The Best Social Media Campaign Ideas To Sparkle This Diwali

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The Best Social Media Campaign Ideas To Sparkle This Diwali

Have you been looking for some great ideas to design social media campaigns for your brand this Diwali? Just scroll down a bit and check out the amazing social media campaign ideas that you can implement on social media to claim more sales conversions for the festive season.

Every year the festival of lights comes with immense fun, happiness, family bonding and of course lots of shopping. People love to share gifts with their friends and family members to celebrate this festive occasion. And that brings an immense opportunity for brands to bring out their innovative social media campaign ideas and lit up the sales for their business.

Smart marketers are always aware of the fact that promoting their brand using exclusive offers and deals can help them to win a huge chunk of customers especially, during this festive season. This occasion is considered a highly auspicious occasion for purchasing and giving gifts. Being a marketer, don’t you also want to capitalize on this and rev up your social media branding efforts to gain more sales conversions?

If yes, then here are some of the best social media campaign ideas that you can consider for your Diwali campaigns.

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How To Start With Diwali Campaigns On Social Media?

Before starting a Diwali marketing campaign on social media, you should make a foolproof plan and set up your business goals to claim more sales for your business. And according to that only you should customize creations on social media that could bring more audience engagement that can later be converted into sales.

Don’t Wait For Diwali-

Usually, people wait for the festive season when most of the brands bring out with great deals and offers on every purchase. But what if they could claim for the best deals on their purchase even before the Diwali sales period.

The brand came with this idea and launched its marketing campaign to target all those users who want to purchase furniture but are waiting for great deals on the festive season of Diwali. With a trending tagline- Don’t wait for Diwali, they persuaded their customers’ belief by sending the message that there is always available value for their money.


In another campaign of Diwali, they came with a tagline- Is Diwali Kuch Badal Ke Dekhiye. always comes up with such intriguing lines to urge the audience and act positively in their own interest.

Use Diwali Hashtags

On Diwali, many brands use innovative and trending hashtags for their branding. Nowadays, brands are also coming with specific hashtags to target a certain group of audience which can surely be converted into sales.

For example, there was a campaign by Amazon dedicated to all those employees who are unable to visit their homes during Diwali. They have used #NotGoingHome to capture the attention of all those people who are not celebrating Diwali with their family. It also creates a heartwarming impression to consumers. While some of the other brands also run hashtag challenges and contest campaigns on social media platforms so that they can engage and interact with their audience. And people also love to participate in such contests in which they can win amazing prizes in the end.


Just like that, every year brands come up with new trending hashtags on Diwali to captivate the attention of their audience on social media. If you also want your brand to claim for more sales this Diwali, then doing some hashtag research on social media platforms can help you to find some cool and trending hashtags for your Diwali campaign.

To find the most trending and popular Diwali hashtags for your brand, you can employ Socinator automation. As its amazing automation features can help you to search compelling hashtags within a few clicks only.

Quirky Ads On Diwali

Sometimes it is good to be a bit different than a usual run of the mill kind. As you can see that with a conventional marketing campaign, there is quite a competition in the market. And that can’t be easily conquered. So why not bring something new, which is not expected by the audience and they might feel amazed or surprised after seeing your Diwali ad campaign.

Netflix used this formula, showing how every brand makes use of stereotype ads showing lights, candles, lanterns, and children playing with crackers with a  question – Why are you still watching this ad? The voice-over then broadcasts that Diwali ads may never change, but your entertainment options definitely can with Netflix.


What’s the point in showing similar kinds of social media ads to your audience again and again when you can show them something different, which could be really intriguing for them.

Don’t you also think so? Then it’s time to try some quirky ads on this Diwali!

Showing The Bond Of Connection

If you ask me how to form a bond of connection with your audience on social media, I would show you the beautiful Diwali campaign (#KhushiyoKiLadi) by brand Philips. In this ad, they have shown how every small business is connected with each other with relatable scenes of receiving a delivery and purchasing goods. The narration of the story is so smooth and natural that it forms a connection of bond with the audience.

Connecting With  Emotions

Due to the COVID’s economic disruption, it has adversely impacted retail and small business. Even during this festive season, many local shop owners are not expecting big sales.

In this situation, big brands are also trying their best to cheer up the  heroes of the Covid 19 pandemic and also support small retailers to regrow their business. In this year Diwali, Cadbury’s brand has taken this campaign idea by showing the segment of society that has been badly impacted by Covid – the local shop owners.

By showing the emotional side, this campaign inspires the audience to  become a big help for such small business owners.

If you are also facing challenges this Diwali, we hope that you can utilize the above shown strategies to uplift your business.

Also, you can make use of amazing features of all in one social media automation software – Socinator. That would make it easier for you to manage your Diwali Campaigns on multiple social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, etc.

So hurry up! Don’t miss out the great deal on Socinator on Diwali!


As Diwali is approaching, all the brands have become active with their competitive marketing efforts. Nowadays, you can see that brands are inclining towards engagement rather than focusing on the sales. While the key to bring engagement is creativity. If your creation is impressive enough to leave an impact on the audience, then you can be sure to win big sales for your business.

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