6 Ways to Rock Your Facebook Account

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6 Ways to Rock Your Facebook Account

Facebook can be an exceptional marketing tool. After reading this article, you will know 6 ways that will rock your Facebook account. As a preview, unfriending the wrong people is one of them. You probably haven’t thought about this. Not to say that unfriending can be done via a Facebook unfriend tool. Are you curious now?

I. Set a proper Facebook business profile

This is the first step to success. If you have a business, make it look fabulous on your Facebook profile. There are some basic steps required to do this First, provide relevant information about your business. People need to know who you are and what you are doing. They also need to know details about your products or services. If you think that you have too many things to write about them, just provide a brief description and add a link to your website.

facebook unfriend toolYou will also need to provide information such as where you are located, your business hours, and your average time of replying to peoples’ suggestions or complaints and so on.

The first impression really matters on social media. Make sure you choose the best profile photo. It not necessarily has to be containing an enormous logo of your brand. Put something enjoyable and representative for your business’s values.

II. Focus on quality instead of quantity

And we are talking here about your posts, the number of likes, comments, and the shared content. A golden rule for business people is that sharing high-quality content is a must and not something optional. Instead of sharing a lot of irrelevant for your targeted audience, you can choose to share less, but a qualitative one.

This also applies when you like, comment or send friend requests on Facebook. You always need to focus on your targeted audience and especially on their needs and what they will like to see on your products or services. Keep yourself away from performing some random actions like the one described above. Having too many random friends on this social media platform can be handled with a Facebook unfriend tool.

III. Use Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are the easiest way of growing your business. You need to pay attention to some guidelines and success is guaranteed.

Make sure that you address your ads to your targeted audience. People tend to remember something they have seen instead of something they have heard. This is what psychologists are calling visual memory.

Keep your ads with minimum to no text, if possible. Facebook is more willing to approve ads containing only visual content.

Make your ad visible and avoid using Facebook’s blue color. People will not notice your ad unless it’s unique.

IV. Don’t over-promote

Yes, you have a business and you want to promote it. You might also use a Facebook unfriend tool at some point but keep your profile away of what it’s called over-promoting.

Make a rule of alternating connection and communication with your targeted audience and promoting your business.

Some marketers are recommending an 80/20 rule. This means that 80% of your online time needs to be spent in making new connections and providing positive customer experience and the rest of 20% in promoting your business per se. Don’t forget that people matter the most when it comes to your business. They are the ones liking or disliking your products or services. Ask for their feedback constantly if you want to be a top performer.

V. Unfriend people to start fresh-use a Facebook unfriend tool, if needed

It might not sound that pretty, but sometimes unfriending on Facebook is necessary. Especially if you have people who are not part of your targeted audience. In this situation, people who really count might not be visible. If you notice this happening, it’s time to “clean” your Facebook account. Don’t worry. Random people will probably not notice that they have been unfriended.

If you have many friends on Facebook and you only want to keep the relevant ones and make room for new people, unfriending might be the resolution.  It’s something that many brands are doing nowadays. If you reach the conclusion that this is overwhelming, you can use a Facebook unfriend tool anytime. It’s never too late to start fresh and to keep your page tidy.

VI. Stay authentic

People also need to meet the person behind the brand. Let them know who you are. Be visible without giving the impression that you are a spammy bot. Indeed, you can use all many automation tools, including a Facebook unfriend tool, but remain authentic. Keep your account genuine for the people who are following and not only. Do this also for yourself. Promote the person you are, with no lies and no fake information about your business.


This article has shown you 6 ways to rock your Facebook account. The unfriending option remains a sensitive subject even if so many businesses are not afraid to do it. People come and go, and this is why is so important to keep only the ones that will have a significant importance for your business.

Every time you are thinking of unfriending someone, you probably ask yourself if you really need to do this. The answer is simple and it all depends on you. If that random Facebook friend affects your visibility on other relevant social media friends, then the answer is yes. You should unfriend the person. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this manually, a Facebook unfriend tool can be a great help. You will only have to customize some settings and the tool will perform the “embarrassing” action on your behalf. Usually, social media tools can also automate other actions such as liking, commenting, following or even sharing posts. So you can compensate an unfriend with a like or comment for someone making part of your targeted audience.

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