What is Social Commerce and Why Should Your Brand Care?

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What is Social Commerce and Why Should Your Brand Care?

E-commerce is a type of business where marketers can make a purchase and even sell their products on the internet. I think we all are aware of this fact. But have you ever wondered what social commerce stands for?

Let’s dig right into the blog to gather more information about social commerce.

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What Is Social Commerce?


Social commerce or say social shopping is the convergence of social media and marketing. It is an excellent platform for marketers to buy and sell their products. It is also beneficial for the brands as they can advertise about their products and services on social media platforms

Social shopping is emerging in this day and age because the consumers have been accepting this trend. It becomes way too convenient for the customers to sit at their homes and check for the latest products and services launched by any brand.

It is also advantageous for the brands because they will be able to reach out to more viewers if they advertise and promote their most advanced and top-valued products and services on social media platforms.

How Does Social Commerce Work?

Here is how social commerce or say social shopping works for the brands that want to grow their targeted audience.

1. Online Shopping Made Easier

In this type of business, the brands collect the information of the user from that particular social media platform. Hence it becomes more convenient for the users to shop from those sites because when the user gets redirected to the payment page, they already have their details filled in them.

2. Retailers Can Reach Out To New Marketers

Social shopping would help the retailers to get in touch with new marketers. It is beneficial because the brands that are selling products on any social media platform can ask the retailer to deliver the products to the concerned customer directly with a tag of their brand on the top. 

What else can be a better way of doing business without any hassle than this?

3. Launch and Promote New Products

Social media can be the best platform if any brand is willing to launch a new product. It is because the customers who are already following the brand will definitely show interest in new products and apart from that it can also attract some new customers. 

The users of the social media platform who share similar interest with the products and services that the company deals with and can get attracted because of the newly launched products. 

4. Meet Consumer Requirements

On social media, the brands will come to know which is the top trending product. Hence the companies will be able to incorporate that into their business. The companies can add trending products to their list and promote them so that it will create more engagement. 

Apart from that, the brand needs to meet customer requirements while doing online business. They need to provide a solution if the customer faces any issues after purchasing the products.

5. Features of Reposting

The brands can see which of their posts are getting the maximum number of engagement. Hence they can go for reposting those posts so that it can reach out to more viewers who share a similar interest on the social media platform.

6. Social Shopping Is a Better Platform For Customers

Most of the users might not feel right while purchasing through e-commerce, but social media shopping can be a better platform for them. 

It is because the marketers on the social media platform will be able to provide better services if the customer faces any issues. Hence it will develop trust with the consumers.

Best Platforms For Social Commerce

There are a lot of social media platforms available. But certain websites can help the brands to get more engagement than others. It is because most of the people prefer using these platforms. 

They already have trust in these platforms, so it will help the users to trust the brands marketing on them as well.

1. Facebook

Facebook is one of the most used social media platforms. So the companies will be able to advertise their products to more users. Facebook also provides categories under which the companies can sell their products. 

So if a company deals with any of the products that come under the list of classifications that Facebook provides, then they will be able to market their products more comfortably.

Facebook is the perfect platform if a company wishes to launch new products. It can instantly help grow more engagement. 

2. Instagram

Instagram is a platform that helps users check out for the latest trends. Most of the customers go on Instagram before purchasing to know which product is trending the most. 

Hence if a brand wishes to take their business on Instagram, then it will be highly beneficial. It is because if they market their top-valued products on the social media platform, then they are likely to grab more attention. 

The brands have to regularly check on the reviews of the products they are selling. It is because the users check for reviews and comments on the products before adding it to their cart. 

Instagram also provides different features through which the brands will be able to advertise their products in a better way.

Socinator is one of the best tools that you can use for more user engagement on your brand’s social media profile. It is a tool which helps in automating the process of managing the posts on your account.


It will help you schedule your posts so that you never miss out of posting and will develop more engagement on your posts. 

The social media automation tool can get used for more than 08 social media platforms. It has got different features for each of the platforms. It works according to the features provided by the particular social media platform.

It works safely and organically for every type of business starting from small scale to large scale businesses.

How Can Social Shopping Grow Your Business?

After checking out how social commerce works and which are the platforms that you can make use of to promote your business, you must be thinking how social shopping can help in the growth of your business. 

Here is a list which will show how social shopping helps the brands to make a profit in their business.

1. Grow Your Target Audience 

As the number of new users is increasing day by day on social media, hence the companies can see this as an opportunity. They can target more of the audience because the advertisements that the brands post on their social media profiles will get featured in the news feeds of the users who share similar interests. 

Therefore the brands can see consistent growth in their target audience.

2. Rank Your Website

The brands can get a high search engine ranking on their websites. They can get this by adding the link of their website below the ads they post on the social media platforms. 

It is because these links will redirect the users to their official website. So the more number of users visiting the website will help rank the website in search engines.

3. Increase User Engagement

The brands can increase consumer engagement by sharing posts about their products and services on their social media platforms. The brands have to schedule their social media posts in such a way that their followers always get new content. 

The brands can also launch new products as it will be more convenient to market their latest products and can make them reach a larger audience.

4. Hold On To The New Customer

The brands have to take care that they provide precise services after the purchase gets done by the customer. It is because the users who are purchasing for the first time from a brand make sure to check the reviews before buying a product. So to hold on to the customers, the brands have to provide better services.

5. Measure Your Business

It is an easy way for the brands to measure their business. It is because if everything is online, they will be able to maintain the records at ease. So at the end of a period, they will be able to measure the profits in their business. 

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Is It Worth It In 2021?

The answer to this is a big yes!! 

It is because today most people use social media and they are willing to purchase from them as well. So if a brand promotes its products and services on social media, they are likely to create more engagement.

The brands can also follow the latest trends and can launch new products of social media.  

The brands have to take utmost care of the reviews that the customer’s posts and provide accurate services to the customers who have already visited their website. 

So after going through the blog, you must think of giving it a try to take your business to social media.

I hope the article helped you know more about social commerce. Is there something that we can incorporate? Please drop your thoughts in the comments below. I would love to hear it from you!

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