Are Instagram Reels Worth Your Marketing Strategies ?

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Are Instagram Reels Worth Your Marketing Strategies ?

Instagram reels sound familiar because it is similar to Tik Tok that created a craze. Technically, it is a newly introduced feature that allows users to create 15-second videos and share it in their stories, explore feed, and the new reel tab of the user’s profile. 

It doesn’t matter whether you are an influencer, a brand, a celebrity, or an individual, everyone flaunts their love towards TikTok, and now there is a new track called Instagram Reels.

So, what are Instagram reels, how to create them, and how to use Instagram reels to boost your marketing strategy? Here is the guide elated to everything about Instagram reels:

What are Instagram Reels?

Technically, Instagram reels is the new feature introduced on 05 August 2020. Reels let the user create fun videos of approx. 15 seconds multiple clips with all new features like music ,effects etc.  to share with friends and followers.

Instagram reels also let you share your created reels with your followers on your feed if you opt for your Instagram setting to the private account. Although, if your account is public, it shows to a wide range of Instagram audiences. Your reels will also get new audience attention in the Explore feed.

And the next question is where to find this magical option?

You can find the Instagram reels option in the center and foremost in the navigation bar. On the reels, you can see the global clips as one of the exceptions. Instead of showing the reels from the chronicles you follow, Instagram will show you the reels from the trending accounts.

As TikTok earned its reputation, as reported by Adweek, TikTok won the most downloads for any app ever in a quarter in Q1 2020. It’s not an astonishment anymore that Instagram is shaping its progress by cloning TikTok’s most beloved hallmarks. Smart Move, Instagram!

There are approx. 1 billion active users on Instagram as of the launching of Instagram stories. We’ve learned from Instagram how to launch a well-tested winning formula and nail your business strategies.

Over the last decade, social media has played a significant role in marketing strategies, which every brand or business wants in the marketing world today. One of the fancied goals of marketers is users should find their content and offering while scrolling down. So if you are also searching for the answer to how to use Instagram reels to upstroke your business, here are a few tactics you shouldn’t miss while setting the strategies parameters.

How To Use Instagram Reels for your business marketing strategies?

03 Tactics To Follow for better ROI

Regular Posting 

Regular posting is the key to winning more followers, and keeping your reels and content on a regular posting plan is the sure-shot arrow to achieve that.
Brands or businesses continue to neglect this subject, though the Instagram algorithm always favors routine and quality posting. This statement brings us to other tactics to stay on the highlighted part of the Instagram reels. 

Quality Content

Reels on Instagram are the fastest and fun way to create unique and attractive content with customized effects and audio. To utilize the full advantage of this feature, generate authentic, unique, and appealing content to showcase your business proposal and offer to a vast range of audiences.

However, we realize that for brands or advertisers, it is nearly improbable to keep posting and keep the regularity flow going. That’s why investing all in one social dominator assistant is sensible. 

Socinator – The Social Dominator 


Socinator is the social media automation tool launched in 2018, lets every marketer grow and manage social presence automatically. Technically it allows you to auto-publish and schedule your posts on multiple networks at once, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Linked In, etc.

Socinator is not limited to only this feature; it is one of the power-packed tools for all the social media platforms in one dashboard. Let’s dive through some of the highlighting features of the Socinator and how it can help business marketers to nail their marketing strategies.

  • Automate – Follow, Follow Back, Like, Comment, Retweet, Messages, Live Chat, Repin, Create Boards, Friend Requests, Downvote and Upvote Answers, Report User, Upvote Questions, Find And Extract Answers, and many more.
  • Auto publishes posts from RSS, shorten URLs, Submit captcha verification, Detailed report for each activity, embedded browser for each network, Analytics and Growth Metrics.
  • It also has an intelligence of content curation by sending content via RSS feeds, monitoring folders, etc. Perform the smart auto post scheduler.

To know more about how to auto scrape users on Pinterest using Socinator; 


Make It Entertaining and Interesting

One of the best ways to use Instagram reels is to engage your audience.  You can use the reel feature in that way to keep the audience or followers engaged and know more about your brand.

Ditch the formal talk and try to establish a personal connection with your audience. For instance, the brand formalization, the behind the scenes of teamwork, and the bloopers. The stronger your reels game will be, the stronger your audience will gain the trust factor in your brand.

Say No to Promoting Reels 

Authenticity is the most vital factor for business on Instagram. Nowadays, followers don’t want to see old-aged business promotions. Alternatively, try to showcase your brand, the offerings, and the community in the Instagram reels.

Always Seek Your Inspiration

It is recommended not to stick to a regular pattern, it can be boring to watch for your followers or audience. Also, it might kick your content out of the explore page. Always investigate what other brands are adapting, and attempt different techniques to keep the audience hooked. Like a sneak peek of your brand’s upcoming products and discounts. 

Usually, by maintaining the entertaining factor to attract the audience, brands forget the essence of their identity. Keep your audience attached to your brand like a family while maintaining authenticity. Believe us, Instagram reels are the best way to do it. 

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So, folks, these are the best-extracted marketing strategies for using Instagram reels for better outcomes, ROI and hooking up your audience forever with your brand. Let us dive now to the primary info section of this blog, How to make reels on Instagram? If you missed out on this feature, do not miss the upcoming part. 

How to Create Reels on Instagram Effortlessly ?


You can access Instagram reels for that three different ways: the Instagram home screen, the Reels tab, or the Instagram stories camera.

#Step 01

Start creating reels by tapping on the center on the navigation bar, it will show the most trendy reels scroll upward to see more. Tap on the camera icon you will see in the upper right-hand corner to create the reels or, open the Instagram stories camera and choose the reels option. 

#Step 02

Before shooting your content or video, explore the options on the left side including audio, length, speed, effects, touch-up, video layout, and timer. Explore and let your creative spark through your reel’s videos.

#Step 03

The subsequent measure is to fix timers and countdown. The timers record any of the clips hands-free. Add the perfect music with the library, add the effects, set the video layout.

#Step 04

Once you press record, you will notice a 3-2-1 program before recording effects for the quantity of time you decided. Similarly, Instagram stories choose the variable options in the Instagram effects gallery and can record multiple clips.

#Step 05

You can decide to rush up or reduce down the section of the video or audio you decided. It can help you stay on a beat or make slow-motion videos. Explore and let your creative spark through your reel’s videos.

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What’s Up With Instagram Reels

So what is your idea to use Instagram reels for marketing strategies? Share with us in the comment section below. Will love to discover new ideas, folks!

Instagram is utilizing the sure-shot success mantra of TikTok. Likewise, it is best to start your marketing strategies with new updates and features which embrace your business and let the audience go crazy for your brand and business.

Influencers and businesses are utilizing Instagram reels to promote and advertise their products and offers.  However, you might have noticed it is long gone already when advertisers seek ways to advertise on social media rather than television. 

However, Instagram reels, unlike others, don’t have much in-depth analytics to analyze how well your content is working. Although, there are also many tactics to nail the Instagram reels.

Our morale is constantly staying on alert for the latest updates and features designed to create opportunities waiting for you.