Top 13 Creative Reddit Marketing Ideas for 2019

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Top 13 Creative Reddit Marketing Ideas for 2019

Being in the list of top 10 most visited site in 2019, Reddit has marked its place in the world of social media. It is a multipurpose platform where users can take part in the discussions, submit content as well as upvote and devote the posts to impact what is prevalent at that point of time. The versatility of this platform made it more popular, especially for marketing.


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However, if you want to save your time that you need to spend on upvoting the posts, then you can also take help from the Reddit automation marketing tools like Socinator. Using this tool you can upvote your targeted posts within a specific time.

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There are thousands of active communities, marketers and business owners registered on Reddit which provides excellent opportunities for the companies to expand their reach. However, like any other social media platform, it is not that easy to do marketing on Reddit. So, to ease up your marketing efforts, we are sharing the best Reddit marketing ideas that you can implement for the expansion of your business.


1.Post meaningful articles in the community




Content plays a significant role in marketing. Reddit has various communities, where always conversations keep happening. So, try to explore all the different communities related to your niche and observe what kind of discussions are going on. It will help you to get some ideas for writing informative, knowledgeable and entertaining articles that contribute to evolving the whole community.

2.Understand the users before diving in


Reddit is considered as a difficult platform to use for marketing. The reason behind this is, Redditors are very sceptical about the promotional contents especially the ones that look like organic content. Thus, spend a considerable amount of time in this platform initially as a user and search for the subreddits that are similar to your interests before getting started with it using for promotions. You can ease up your searching process by using Socinator tool. Provide the niche related to which you want to follow the communities, and it will get automatically done by this tool.

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3.Build your authenticity



Many marketers make the mistake of directly plunging into promotions rather than focusing on building credibility. Every subreddit have strict rules, and they all condemn self-propaganda. So, think like each community is your own and you need to earn the trust of all its members before you start putting your thoughts regarding the challenges they are facing. Spend a few weeks commenting, replying and upvoting on the community that you have selected for posting to gain trust. So that users will come to know about you and when you finally post on it, your article and opinions will be valued more. Building trust is the basic rule of marketing, keep that in your mind.

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4.Avoid direct promotion


Spamming your website link and brand name on your posts to get more backlinks is the false SEO strategy. So avoid doing this, especially if you are marketing inside Reddit. Promote your business in such a way that your content doesn’t look entirely promotional to anyone.

5.Offer information that users want to share



To grab attention on Reddit, you need to do something exceptional. Whether you are promoting your product or helping people, Reddit only favors those contents that are unique and interesting. So, the best way to do marketing on Reddit is, to not do marketing because the communities on this platform are very observant regarding corporate attachments, counterfeit promotions, and self-published ads. Therefore, try to put your efforts on doing something creative so that Redditors would want to share your products on their own.

6.Initiate “Ask Me Anything”(AMA) sessions




There is a one marketing strategy that can never fail to get you desired results, and that is AMA discussions. Use this technique frequently on your community to answer any question related to your niche and then you will start getting messages from people. Remember, if you become the source of information on your Reddit community then your popularity will automatically increase.

7.Marketing approach



Ideally, there are three basic marketing approaches on Reddit, paid, direct and indirect. The paid strategy includes advertisements that will appear when you scroll the page on your phone. Direct marketing on Reddit is, promoting the subreddits and offering coupons for your products. The third and the last approach is all about using temporary accounts to post your website links. However, the appropriate method is, just stuffing the contact information of your business on your Reddit profile and contribute on the subreddits regularly.


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8.Research on your competitors’ activities




Another way you can gain success in Reddit marketing is to do some research on the activities of your competitors, what they are doing for promotion and what is working for them. Competition analysis is must when you are in the marketing field. It will help you to get an idea about the type of content getting a good response and then you can improvise your content accordingly.

9.Reach your potential customers



To reach out and discover your potential customers, you need to be active on the subreddits. Provide useful information and try to answer every question related to the niche. Also, when any user gets satisfied with your answer then track their activity. If they are nearby you geographically then you can also DM them about your products and turn them into your customers.

10.Find moderate Subreddits in your area



Suppose you are having an apparel business and want to market on Reddit then search for an old and less active subreddit. Find its moderator and request to provide you the admin access. If your luck is in your favor then, your request will get approved. Later, you can use that subreddit for your business. But also remember, it is not necessary that you can always get success in getting approval.

11.Bring variety in your posts



Just because your intention is promoting your business doesn’t mean that you will only write and comment about that. Sometimes replying to the comments and writing article in a general niche also works. Its benefit is, users will not feel that you are only interested in one topic and moreover other Redditors will also come to know about you. So bring variety in your content instead of sticking to one.

Though we understand how much boring it gets when you have to respond to multiple comments that too not related to your niche. But, there is also a solution to this, you can use Socinator to reply to your targeted comments without even wasting much time. Have a look at this video.



12.Use data-backed headings




According to a recent survey, it has observed that data-backed headlines are more fitted to grab the attention of people on Reddit. They give instant value to your post. The submission process on Reddit only takes a couple of minutes, and with the help of data-backed headline, you can make an immediate impact before your article gets buried under some other new posts. By using this smart technique, you can make your submission reach the top of subreddit.

13.Use Reddit marketing tools





It takes a lot of efforts to market on Reddit. But only posting on it is not enough. You also need to take care of a lot of things. And to ease up your marketing tasks, you can use various Reddit automation tools like Socinator. It will help you to automate all necessary chores like follow, unfollow, subscribe, unsubscribe and many more. In this way, you can save some time and invest in other crucial works.

Over to you

However, Reddit marketing is quite risky and won’t bring you an overnight success to your business, but if you have patience and creativity, you can surely convert all your efforts into rewards. Use these ideas with your marketing strategies and get your own Reddit success story.


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