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Best Instagram unfollow non followers tools

Instagram is currently one of the most utilized marketing tools across the world. Businesses are using this social media channel to rapidly grow their businesses through the number of their followers. But what if your followed audience does not follow you back? In this article, we will talk about the mass following feature and about the Instagram unfollow non followers tools.

What is mass follow on Instagram?

Mass follow is probably one of the most popular features among Instagram. It is the easiest way to rapidly grow your business It can also have its negative effects. We will talk later about them.

Mass follow means to follow people in bulk hoping they will follow you back. Since they are notified once you started following them, they might have a look at your content and decide to follow you back if they find it interesting.

In order for your mass follow to have positive effects, you need to put a strategy in place and to follow some guidelines:

  • Before mass following people, you can choose some relevant characteristics that will bring your targeted audience closer: age, gender, location, hashtags etc.
  • You need to post specific high-quality content for your targeted audience. You have higher chances of getting a follow back this way.
  • You also need to make sure all the relevant details are completed on your profile. Visuals are probably the most important details on Instagram. Make sure you use them properly when mass following.
  • Even if you have set up an Instagram business profile, keep in mind that people also want to see the person behind the brand. You can alternate your business content with some personal uploads (but don’t be too personal though).
  • You can also conduct a research through your competitors. See which of their posts are the most followed. You can take some tips from them in order to customize your own mass follow.

Why unfollow in bulk

Now, if you have started to mass follow on Instagram, you need to know that this feature may not be positive all the time. At some point, you might need to look for some Instagram unfollow non followers tools.

Here’s why mass following can affect your business:

  • People on Instagram may think that the content is not relevant for their needs or is out of the context.
  • Users can consider that you are trying to manipulate them.
  • The right moment for the marketing specialist may not be the same with the users’ one.

instagram unfollow non followersWhat if the above reasons will not let the real targeted audience follow you? What if your content will not be seen by the right ones even if you are using the mass follow? These are the moments when you should think about the Instagram unfollow non followers tools.

Before talking about this, you can find more information about how to grow your business on Instagram by following the next link.

Best Instagram unfollow non followers tools

Mass follow might work only if the followed people will follow you back. But what happens if they don’t? You might wake up one day and figure out that you are following too many people and the follows back are not significant. Don’t worry, you will get to know the best Instagram unfollow non followers tools and they will help you in “cleaning” up your profile.


Definitely, the best Instagram unfollow non followers tools, Socinator can be you own Instagram marketing assistant. It’s the perfect automation tool for busy marketers.

Socinator it’s the all in one Instagram marketing platform. Its accurate statistics and reports will show you where your business is. You will be able to see exactly what works and what needs to be improved.

You have plenty of features on Socinator and they will help you grow your business. With the unfollow option you will be able to automatically unfollow the Instagram users who are not following you back. After your Instagram account will be tidy again, you can use the auto-follow option. This will search for Instagram users you are looking for and will automatically follow them. Great way of growing your business and making new connections, isn’t it?

If you want to try Socinator before buying it, you can do this for 5 days with just $1. If it will convince you, the price per month starts at $9.95.


Another Instagram unfollow tool, Gramboard has a user-friendly interface and a significant number of features. It is not only an unfollowing tool; you can also use it to automate your likes, comments, posts etc. But we will focus on its very easy to use unfollowing option. Once you customize this tool’s unfollowing options, you can sit and relax. Gramboard will do your job and it will even run 24/7 in the background.

Don’t worry, you won’t have to download an app, as this tool is web-based and will run on all the browsers.


This easy to use tool will help you to unfollow up to 1400 people per day. The only requirement is to add an account and click on the “run unfollowing” option. No login or password will be saved, in order to protect your data. The tool is really fast and it will allow you to add up to 50 Instagram profiles to your account. Once you have added them, there will be no need for you to do this at every login.


We have talked about mass follow and Instagram unfollow non followers tools. What you need to keep in mind is that, even if you will use the mass follow and/or the unfollow tools, you need to always make sure that you will only upload high-quality content and you will always care about the people around you, even if you only stay connected with them on social media.


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