How long does instagram block you from liking? Explanations and Solutions

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How long does instagram block you from liking? Explanations and Solutions

Instagram is the most popular marketing tools nowadays. But what if this marketing tool blocks you from liking and this prevents you from growing your business? You will find the answer on how long does Instagram block you from liking in this article. But first:

Instagram’s guidelines and why you should follow them

If you want a happy social life, you need to know that there are some rules you need to respect. Don’t worry. They are more like common sense rules and everyone can follow them easily.

Don’t like or post too much

Instagram wants to make sure that you are a human being and not a spammy bot. Here are some numbers you can take into consideration if you don’t want to count afterward how long does Instagram block you from liking: no more than 60 people followed or unfollowed per hour; no more than 300 likes per hour and no more than 60 comments per hour.

Stay away from banned hashtags

If you want to keep yourself away from being blocked, then you need to avoid using banned hashtags. According to a study, they include words such as #adulting, #citycentre, and #eggplant. Before using a hashtag, make sure it will not cause you trouble. You can simply type it into the search box.

If you are using an automated application, make sure it’s a trusted one

Automation is not a secret anymore, but something that many businesses are using to grow their accounts. If you go ahead and use one of these tools, make sure it has a license.

These are only some of Instagram’s guidelines. Make sure you always own the posted content. Respect the human rights and keep yourself away from performing actions which are not in accordance with the law.

Why can you be blocked from liking on Instagram?

To say it right, Instagram will not always provide the reason for blocking you. It can happen to anyone, so you don’t have to panic.

The most common reason is exceeding the limit of following/unfollowing, likes and comments. As previously mentioned, Instagram has a limit, even if it’s not visible. If you exceed it, Instagram will consider that you are a spammer and will block your actions.

In some rare cases, Instagram will block you accidentally. In this situation, you can try to send them feedback about this and they might reconsider blocking you.

How long does Instagram block you from liking – The don’ts

Instagram can block you for a few hours, but this time can be extended to days. The most common mistake someone can do in this situation is to panic and to force its actions on Instagram. This can only make your situation harder.

Even if it sounds bizarre, you need to have patience.  Keep your actions as low as possible. If needed, don’t even access your account for the next 48 hours. It is a long time, indeed, but if you want Instagram to regain trust in you, it’s a must.

Retake your actions step by step and be cautious. Read again Instagram’s guidelines, if needed, and pay maximum attention to them.

Retaking your actions doesn’t mean that you can start with your old habits once your account has been reinstated. Limit your number of comments, likes, posts, follows and unfollows. Act normal, so that Instagram will know that you are a human being. Your preventive behavior needs to last for at least one week, but it is recommended to make it a way of social media life.

If you don’t want to keep asking yourself how long Instagram block you from liking after your account has been made active again, you just need to follow the simple rules described above.

Advice to follow if you don’t want to be blocked again

Now that you have your social life back, you also need to know how to prevent situations like this.

It’s recommended to be visible on Instagram, but don’t be over-visible! Your targeted audience will know that you are there even if you don’t like their photos every two minutes. They could start thinking that you are spamming them. You can get unfollowed and your business may be in danger.

Check if you have untrusted third-party applications and uninstall all of them. Use trusted applications anytime. You also need to avoid over-using them for growing business scopes.

When you are in the situation of being blocked, you may also try to use other social media platforms. Instagram will easily notice that you have a regular Instagram account.

Sometimes Instagram may block your account due to an IP issue. The solution will be to use your mobile data instead of Wi-Fi.


Now that you have your Instagram account back, make sure you are not blocked again. Be cautious and avoid any action that may lead to unwanted results.  Being blocked can also be a lesson for you, so you don’t have to take it as a negative experience.

This article has provided you with explanations and solutions on how long does Instagram block you from liking. Even if you don’t like rules, you need to understand that they are important for your business; especially if you have just started one and you want it to be successful. You need to be aware that success is not something you can achieve in one day. Success is something that you need to put efforts for every single day. Even if you have the help of the automation tools, you still need to pay attention to your account.

Be authentic and keep your account genuine for your targeted audience. People will appreciate more if you like their photos from time to time and not assault them with likes. They will appreciate more a valid comment and not random ones. Even if Instagram is an online social media platform, you need to act like in your real life.

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