7 Ways to Grow Your Twitter Account Faster

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7 Ways to Grow Your Twitter Account Faster

Time means money nowadays and you need to try the best ways of growing your business. The good news is that you can do this very easily through social media. One of the online channels is Twitter. This article will show you 7 ways of growing your Twitter account with minimum efforts. As a preview, one of them is an auto retweet tool. We will talk about it in a bit.

1. Follow your targeted audience

People are essential for your business. They will follow an account if they like what they see. This is why you need to pay attention to what you share on the social media platform. Your content needs to respect the highest standards and Twitter’s guidelines.

When you see that someone is following you, try to create a connection with that person. See that person’s interests and what he or she likes. You can start liking the person’s posts and comments after following him/her. Don’t do these actions randomly. Engage with people who engage with you; people who are visiting your profile regularly and leave comments on your content.

2. Show people you are active

It is important to stay active on your profile, especially if you have a business and you want it to be successful. People need to see that you are there. You need to post new and relevant thins every day. As a suggestion, you can share your experience about an event, a book that you liked and think that your targeted audience might also like it, a conference etc. You can also create polls and ask people for their opinions.

Make positive customer experience one of your most important goals. Take the example of someone who is not happy with one of your products or services and posts this on Twitter. If you are not very active on the platform, things may escalate and people might start doubting. Make sure that you first apologize for an unpleasant situation and then do your best to solve it. Assure your targeted audience that this is not going to happen again.

auto retweet tool3. Try to retweet some people on a daily basis

Here’s what a retweet is, in case you are not familiar with it: is simply reposting other Twitter user’s post to your own profile. By doing this, you are showing your followers that they are really important to you and you appreciate their content. It’s another way of growing your Twitter account. As long as you are retweeting a few people regularly, you will increase their trust in you. It’s like making them know that their tweets can be retweeted someday. People like to feel proud and important.  This is also a way of inter-connecting people and making them share their opinions easier and faster. Try to retweet new users every day.

You can perform this action with the help of an auto-retweet tool. This is another suggestion of the article.

4. Concentrate on your topic, niche, and industry

People can do almost everything on social media. If you want to be successful, you need to create a marketing strategy specific to your business.

Don’t try to be all over the place, it will not help you. Instead, try to focus on what really matters for your business and stay committed. Organize all your online actions thinking about your targeted audience and what they like to see. It is proven that we like to see enjoyable content, so you can start here. Furthermore, don’t go outside the boundaries of your industry. Keep your account in good order.

5. Follow an 80/20 rule

This means that you should spend 80% of your time on Twitter connecting and engaging with people and performing other activities related to your targeted audience. You can promote others on your Twitter profile (this is retweet-related; don’t forget that you can use an auto retweet tool).

You should use the rest of 20% indirectly promoting your business. You can do this by sharing your products or services, website and content.

This is the best way of keeping things balanced: you will gain new followers without over-promoting. People don’t like this.

6. Make sure that your Twitter profile photo is unique

Actually, this should have been the first advice. It is essential for people to see the person behind the brand. Engagement is made between people and this is important for them to see something personal from your side, rather than seeing only a picture containing a logo. This is the perfect way of making people trust you more. Where there is trust, engagement is right behind the corner.

Before you will learn more about the best auto retweet tool, in this article you will discover five reasons to use social media as a marketing tool.

7. Socinator – or the best auto retweet tool

If you are looking for a tool that will grow your Twitter account faster and with minimum effort, Socinator is the best one. It’s not only an auto retweet tool, but it also has many other features that will be a mine of gold for you.

Having Socinator is like having your own online marketing assistant. There is a minimum effort that you will have to make before using it; you will have to customize its settings. The app will then make sure your Twitter account is growing continuously.

Socinator will automate actions such as liking, commenting, sharing posts, reply to messages, sending messages etc.

You can also have real-time reports and statistics so that you can track what’s happening on your profile.

Socinator can be yours starting for only $9.95 per month.

Now that you have 7 suggestions of growing your Twitter account faster, you can start anywhere. Set up your profile and then you can start using an auto retweet tool. Keep your account away from trouble by respecting Twitter’s guidelines.  Most important, always focus on your targeted audience. Do everything you do for them. People are the key to success. If you make them happy and feel appreciated, they will make your business grow. In the end, it’s a win-win situation.


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