A Complete Guide for Twitter Marketing Strategies To Use In 2019

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A Complete Guide for Twitter Marketing Strategies To Use In 2019

Twitter has been one of the best marketing platforms for marketers. With the number of 330 monthly active users, Twitter holds the fourth position as the largest social media.

However, many of the marketers still struggle to build a dominating strategy so that they could gain better from Twitter marketing platform.

Are you also one of those marketers?

In this article, you would find how you can build the best Twitter marketing strategies which would help you to grow your brand on this platform.

But before starting your journey on Twitter as a marketing platform, you should know that; Why Twitter should be part of your marketing campaign?

As you know that Twitter is a global social media with over 330 million users. Based on a stats report of Twitter it has been found that 66% of the brands with 100+ employees do have a presence of their brand on Twitter. It has also become the best interface between the brands and its users. Based on the real-time news reporting, Twitter is more of a public space compare to Facebook.

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Here are shown some reasons why Twitter is great platform for marketing:

Users engage with Brands on Twitter

Twitter has become the best medium for customers to praise, complaint, request and interact with brands which is beneficial for both customer and business companies. If your brand is not on twitter, then you are missing the opportunity to interact with your customers which might also help you to enhance your sales result.

Twitter Engagement

The potential audience on Twitter

Twitter has a massive number of monthly active users. As people make use of Twitter to engage with their friends, family and to connect with business brands which they like. That is the reason why most of the brands are active on Twitter. So that they could be able to gain a more followers and potential audience on the Twitter platform.

Potential Audience

Improving advertising tools

Twitter has imposed many restrictions on using advertising tools, which happens because of the overuse of the automation for bulk posting, auto-liking duplicate tweets etc. However, automation tools have also made strides in the direction of improvement, as now instead of bulk posting you can schedule your post in a time-wise manner.

Twitter-adsTwitter search is a valuable asset

For business companies, Twitter can be considered as a valuable asset. Since using the Twitter advanced search, you can easily find people those who are interested in your brand products. Which means that using Twitter, you can get the best opportunity to identify your potential customer.

Twitter marketing strategy
Twitter Search

Mobile users of Twitter

Compare to other social media channels Twitter has a vast audience of mobile users. Based on the statistic report, around 80% of Twitter access it from their mobile device. If you are targeting mobile users to enhance the reach of your brand, then Twitter is the best media option you have that could be leveraging for your business.

Mobile User

These are the several features of Twitter which exhibit the importance of it as a marketing channel.

However, if you want to establish your brand presence on Twitter, then here are shown some strategies which you can apply in your marketing campaign:

Multiple Campaigning on Twitter

There might be a chance that you won’t be able to gain success on your first attempt. While instead of working on a single idea, you can start multiple campaigning where you can change the tone in each campaign. That way you can enhance the chances of success of your Twitter marketing campaign.

Twitter-ad-campaignChoose Trending Content for Your Tweets

Most of the people follow trending content over social media, which also applies to Twitter users. While to gain more audience on the platform, you need to be quick with your trending tweets. So that your tweets would gain more audience than the tweets of your competitors.

You can also make use of automation tools like Socinator, using which you can easily research on the hot topics to find the most trending content. That way you could be able to gain more engagement on your tweets.

Engagement based on Keywords

Attractive Images, Videos, Blogs

Once you have researched about the content you are going to post on Twitter, you need to start creating your content for your posts. As you can add images in your tweets which should be 1042 x 512 pixels in size and you can also complement texts with that. In the case of video content, you can add up to a length of 2 minutes 20 seconds in a post.

Engage with Your Audience

As your tweets are gaining engagement, people would comment and retweet your posts. While you should monitor such tweets and reply to the comments of your audience. That way you can encourage such an audience to invest in your brand stuff so that you could generate better ROI for your business.

Schedule Your Tweets

In every second, thousands of tweets appear on Twitter. If you want to get more views on your Tweets, then you need to tweet your content when most of your audience are active on Twitter. You can also schedule your tweets based on special occasions and events using Socinator automation.

Schedule Your Tweets

If you want your tweets to stay alive on Twitter for a longer interval of time, you can make use of Socinator automation to retweet your old tweets. That way your post would be able to visible for a longer interval of time.

For successful Twitter marketing strategies what you need most is preparation. Without proper planning and research, it won’t be easier for you to gain better results. While you can make use automation to simplify the process of your research.

The thing which differs Twitter from other social media platform is the direct interaction between brands and their users. As the user can directly post a comment to the tweets of brands which they follow, and brands can also reply to the requests of their user. That’s the reason why Twitter is the best platform for the brands to build one to one relationship with their audience.


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