Can You Change Your Twitter Handle In 2022?

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Can You Change Your Twitter Handle In 2022?

Of all social media platforms, Twitter definitely seems to be the most flexible when changing your username. After all, you can change your Twitter handle as often as you like. And as long as you don’t mind doing so manually.

Twitter counts to be the absolute platform when it comes to marketing. With over 200 million active users, Twitter makes it easier to find people you are looking for!

Well many users on the platform start their account out of curiosity. Several individuals have created their profiles on Twitter only to keep-up with the trends and activities. It did not matter to have a fitting username on their profile, back when they had generated their Twitter account.

Yes, we exist! 

And now, years later, when we need to leverage Twitter for personal or professional gain, it seems like a big issue to change the username on Twitter to something meaningful that coincides with the username we use in other social media platforms.

Well, if this is your story. Then stick with us to know all the little details of Twitter profile settings.

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What Is Twitter Handle?

Twitter handle is your unique Twitter profile composed of a unique username and account settings that only belongs to one person or organization. Basically, it is an unrepeated website on Twitter, through which you can tweet to anyone, research various trends, use and create hashtags, connect with people, and post anything you like.

A unique username is necessary for a really unique Twitter profile. It is possible to get confused with the concept of creating a profile over here. Many people believe that their Twitter profiles are their unique usernames. 

Well, yes! They are. But there is a little more to that. These profiles are unique websites under the Twitter domain, and these usernames are their site address. Other than a username, a display name is also there. That helps you recognize the person or organization with a full name that is not necessarily distinctive. 

Twitter allows its username to be not more than 15 characters. It means you need to get creative in designing your brand name. Also, finding them available on the platform is a great deal. 

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Why Should You Consider Changing Your Twitter Handle?

Twitter has millions of users. And many times, you don’t always create a Twitter profile handle with the perfect username. Maybe you want something fun, or maybe your goals have changed.

After all, there are no perfect reasons to consider changing your Twitter handle username. And also, there is a saying that you can only change your username before having 1000 tweets. So it is good to find some legit reasons before you go on a username-changing spree.

Let us explore some common occasions suitable for you to change your profile username on Twitter.

  1. Your initial username is not related to any of the usernames of your other social accounts.
  2. You are planning to rebrand your firm.
  3. You could not find the username you were looking for on other social media platforms. So, make changes to your current Twitter username to remain consistent.
  4. Your current username does not relate to your brand.
  5. Your current username is not helping you to grow.

These are some perfect reasons for you to redesign your username on Twitter profile. However, many people believe that you should not change your username when you get a trademark sign – AKA blue tick. It is because there could be malfunctions, and your blue tick can get removed.

Instead, they can practice some other methods of changing their username. 

  1. Profiles on Twitter who are blue tick verified can inform the Twitter platform and put out the request to change your username to ensure their verification remains intact.
  1. Or they can simply modify their display names to ensure they can still remain reachable with that particular username.

How To Change Twitter Handle On Desktop And Mobile?

Whatever the reason you have got, you can change your Twitter username to anything that feels right. 

There are many doubts regarding the change in the Twitter username. One of the most prominent doubts is – Does changing username can affect the user-data of that profile? The answer is No. There will not be any change in the number of followers or the number of tweets you have on your Twitter profile. Only the site address will update.

So now, let us move on to the steps on; How to change your profile on Twitter?

Steps To Change Twitter Handle  Username On Desktop

Step 1: Open your internet browser and search for the Twitter website Once you find it, log in or sign up to your Twitter account.

Step 2: After log-in, go to the left side of the window and click on ‘More’.

Step 3: You can see a menu getting open over there. Click on the ‘Settings and Privacy’ given in the menu.

Step 4: Now, under the ‘Your Account’ section, click on ‘Account Information. You will get navigated into another window where you need to fill in your password to proceed further.

Step 5: After that, click on ‘Username’. 

Step 6: Now, type your desired username.

Step 7: If your desired username is not available, then click on the suggestions given below.

You have successfully changed your Twitter username.

Steps To Change Twitter Handle  Username On Mobile

Step 1: Install the Twitter application on your mobile via the play store or device app store.

Step 2: Now log in or sign up to your Twitter profile.

Step 3: Once you are in, tap to your profile picture. And then click on ‘Settings And Privacy’.

Step 4: Now click on ‘Account’. 

Step 5: After that, tap on ‘Username’ given there. 


You have successfully changed your username.

Important To-Dos Before You Change Your Twitter Username!

  • Inform your followers regarding the change in your Twitter profile so that they can tag the correct profile while tweeting or messaging.
  • Pin your tweets from your new username so that everyone who visits your profile knows that you have changed your Twitter username.


Ever since its inception in 2006, Twitter has grown in leaps and bounds. With its flawless ability to reach out to people in different parts of the world. It has become one of the most favorite social networks among people.

With such a powerful platform by your side, it is no secret that you might want to unlock its true potential. The right Twitter handle username is crucial for you to reach your target audience and build a community. After all, it is an integral part of the Twitter ecosystem.

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