Top 10 Ideas To Revamp Your Social Media Campaigns In 2021

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Top 10 Ideas To Revamp Your Social Media Campaigns In 2021

Now we are entering the new year 2021, and it’s time to say goodbye to 2020. Although the year 2020 hasn’t been so great. After the bumpy start in the first half, the market has been recovering. And we hope that the upcoming new year 2021 is really going to be better for the business.

So having all such thoughts in mind, it’s time for you to prepare your social media campaign ideas implementing which you can get better growth in your business.

In this blog, we are going to discuss all the different creative social media campaign ideas. Depending on the current trends on social media, we have brought  some specific marketing ideas to plan your social campaigns this new  year.

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Optimize Your Visibility On Instagram

Earlier SEO was not any specific factor for Instagram marketing. But recently, in November 2020, we came to know that Instagram would become more search-friendly. That means if you are using hashtags and captions in your posts, it would get your content better visibility for relevant search results.


Isn’t this amazing! With this new update, you have the opportunity to gain a better reach and exposure with audiences on Instagram. So make sure to include relevant keywords in captions and hashtags in your posts. That would help the algorithm to identify the kind of content you will be targeting to reach audiences.

Holiday Campaigns Round-Up

As the new year is approaching, we are getting closer to the end of the Holiday season. Even after the end of the holiday season, you could squeeze out every last drop of juice from your holiday marketing campaigns. You can still stretch out your holiday marketing campaign, as it might help you to bring a few more conversions in the end. So make sure to publish a few round-up holiday posts on social media after the end of new year celebrations.


Facebook Ad Success Depends On Customer Lifecycle

The online marketplace continues to be growing more and more saturated. And definitely, it also has an influence on social media advertising platforms, especially on Facebook. Nowadays, you need to invest more in Facebook advertising to generate results for your business. On the other hand, now you have more options to target your ads based on specific intent (Awareness, Consideration, and Conversation).

If you really want to get a return on your investments through Facebook ads, then make sure to keep a record of your customer experience and plan your ad strategies accordingly. Using the Facebook ad analytic tools, you can get insights into what’s trending on Instagram and Facebook. So that you can implement similar strategies to improve customer acquisition through Facebook ads.

Instagram Reels For Organic Exposure

With plenty of fun and fancy features, Instagram shines the most in the social space. One of its features is Instagram reels using which you can create amazing short video content. Nowadays, short videos are getting quite popular on social media platforms. And it can really help you to gain better exposure to your brand. There you can easily create 15-sec short video content while you can also apply some creative filters and music to make reel-videos look amazing.

You can also just start by repurposing the existing video content or Instagram stories. It’s a fun way to interact with audiences, which is quite popular with Millenials and Gen Z. So if you are looking for brand exposure, Instagram reels give you the best platform.

Announce For The Upcoming Events

After the new year, have you decided on making plans for the upcoming events? It is time to consider rechecking your strategies. Even with the end of the holiday season and the new year celebration, it’s not an end to your campaign. As you need to start preparing for the upcoming events. And let your customers know in advance about the new deals they can expect in the upcoming events. So, there isn’t any time to rest!

Seasonal Changes In Your Campaign

Have you been getting enough conversions with your traditional campaigns? If not, then why don’t you try using seasonal change as a part of your marketing theme. Nowadays, many marketers are utilizing seasonal campaigns as a part of their social media marketing strategies to boost conversions in their business. While you can also do the same to claim better results for your business.

social media campaign ideas

For example: As you can see that many marketers utilizing the winter season and Christmas as a theme for their campaigns. And it’s really helping them to gain more sales. You can also use such seasonal themes in your ad campaign to attract more user engagement on your website.

Automate Your Social Media

One of the best things that we recommend here is to automate your social media. Being a marketer, there will be many situations when you don’t have enough time to work on your social media strategies. However, if you automate your social media activities, it would save a lot of time and effort, which you can utilize to create highly engaging content.


Nowadays, you have social media automation tools like Socinator using which you can easily automate your day to day activities on social media. You can also use Socinator to schedule your posts in advance. That way, you will have more time to come up with more engaging content to amaze audiences.

Bring Your Personaility Out For YouTube Growth

The year 2020 hasn’t been a really great year for business, considering the first half. But in the second half, the market has started recovering with online media as a perfect platform to gain business exposure.

Especially if you see that nowadays, most of the brands and influencers are pretty active on YouTube, and they are creating amazing content to catch the attention of their audience. As the content is growing on YouTube, it’s becoming more saturated with topical niche-based content becoming personality centric.

If you also want to promote your brand on YouTube, then make sure to create a unique personality that differentiates your creations from other videos on YouTube.

Linkedin Conversations

Just like with any other social media platforms, 2020 has brought massive changes with Linkedin as well. With business shifting to online platforms, it’s the best place for people to get exposure for their professional skills. However, brands can also utilize it as a platform to interact with the audience.


By creating polls on Linkedin, you could learn about your audience’s intent. Also, you can converse with audiences using the interactive features on Linkedin. Whether you want to go live on Linkedin or just want to share a candid photo of a workday in your stories.

Create Paid Ads

Even after trying all the things, you might not get the expected results from your social media campaigns. It’s already quite tough to enhance your reach with audiences using organic posts only. So if you are not getting results from your organic campaigns, it’s time for you to shift to paid ads. By including paid ads as a part of your social media campaign ideas, you might be able to revamp conversions in your business.

Bonus Tip: Set Bigger Goals

Now, in the end, I would say that don’t be afraid to dream bigger and better. And don’t sit back and take a rest before reaching your goals. If you don’t have big goals in your mind, 2021 is the time to raise your bars. Get your new year resolutions ready to achieve all your social media goals. Once you know your goals, you will know exactly what you are working towards and what you will achieve in the end.

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Final Words:

These are some of the best social media campaign ideas which you should include in your marketing strategies. Now the time is quickly passing by, and the new year 2021 is coming nearer. So you should be ready with all these strategies to boost business using these creative social media marketing campaign ideas. If you have anything more to add on, please mention them in the comments. And don’t forget to share this article with others as well.