they don’t have millions of followers. You could even do social media advertising by simply providing them with free stuff in exchange for a blog post advertising your company.

This strategy is effective because micro-influencers have effective engagement metrics with their followers. That is because they are just regular people. Because micro-influencers have higher engagement metrics with their followers, this method works. It is due to the fact that they are ordinary people.

Authenticity Is The Key


Today customers prefer transparency more than anything else. Giving them a peek behind the curtains will actually help you in building trust. Show your audience behind the scenes and share the story of your brand. It will help them connect with your brand at a better level.

It helps to build a connection between every single person that engages with your brand. Make sure it should be in a ratio of 8:2.

Quality Over Quantity


Rather than giving every social media platform a try, start by taking baby steps. Try managing 2-3 socials at once like, Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest.

Always remember that quality is always better than quantity if you are using social media for small business.

As long as you are able to connect with your audience with your quality content, you do not have to worry about engaging users at a better level. It can be an effective marketing strategy for you.

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Schedule Your Posts


Your every minute counts if you are running a business irrespective of its size or scale! The audience will take you seriously if they notice that you are consistent with your work.

But the actual question is how you can stay consistent with your work despite all the other essential things you are supposed to do in the meantime.

It is now or never to make technology your friend. This partnership will assist you in exceeding your expectations. It will save you time from your hectic schedule and that adds a cherry on your cake.

Every month or every few weeks, set up a day or a few hours to sit down and arrange your social media postings as part of your small business marketing strategy. Then you can relax, knowing that you didn’t forget anything!

While we are on the subject of befriending our work with technology, let us take a brief observation about why we need a tool to schedule our posts for us on social media platforms like Instagram.

I will break this list into 03 easy steps for you to understand in a better way.

  • It will save you time that adds an advantage for your business. Also, it allows you to take a look at the bigger picture. Leaving all your urgent work behind and spending your time posting sounds like a lot of stressful work.
  • It helps in displaying consistency and commitment towards your work and your audience as well.
  • It will maintain the workflow as there are times when businesses post several times in a week..



A unique, eye-catching, and mind-blowing tool to schedule your post which may come to you at any given time without warning. That is why you should always have a helping hand around.

Why use Socinator to schedule your posts and save your time ?

From a single, easy and uncomplicated dashboard, Socinator allows you to manage all your Instagram accounts. Also, you can schedule unlimited posts and automate every activity.

Auto-Schedule posts collect posts as they are published and keep them until the conditions for the correct publishing time are satisfied. Your postings can be published within specific hours, on certain days, and with a minimum time interval between them, among other options.

Socinator is a great tool that gives you a lot of different choices for publishing on Instagram. You may schedule your Instagram posts according to your preferences. Not only this it can help you automate your likes, comments, followings, comments, likes, etc.

Socinator also provides Instagram network options to make posts more effective and manageable. Follow the steps given below:

  • Post As Part Of Your Tale Instead Of Your Own Wall: You can publish your post(s) as a story instead of your own wall by using this setting.
  • Erase The Post After X Hours: This function allows you to delete the post(s) from your wall after a set amount of time “X” has passed. These post(s) are only published through software.
  • Post Using Geo Location: You can use this function to add a geolocation to your post(s). If you’re adding multiple geo locations, make sure to separate them with a comma, such as USA,UK,INDIA.
  • Tag Users: You can use this function to tag users in your post(s). If you’re adding several users, be sure to separate them with a comma, such as username1, username2, username3.
  • Post As Reel: If this option is chosen, you will be able to post as a reel.


Stay One Step Ahead

To be very precise, you do not have to copy every move of your competitors. Analyzing their strategies and being mindful of where they are and what they are up to can help you. If you see your competitors actively engaging on their social media platforms, then there is a better possibility that they have a better engagement advantage.

How Often Should You Post?


Now that you know that consistency is the key to success, you should also know how often you post.

The answer to this question is uncertain on the social media platforms you employ.

Here are some general rules for how frequently you should publish on the essential three social media platforms:

  • Instagram needs frequent postings and daily stories.
  • Schedule many Tweets per day at times when you know your target audience is online, on Twitter.
  • Once a day is sufficient on Facebook, if you publish more frequently, your clients will become disengaged!

Watch, Learn, And Succeed

You have the chance to get what you want!

Social media is growing its significance around all business types, locations, and scales. And just having a profile on socials is not enough because growing here needs more than this. One of the most appealing features of social media for small business is that you can utilize the tools in whichever method makes the most sense for your company and budget at any given time.

Finally, figure out what works for you first, then estimate and extend your efforts, and you’ll be a pro at this new-age marketing war.