Instagram For Fitness Freaks: How To Make Money On Instagram?

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Instagram For Fitness Freaks: How To Make Money On Instagram?

You are a fitness freak who has successfully transformed the passion of fitness into a captivating Instagram presence. So, now, it’s high time you should make money on Instagram fitness. How? Let’s find out!

Instagram no more need any exaggerated monologue regarding its exceptional contribution in making social media, an excellent place for its users. 

You can say that Instagram has worked as a pioneer for the social media world. It is one of those social networks that gained whopping exposure in much less time. As of now, Instagram consists of more than 1 billion monthly active users.

Nowadays, people from different professional background are using Instagram to build a compelling social media presence. So, if you’re really passionate about something, then Instagram is a perfect place for you to be on.  


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Are you enthusiastic about fitness and want to earn money on Instagram? But, don’t know how to make money from Instagram. If yes, then this blog is dedicated to you. 

I am going to offer you some of the best ways to start exceedingly well on Instagram, as a fitness fanatic. 


Practice Influencer Marketing-

Influencer marketing phenomenon originated from none other than Instagram. People who have the aptitude to influence Instagrammers fall under the category of influencer marketers. Further, they also distinguished between micro and macro-influencers according to the count of their followers.

Brands are looking for people who possess a considerable number of followers which likely to use their products. So, if you want to make money on Instagram fitness, then you should have enough fan following base passionate about health and strength. Isn’t it? 

The more enthusiasts followers you have regarding fitness and all, the more your chances of making money increases. Hence, to get sponsored by all the leading fitness brands, you have to look after your follower’s count sincerely. 

These are some of the most famous Instagram fitness influencers that can inspire you to get started- 

  1. Simeon Panda
  2. Jennifer Selter
  3. Massy Arias
  4. Lyzabeth Lopez
  5. Jeff Seid


Create Unique Fitness Content-

It’s not wrong to say that Instagram has become all about content nowadays. So, the more useful it would be, the larger audience end-up follows your account. 

Not to mention, as a fitness regimen, your offered content should revolve around some diet plan, a different type of exercises, tutorials based on some gym sessions, and much more. 

However, I have observed some of the most common and engaging forms of content posted by famous fitness enthusiasts on Instagram. Here are they –

  1. Before-and-after body shots of people.
  2. Recipes concerning healthy diet shakes.
  3. Tutorials post on different forms of exercises.
  4. Inspirational quotes given by famous fitness personalities.
  5. Videos while doing the workout.

There is an endless form of content you can create for your audience. Although, try to think from your viewer’s point-of-view, what they want to see and whatnot. 


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Make Use Of Relevant Hashtags-

No matter what content you’re offering to people, if you don’t make use of appropriate hashtags, then it’s not worth it.     

Use of relevant hashtags not only gives a real feel to your Instagram posts but makes it all the more discoverable too.  

For instance, if you’re posting content regarding fitness and not using any hashtag related to it. As a result, you’re making your post impossible to come in the reach of people really interested in fitness.      

There’s one more thing you should consider while stuffing hashtags in your Instagram posts. Don’t only make use of high-volume keywords. Try to blend them with low-volume hashtags that are super-specific while searching. 

Let’s understand this with an example. You have prepared an Instagram post in which you’re doing some form of workout such as pushups. Okay! Just think by using which hashtags, the chances of your posts reaching out to more people will get foster, #fitness or #fitnesspushups. Of course, the latter one. Right!                                           

I’m not saying to don’t make use of high volume hashtags, but at least mix them up with easy-to-discover hashtags as I have suggested here (#fitnesspushups). 

According to a general hashtag usage rule, your Instagram post should have at least 11 hashtags including some popular and some lower-volume but specific search-oriented hashtags. 

You can look after these most trending Instagram hashtags to drive motivation for fitness- 

  • #GetFit.
  • #Cardio.
  • #FitLife.
  • #Fitness.
  • #FitnessMotivation.
  • #FitnessAddict.
  • #FitFam. 


Engage With Your Peers- 

It’s a no-brainer that high engagement metrics needed for creating better Instagram space. 

So, how do we engage substantially on Instagram? Ever thought about this! If not, then start now. 

Instagram daily activities involve mainly liking, following, direct messaging, etc. It might sound familiar, but half of us don’t perform them effectively, I mean, from an engagement point of view. 

Engaging with any random account doesn’t result in advanced Instagram presence. However, if you interact with people who share the same interests as you, can boost your Instagram game to the next level. 


Having said that performing of these Instagram tasks manually can invest your a lot of time. Hence, you can prefer using social media management tools like Socinator. It’s one of the best Instagram automation software we have today. 

Check out its features and pricing factors and go for the trail now!


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Come In Touch With Sponsors-

Last but not least, it’s time to get in touch with the sponsors. If you’re doing all the above highlighted Instagram endeavors correctly, then sponsors will definitely reach out to you. 

And if they haven’t contacted you yet, then you have to put in extra efforts regarding in this direction. How? 

Are you thinking to send out DMs to your dream sponsors? Yes! Wait, guys! Sending direct messages impromptu make you look desperate to work with them, which is clearly not good for your image. 

Start following your desirable brand sponsors, comment on their posts, purchase their products, and engage with them as often you can in every possible manner. You can also tag them in your Instagram posts to drive their focus on your Instagram landscape. 

After doing these Instagram maneuvers, it’s the right time to DM sponsors concerning to show your interest to work with them. 

Here’s a format of Direct Message you can send to sponsors on Instagram-

Hello guys!

I have been following your Instagram handle from around x years. You are my real motivation behind fitness in the first place. I have started my Instagram fitness page around x years ago with zero followers. But, now I have around x fitness fanatics across my Instagram. They all are entirely obsessed about fitness and will completely suit the audience you want for your brand. So, Are you guys open to some sponsor programs? Please let me know. It would be my pleasure to collaborate with you people. Have a nice day!

You can contact to all your favorite sponsors one-by-one by sending DMs, but if you want to save time, then can use Socinator. It will automate your DM activity totally according to your Instagram requirements. 


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List of Famous Fitness Brands On Instagram Open To Sponsorship-


Nike Women (7.6 Million followers)-

Nike Women is one of the most growing Instagram fitness pages. It has around 7.6 million followers. The biggest reason why Nike Women fostered so fast is its authenticity. This Instagram page always try to portray women without makeup, organic body shapes, etc. That, no doubt, struck the chord of other girls who want to become fit and robust. 


AloYoga (2.1 Million followers)-

Aloyoga is also a flourishing Instagram fitness account. This brand makes yoga clothes for yogis. They basically influence people to do yoga. Aloyoga doesn’t confine themselves only to trained yogis. Instead, they also collaborate with Instagram influencers moreover to encourage them for making yoga a part of their daily lives. 


Adidas (24.4 Million followers)-

As we all know, Adidas is one of the largest fitness brands we have nowadays. It provides distinct accessories for sports. The brand has created a vast following on Instagram. Adidas has been progressing immensely all across the world by keeping its fitness resolution at the forefront. 


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Up To You- 

These were some of the best ways to make money on Instagram fitness. Well, there are much more you can do regarding make bucks on this platform. However, doing best in your niche and become the face of the Instagram fitness community is the most substantial move you can take. I hope after reading this blog your biggest concerns regarding can you make money on Instagram put to rest. 

Do you have any more tips concerning this topic? Have you successfully running an Instagram fitness page and want to share your experience with us? Then, go ahead!

Drop a comment below and share your suggestions for how to make money on Instagram fitness. 


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