The Perfect Facebook Banner Size for 2022

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The Perfect Facebook Banner Size for 2022

The first thing when someone sees your profile is the banner of your Facebook profile. It is crucial to get your Facebook banner size right to attract users to your products for future interaction. Let’s see how to do just that! Read ahead to learn more.

Facebook is still the most popular social media platform, and you may utilize it in several ways. From reconnecting with friends and relatives to discovering new clients for your business, the possibilities are endless. 

You may even start a movement by organizing an event. To stand out, you will need to develop visually appealing sites, articles, and advertisements. As a result, it’s critical to understand which parts you may alter or upload to Facebook, as well as the optimum proportions to utilize.

Choosing the appropriate Facebook banner size is critical for social media marketing since anything less than the best is now considered offensive! By reviewing the information below, you will be able to determine the proper proportions for your banner.

Facebook banner size

Customers may be drawn in through storytelling, which uses the material to assist them to know the company. When it comes to social media, though, pictures have an influence. When it comes to Facebook banner size, there are numerous distinct regulations and requirements, just like any other social media site.

When it comes to Facebook banners, profile photos, group covers, company sites, and so on, there are variations in the dimensions. Knowing your limitations when picking the right size for a Facebook banner is crucial to generating an attractive one.

Facebook banner pictures are a great example of how social media marketing varies from everyday social media use. A banner may be anything that we think looks nice on our profile; however, our business banners must do much more.

A Facebook Page’s banner should represent the brand of our firm. The correct balance and consistency of web layouts, photos, and videos published to social media communicate the brand’s mission, values, and sentiments to the general public. It must also be of high quality and perfectly suitable for display, in the optimum Facebook banner size.

In this article, we will learn further about:

  • Facebook event banner size
  • Facebook page banner size
  • Facebook group banner size
  • Facebook business page banner size

Before diving into the dimensions, let us see how having the perfect Facebook banner size benefits our brand and numbers.

How does the Facebook banner size affect your page performance?

Facebook banner size

To some, a Facebook cover photo is just the image that appears at the top of your profile page. To others, it’s a fantastic opportunity to raise brand recognition and promote your business on the world’s most popular social media platform.

A decent Facebook banner may help you attract new consumers to your business for little cost; all you need is some strategy and design to reach your objectives. A well-designed Facebook cover photo may help your page reach new heights.

Facebook Banner Size, different for smartphones and screens?

Facebook banner size

People everywhere use their phones and laptops to access Facebook, depending on what is most convenient. If you were wondering what is the Facebook banner size, read ahead! In each of those device types, Facebook banners seem different. Designers must choose the correct Facebook banner size to ensure that the content is accessible on smartphones and laptops!

Even though the standard Facebook cover banner size is 820 x 360, the content of your banner should be centered and positioned in the center. The reason for this is due to how Facebook displays this image to various clients.

For example, the desktop client displays the whole picture width of 820 pixels but takes a portion from the upper and lower sides. With that in mind, we can state that the standard desktop Facebook banner size is 820 x 312 pixels, as both the upper and below sections of your banner are cut by 24 pixels.

Make your photo significantly taller than the recommended 820 x 312 pixels to solve this Facebook cover image problem.

Your image should be 820 pixels wide by 462 pixels height in size.

It adds 75 percent more pixels to the top and bottom of your image, which will be cropped when viewed on a desktop computer.

Our suggestion is to maintain the text and images in the center of the banner. The safe zone is what it’s called. Regardless of the devices your audience uses, banners are supposed to be visible in all of them. So, all information must be in this zone. The diagram below will help you comprehend in a much more straightforward manner.

Facebook banner size

Keeping this in mind, let us go ahead and take a look at the dimensions of other Facebook banners we can utilize on the platform:

Facebook Event Banner Size:

The dimensions on Facebook banners are pretty much the same, no matter where these banners are visible. So, it is vital to follow the following guidelines for your Facebook event banner size!

For event cover photographs, Facebook suggests images with a resolution of 1200 × 628 pixels. It corresponds to a 1.91:1 aspect ratio. The cover picture may, however, be extended depending on the device.

Facebook banner size

As a result, we recommend using a bigger Facebook event photo size than the specified dimensions. Your Facebook event banner should be 1920 x 1005 pixels in size.

Facebook Page Banner Size:

Facebook cover photos are a versatile tool for both personal and commercial sites. The necessity of having the right Facebook business page banner size, on the other hand, is considerably more than with Facebook page banners.

According to Facebook, desktop cover images are 820 pixels wide by 312 pixels tall, while smartphone cover photos are 640 pixels wide by 360 pixels tall.

We recommend choosing the measurements 820px wide by 360px height for your cover photo to look excellent on both desktop and mobile. This size guarantees that your cover picture is tall enough for mobile phones and broad for desktops when viewed on a computer.

Facebook Group Banner Size:

There are picture kinds as banners in the context of Facebook as a social media website, but they’re a little less complex. For example, after entering one of the Facebook groups, a Facebook group banner appears at the top of the website.

Facebook banner size

For the year 2022, the optimal Facebook group cover image size is 1640 x 856 pixels. However, the aspect ratio goes down to 1.91:1. It is the size that will work on both a desktop and a mobile device. So, if you don’t utilize the correct proportions for your Facebook group cover photo, you risk having all of your critical information chopped out!

Facebook Business Page Banner Size:

Creating the ideal Facebook business page banner might be difficult. It is because various devices display the image in varying sizes. On desktops, for example, the cover photo keeps its width while being reduced at the top and bottom. 

Facebook banner size

On the other hand, the image is cropped from the sides on cellphones while maintaining its height. While Facebook suggests an image size of 820 × 360 pixels for banners, it’s best to use a little larger image to allow for cropping. As a result, the ideal cover photo size for a Facebook business page is 1200 x 674 pixels with a 16:9 aspect ratio.

These were some guidelines specific to the different types of Facebook banners that exist on the platform. To have a significant impact on the reach of your content, as a creator, you must optimize your page according to what Facebook thinks will give you the best results! Let us look at some of these tips to ensure that our Facebook banner sizes get the most reach from their potential.

Tips/Good practices to consider for your Facebook Banner

Facebook banner size
  • Use high-quality content only: Low-quality cover photos turn people off and drive them away from interacting more with your brand. Such a negative impact is unfavorable to your Facebook banners, and it is advisable to steer away from utilizing them. Using catchy content of top-notch quality shows the dedication and endeavor you put into your brand as a creator. It increases credibility in your audience’s eyes.
  • Adhere to Facebook’s guidelines: To prevent having your page’s banner flagged, make sure to follow all of the regulations and standards listed on Facebook’s help page to the letter. Because your banner is accessible to the general public, it should not contain any objectionable content or anything that could offend your audience or anybody who visits your page. They shouldn’t be copyrighted or lead your viewers astray in any manner. On their guidelines page, there are a few more things to keep in mind.
  • Videos > Pictures: Your video should be just as simple as a cover photo. Videos tend to catch more attention than photos on social media. Using a catchy video that is non-disruptive and does not negatively impact the user experience is the #1 advice for marketers to follow. Keep in mind that the same guidelines outlined in best practice #1 apply to cover videos.
  • Maintain Your Brand Aesthetic: It’s one of the most underappreciated aspects of your Facebook banner design. To match the tone of your brand, make your banner the same hue as your company’s primary color. 
Facebook banner size

Visual consistency is valuable in all forms of social media and rewards with appropriate interaction. The best Facebook cover images feature a focal point to draw attention to the image and a color palette that complements the rest of the business. Remember that your social media accounts are extensions of your business, and visitors should get that idea straight away. Read more about Facebook cover photos in this article!

These are some guidelines that will ensure your Facebook banner size gets the maximum reach out of its potential. On a final note, we hope that this article enlightens you and makes you focus more on the visual aspect of your Facebook page and how your visitors may perceive it. Optimization of a Facebook page is vital because on social media: if it doesn’t look good, it is not good!

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Now that you know the ideal Facebook banner size and all the guidelines, you need to be the social media marketer of the year. Let us gear you up for you to face your competitors!

Meet Socinator: The #1 Marketing Tool for Social Media in 2022

Facebook banner size

Now that you are a professional at Facebook social media marketing, you need the perfect tool to take on all the other social networks! Even on Facebook, after attracting the traction of your visitors, it is crucial for marketers on the platform to maintain the traction in their hands and not miss out on any losses! Socinator helps you do just that!

Facebook does provide opportunities for your audience to interact with one another. How often do you find yourself wondering about all those times your business was not active, that your postings might have made the feeds of more people in other areas of the world, as long as it does help you engage a bit back with them in return? Or to keep in touch with folks while you’re not online. Isn’t that strange?

It isn’t the case. Facebook can help you automate your Instagram company and offer you even more information than you already have. Growth occurs when you interact with others who connect with you, according to the Instagram algorithm.

Socinator comes with features that make your life easier, such as:

  • Automated Posting
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  • Auto Follow Back
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  • Easy Setup Post Scheduling
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And many more!

Check out Socinator today and maintain the reach you achieve through your endeavors on the platform! Read this article to learn more about the scheduling capabilities of Socinator! Good luck and have a blast through this journey ahead, and make sure to spice it up by using Socinator and liven your experience like never before!

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