Top Instagram Direct Message Templates For Your Business In 2020

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Top Instagram Direct Message Templates For Your Business In 2020

A few years back, Instagram was more of a photo-sharing platform that made millennials giggle a lot. But, with each passing year, it is becoming a potent center for business promotions. According to social media experts, 2020 will see even more customized versions of Instagram regarding business marketing. So, it’s very crucial to make the most out of this social media giant for your brand in 2020. 

The standout point of Instagram is that it doesn’t force advertising content, but tailored them beautifully in the alignment of organic vibe. Well, there are various aspects of this platform that provides your business a chance to stand out of the league. And, Instagram direct message service is one of them.


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Why Instagram Direct Message Important For Your Business?

As we all know, there are Instagram feed posts, stories, ads, and a lot more available to market your brand. But, somehow, all of them aren’t able to personalize your brand functionalities in front of the masses to the needed extent. That’s why companies on Instagram struggle a bit to get the desired conversion rates. Right! They either have to spend a lot on their marketing campaigns or hire some advertising agency to do the rest for them. That clearly doesn’t fit in the budget of small businesses. So, in this scenario, the feature of Instagram Direct Message can play an influential role. Here’s why!

First of all, according to studies, Instagram DM has approximately 375 million monthly active users, which is a large number of people to consider for a business. Secondly, the Instagram direct message service allows you to converse to your potential customers directly without any middle barrier. It’s like a face-to-face conversion.

Not to mention, Facebook Messenger is like an epitome of messaging applications, which is getting used by companies for marketing at an immense scale. That way, the effective use of Instagram DM messaging can also boost your business conversion rate to another level altogether. But, as we know, Instagram doesn’t have any messaging chatbot for Direct Message. And, probably, it will not launch any down the road as well.

So, you have to decide whether you want to wait till the time Instagram launches some official chatbot for Instagram DM. Or you will prefer to use an advanced Social media management tool for automating your Direct message characteristics. 


Here’s How You Can Automate Instagram Direct Messages With Socinator –


Method 1:

Step 1: First of all, signup, to create an account on Socinator. 



And, if you already have your login creds with you, then simply login into your account.


Step 2: Select the Instagram account for which you want to automate Instagram direct message characteristics. Next, choose the “Go to tools” option.



Step 3: This brings you to the Account configuration dashboard from where you can automate different attributes for your Instagram account.


Step 4: Afterward, pick the “broadcast messages” alternative.



Step 5: The whole Instagram DM automation process of Socinator is divided into five modules-

  1. Search Query
  2. Job configuration
  3. Manage message
  4. Users filters
  5. Manage blacklist users


Step 6: In the “Search Query” module, there are two critical sections, “Query type” and “Query.” Query type defines how you want to search the users. For example, here you have set both attributes according to the following way-



Keywords: foodies

Suggested users: the rock

Hashtag users: #dogs

Someone’s followers: the rock

Someone’s following: the rock

Followers of someone’s followers: the rock

Followers of someone’s following: the rock

Location users: Tokyo Disneyland: copy the location URL from Instagram, or you may also copy location ID

Custom users list: the rock or copy the whole URL of rock account

Users who liked the post: copy the specific Instagram post URL

Users who commented on your post: copy the same URL

Scrape the users who messaged us: target the people who messaged you

Own followers: your followers

Own following: your following list

Well, you can also import multiple queries from the CSV text file button. Also, you can delete your search queries if you want by clicking on the “Delete” button given on the left side of your settings.


Step 7: Secondly, there’s a “Manage Messages” module. Here, you have to write messages that you want to automate. 


You can also narrow down your queries as per your requirements.


Step 8: Next, you have to access a “job configuration” module, where you can execute at which speed you want Socinator to perform the Instagram DM automation process. Basically, we have four options to choose from-


  • Slow
  • Medium
  • Fast
  • Superfast

It is always recommendable for new accounts to not go for Fast and Superfast job configuration settings. Besides, you can also go to “Advanced settings” and accordingly set different job configuration attributes.


Step 9: Next, there’s a “User filters” feature. According to it, you can select the different characteristics of users to whom you want to send Instagram direct messages.



Step 10: Lastly, you have to access the “Manage blacklisted users.” The users to whom you don’t want to send your Instagram DM. It’s like blacklisting them from your business campaign.



So, that’s it. Now, you have to go to the “Save” button given at the right top of your Account configuration screen. 



Afterward, you have to just swipe the “Status” button to activate.


In these ten steps, you can automate the Instagram DM functionality for your business in just a few minutes.


Method 2:

According to this, you can run a campaign through your Instagram direct messaging service.

For the second method, you have to go to the “Social” drop-down option given at the right top of the screen. 



Next, you have to select Instagram>Instachat. Make sure you have chosen Broadcast Messages at the left sidebar.



Next, you have to name your Campaign. And, rest the process remains the same as of method one.


At last, you have to hit the “Create campaign” button given at the bottom of the screen.


Best Instagram Direct Message Templates For Your Business-

By using the following Instagram direct message templates for your business, you can effectively know how to DM on Instagram regarding different selling intent. So, without wasting any more time, let’s get started!


Business Promotion Templates-

The main intention of this Instagram direct message template is to target customers who are already interested in your products and services.



  1. Hello there! It is to remind you that we have a free trial for our products. Sign up now and make a purchase right away!
  2. Hi buddy! You’re our one of the most active followers. We have something for you. Sign up for our newsletters now and get acquainted with our insightful business aspects daily.
  3. Hello, this side! We have recently launched a new affiliate program for a similar niche business. Go and check it out! (LINK).


Business Discount Templates-

The primary motive of this Instagram direct message template for your business is to generate more conversion rates.


  1. Hi! We’re happy to announce to you that we’re offering 50% off in our latest services. Grab our amazing discount offers now!
  2. Weekend offers! Our most popular products are available just at the cost of $100. Products are about to go out of stock. Visit us now!
  3. Valentine’s week is over! Still, we’re celebrating! Check out our after Valentine’s day collection available at the discount percentage of 30%. Offer limited only for three days.


Business Welcome Templates-

You can use the following templates for sending welcome Instagram direct messages to your new followers and customers.


  1. Hello! You are now a new member of our Instagram community. We hope you enjoy our product and services thoroughly.
  2. Congo! Now you are on board! The Fasho community welcomes you to be a part of our Insta family. We’ll try our best never to disappoint you.
  3. Hi! New member? We’re lucky! We want to welcome you with our 50% discount coupon for this fantastic product. (LINK).


Business Update Templates-

The following Instagram DM templates are for publishing your business updates. Send them to all your active followers.


  1. Hi there! Our physical store timing has changed a bit. Earlier, as we know, it was 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., but now it has become 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. So, see you there!
  2. Attention! We’re reviving our website graphics. Due to which, you might not be able to access it for a while. Sorry for the inconvenience! Keep supporting!
  3. Hello guys! We have recently collaborated with a non-profit organization named We Are One and raising funds for it. We want your support in this noble cause. While purchasing our products, $1 of your total bill goes for the funding. Do support us!


Business Reward Templates-

Reward Templates get used to converting your potential business prospects into active customers. You can analyze in detail about your buyer persona and accordingly send this Instagram direct service template to your followers.


  1. Hi! We have selected you as our most active follower. That’s why you have won amazing goodies from our side! They are on the way to your accommodation. Enjoy!
  2. Hello there! You’re our lucky winner for the recent contest that we have conducted. You have won our latest collection of products. Claim it now! (LINK).
  3. Valentine’s day has gone, but celebrations are still in the air. So, we have decided to host an amazing contest. You have to just click a beautiful frame with your loved one and send it to us. Then, we select the most resonating image out of all. And, the winners will get discount coupons for our upcoming summer sales. 


Business Feedback Templates-

Instagram feedback templates are for inviting your Instagram followers to review your products, services, and all the latest business assets.


  1. Check out our newly launched products now! And don’t forget to DM your feedback! Your reviews matter to us!
  2. Hello guys! So, what do you think about our last year’s Summer sales? Is it ten out of nine or eight? Drop your reviews in the comment section! We want to retrospect, so, can offer you the best summer products this year.
  3. Attention guys! We are going to launch our brand new product this Sunday. Don’t forget to rate it at a scale of ten. Your genuine reviews always help us to improve.


Business FAQ Templates-

The following frequently asked question templates can effectively get used to answering users’ queries. 


  1. Hello! We have recently tweaked our online payment system a bit. You have any queries related to it, do visit our FAQ page! (LINK).
  2. Hi! You seem to have many doubts regarding our new services. Also, you recently commented on our latest Instagram about that. Check out our updated FAQ page and know it all. (LINK)
  3. Hello there! We have recently updated our FAQ page according to the latest user queries. Find answers to all your questions concerning our business right away. We would like to know if there’s something more we can add to our FAQ page.


These were the top Instagram direct message templates for your business. I hope, after reading them, you get tons of ideas regarding how to DM on Instagram regarding your business.


Before ending this blog segment, I would like to share with you some of the tips concerning making the most out of Instagram direct message service for your brand. Here they are!

  1. Look after the word limit. Instagram direct message character limit is 1,000 characters. So, always make sure to draft your business Instagram DM template under this word limit.
  2. Always make sure to keep the balance between different types of business objectives while using these templates for Instagram DM, as all of them have varied motives from each other.
  3. By using these Instagram direct message templates for your business, you can target different spectrum of audience. That basically lies within new followers, active followers, and custom list of followers.


Make use of Socinator and uplift your business with Instagram Direct Message Service Now!