Inbound Marketing Automation: 6 Killer Ways to Address Solution

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Inbound Marketing Automation: 6 Killer Ways to Address Solution

Marketing these days is no more about just talking about a product. Therefore, marketers are now using inbound marketing to attract buyers to their products and services by using unique content and addressing customer pain points. Inbound marketing automation is used to make an impression on buyers’ minds. The component of any successful inbound marketing strategy is about engaging with the buyers at every stage of their buyer journey. The former allows you to send personalized emails based on an individual’s interest using the power of automation.  

The tug of war between Marketing Automation VS Inbound Marketing continues as people still don’t know the power of automation over marketing. 80% of businesses aren’t using marketing automation and rely only on traditional inbound marketing methods. With Marketing automation tools and software, you can manage your workflow and boost efficiency levels.

Automation software lets you build databases of reliable customer data that can be tailored to communicate with new potential customers in a personalized way. Inbound marketing isn’t enough when your product and services are new and shiny. 

In other words, You need more customers, but how do you start? Once you have assembled the ingredients for a successful inbound marketing strategy. You have blog posts that address your readers’ issues and you have keywords that prospects will use to find them. You can tell from the increased search traffic from Google that there are new potential customers for your business on the horizon. Activate your inbound marketing automation formula using these six killer ways!

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Here are the 6 Killer ways to Address Solutions through Inbound Marketing Automation

1. Connects you with the Site Visitor


Inbound marketing automation lets you connect with site visitors and impact them with email workflow, letting you automate campaigns. To make an impact on customers, you can use software like Socinator. That allows you to connect with the site visitors who are ready to buy your products or services. 

The opportunity to engage with a potential customer precisely as they decide to purchase is critical because if they leave to look elsewhere and come back, they may not be as likely to convert. To keep them engaged and increase your revenue.

Marketing automation is software that tracks leads and retargets website visitors who don’t convert. It allows your team to analyze its marketing strategy and consider ways to improve the number of leads it gets. At the same time, help your company with marketing automation.

2. Automate more Than Just Emails


Your marketing team can firstly create social media posts. Secondly, nurture leads with an email campaign. Thirdly create a landing page and blog. Therefore everything via one software. In other words, it saves up time while your team is creating campaigns. It helps in scaling the business by spending more time connecting to subscribers and increasing sales. So, getting the marketing process automated will save your time to invest in managing other productive things.

A marketing automation platform streamlines your workflow by automating the task of the social media manager. For instance- email marketing, scheduling, and posting on social media. Automation is more than email automation with Socinator.

It’s a process of reaching out through a variety of Facebook tools – Pages and Groups, Messenger, Events, Ads, and Instagram. The best part is that it allows you to stay connected with customers after they purchase! Inbound marketing tasks include – email campaigns, lead nurturing, social media marketing, finding prospective clients, etc. 

3. Provide a High Rate of Return


Marketing automation software can lead to a 14.5% increase in sales productivity and a 12.2% reduction in marketing overhead. As a result, it will generate more leads and increase sales. That means the marketing department will spend more time strategizing ways to increase conversion rates. While the sales team works on increasing productivity. It’s a win-win.

It can also help with increasing conversion and managing your leads effectively. On the other hand, marketing automation software allows you to track leads and retarget site visitors who do not convert, increasing your conversion rate. It also allows your team to analyze its marketing strategy and consider how to get visitors to convert.

4. Easy to Integrate with other Tools


There is a vast range of tools that you can use. However when we talk about managing everything on social media. From blogs to posts to videos, there is a filtered list. For instance, the best you can use is Socinator

It’s an inbound marketing automation software that helps you attract, convert, and close more customers. Connect the former tool with your website, blog, social media pages, content, and CRM systems. As a result, it works best for small to medium businesses looking to grow and boost their business.

5. Automate Engagement of Visitors


 Automate Engagement of Visitors. With Socinator, you can automate the engagement of visitors by sending them a welcome email, asking them to follow you on social networks, and even creating an auto-responder campaign. Using tools like Socinator, you can also schedule post engagement for all social media handlers from blog to post. Everything can be managed, from auto-follow, auto comment, reshare, auto-reply, endorse, auto-publish post, etc. 

6. Lead Nurturing is Possible


Lead nurturing is a process that helps companies save time and money by using inbound marketing techniques. Moreover, inbound leads are more likely to convert than other types of communication. Consequently, channels like email, live chat, and SMS messaging, have been shown to convert at a higher rate than other types of communication.

Automation inbound marketing makes lead nurturing possible and helps the company convert prospective leads to customers and prospective customers to promoters. Using automation, you can divide prospects into various segments and send the most relevant message to each prospect. Companies using personalization on a larger scale can nurture their leads using marketing automation. 

Social media has the power to reach millions of individuals around the globe. Inbound marketing automation aims to make repetitive tasks smoother. As a result, social media managers of various companies get some extra time to perform other tasks. With such tools lead nurturing gets easy and affordable.

In Short

With Socinator, you can dominate the social handlers with its easy management. Marketing automation provides streamlined reporting for everything. Starting from campaigns, posts, and content to give a detailed view of what functions and what is not functioning. 

Automation inbound marketing has helped marketers be more result-oriented and less management-oriented. It works best on Windows 7 and higher operating systems. Using this application, you can easily automate Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Twitter, Reddit, and Quora. Other features offered by socinator include- auto shortening URLs, auto-submit captcha verification, and automatically publishing from RSS.

Avail the benefit of socinator today and scale your business. You can select packages based on your requirement and business automation needs. With inbound marketing automation, you can address customers’ problems without hitting the boredom of managing redundant social media tasks. Based on your business needs ranging from 10 social media accounts to unlimited accounts, socinator has got you covered.

Also, read the perks of marketing automation software to make the best decision for your business. In short, grab the opportunity of making an impact on social media in less time. Therefore, Socinator is the social dominator in a true sense. In conclusion, join the social dominator today! And dominate the globe with your influence! Get the best for your business and dominate the world with your productive tactic.


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