How To Get Free YouTube Subscribers? -(Real & Quick)

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How To Get Free YouTube Subscribers? -(Real & Quick)

Being a YouTuber, you want to grow your channel as quickly as possible. Isn’t it? But if you are a beginner, it won’t be easy for you to cross over the threshold subscribers count (get free YouTube subscribers), especially when you want to make your channel monetize. Still, there are several ways using which you can get free YouTube subscribers for  your channel. And eventually, it will help you to grow your organic reach with audiences on YouTube.

Nowadays, content creators use their creativity to make amazing videos on YouTube. Moreover, it also helps them to gain some extra income in their pocket. However, it’s not easy to access the monetization feature. You must have lots of subscribers to be eligible enough for the application of the YouTube partnership program.

So,  don’t you want to jump over the benchmark (1000 subscribers)and get your YouTube channel monetized? If yes, then you must check out the things shown in this blog.

But before anything, it’s better to ignore shortcuts like purchasing YouTube subscribers. Want to know the reason, why?

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Why You Shouldn’t Buy YouTube Subscribers-

The simple reason is that purchasing subscribers will not help you to bring engagement to your videos. And you won’t be getting enough views on your video to make it monetize. First of all, you need to have at least 4000 hours of views on your videos. It means that you need to deliver awesome videos to your audiences. And only that way you could bring lots of views and engagement on your channel.

In fact, most of the popular creators on YouTube do not rely on underhanded tactics like purchasing bot subscribers because they are already quite busy creating engaging videos for their viewers. And you should also follow the same thing. While there are many more reasons why you shouldn’t be investing in paid subscribers for your channel.


  • Purchased subscribers are not real viewers, so it will not help you to increase views and engagement on your videos.
  • People want to follow authentic content creators who build their reach organically.
  • According to YouTube Fake engagement policy, YouTube doesn’t allow artificial increment of likes, views and subscribers. And it may even result in getting your channel blocked.
  • Brands also do not take any interest to partner with creators who have no real engagement on their videos.

So, it’s better not to get paid subscribers on your YouTube channel. Still, you have other options to choose from, as we have shown you here.

How To Get 1000 YouTube Subscribers?

Directly Ask Your Audience-

Even when people are watching your videos, they might forget to subscribe to your channel. So do not forget to give a quick reminder. The big red button on the corner is visible, though just pointing it out on the screen can really gain you a few more subscribers.


Many creators often tell their viewers to hit on like, subscribe, and a bell icon below that. Now, the people who have subscribed to your channel will get notifications of any new updates. So you do not have the reach to every viewer to check out your new videos. Although, this method works for the best. But do not overdo it, as it may also irritate your audience.

Interact With Audience & Other Creators-

Being a good content creator might not be enough for you to get free YouTube subscribers on your channel. Your content needs to be engaging while also making sure to interact with your audience. It can possibly help you to get in their shoes, and you may discover some more ways to deliver engaging content on your channel. So, make sure to check and respond to the comments of your viewers.

You can also do live streaming, where you can collaborate with audiences and other creators. In fact, YouTube also prioritizes live streams compared to normal videos or vlogs. So, if you are doing live streams on YouTube, you might be able to bring more viewers to your video who may also subscribe to your channel in the end.

Update Your Channel Art-

Having a presentable banner is a must for a YouTube channel profile. It puts a great impact on the audience who click over to check out your channel. Maybe they have viewed a few of your videos, and they would like to watch more. In such a case, a nice channel art on your channel can really help you to get more hits on the subscribe button on your channel.

Schedule Your Videos-

Now you are making your channel bigger, and it builds up more responsibility for you. With the audience growing on your videos, their demand will also increase. So, you need to be regular with delivering engaging videos to your audience. However, it would be quite difficult for you to manage each and every task manually. What you need is a solution that can automate the process of scheduling your videos so that you can be prepared with your creative stuff in advance. In such a case, you should invest in the best YouTube automation solutions like Socinator. It is an all-in-one social media automation software, which allows you to automate most of your social media activities and let you simply dominate.

Show Call To Subscribe At The End-

Call to action buttons can easily catch the attention of audiences. So, in your videos, you can add the call to subscribe button at the end. Just by doing so, you can have a great impact on your viewers. And if viewers really like your videos, they will surely respond to your strong call to action button and subscribe to your channel.


Don’t Forget About Thumbnails-

Now your channels look good, but what about your videos. To bring more views on your videos, you need to make creative thumbnails. It should be eye-catching art that can really attract people to watch your videos.

Many creators use clickbait thumbnails to attract the viewers’ attention. Although it may seem like working for some time, it will not help you in the long run as people may even dislike such videos.

While you just need to make thumbnail arts based on your video’s context. So that people can also relate to the video and enjoy it more.

Celebrate Your Milestones-

Have you been able to get more round numbers on your subscribers to count? Celebrate your success, and also, do not forget to thank your viewers for being a great support for you and your channel. With every milestone, you will get a new motivation to proceed forward and create more engaging videos for your audience. So make sure not to disappoint your viewers and keep delivering them with awesome video content each time.

Be An Active Part Of YouTube Community-

The YouTube community is quite social, as you can see that more and more people are joining this platform from all over the world. Being a part of this community, you can interact with your audience even outside your videos. To unlock this community feature, you need to have at least 1000 subscribers on your channel. Once you reach this benchmark, you can apply for the community tab to be active. And then, you can post status updates, ask questions, poll your fans, and many more things.

Wrapping Words-

So, have you been ready to grow your YouTube channel and get 1000+ subscribers? Here, we have shown you some tactics that you can apply to boost the count of views and likes on your videos, and get free YouTube subscribers on your channel.

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