5 Effective Pinterest Ad Hacks to Boost Your Ecommerce

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5 Effective Pinterest Ad Hacks to Boost Your Ecommerce

Considering the number of active users, you shouldn’t ignore Pinterest for the promotion of your e-commerce business. In the year 2019 alone, Pinterest got a new 70 million monthly active users. The total number of active users is now 335 million every month, and the number is ever-increasing every day.

The following graph clearly shows how Pinterest is getting more popular among social media users.




It shows the importance of social media in terms of creating engagement. That is why most of the e-commerce businesses now concentrate on Pinterest while deciding their online marketing strategy for promotion. 

The site was launched ten years ago, yet the site made it to one the top of all social media. It is a notable competitor for Facebook, Instagram, and so on.

Within these times, so many social media platforms were launched along with it. But, most of those couldn’t stand the competition, whereas it was different for Pinterest. It made its position, and till now it is thriving among so many competitors.

New or already existing e-commerce businesses can get the much-needed boost and can drive genuinely interested customers to their business through Pinterest.

For promoting an e-commerce business, the Pinterest ad is another effective way to reach out to potential customers. 

But just a whimsical ad launch in the Pinterest network may fall short while bringing the ultimate desirable result. For avoiding such an outcome, so many e-commerce businesses implement some ad hacks to their Pinterest ad campaigns.

So, let’s get to know about five effective Pinterest ad hacks to boost your e-commerce business.

Five effective Pinterest ad hacks to boost an e-commerce business

Pinterest ads significantly help to drive traffic, increase engagement, connect with the customers, and increase the sales of your e-commerce business.

Following certain aspects, launching a Pinterest ad for your e-commerce business helps to boost the business tremendously.  By examining so many Pinterest ads of different e-commerce businesses, we have picked five effective Pinterest ad hacks that can enhance your business.

So, let’s dive in:

1. Use appealing visual that matches with your storytelling

Pinterest is a visual-based social media. The images or the visuals that you are going to choose will make your ad campaigns a success. These are a significant medium to highlight your brand and storytelling to your potential clients. 

So before launching your ad campaign on Pinterest, make sure your content marketing team is creating an appealing story-line that matches with your brand. So, when the visual matches with the story-line, the entire ad campaign becomes successful in getting the expected engagement.

Through successful storytelling, the audience will be able to relate to your brand. So try to connect with your target audience to an emotional level. It will eventually trigger their mind to check out your e-commerce store.

These are a few tips while having a visual storytelling ad campaign for your e-commerce business;

  • Try to use clean and simple images.
  • Make sure the ad runs well on mobile devices as most of the active users use Pinterest through mobile.
  • Pick the images that convey the story and represent your e-commerce business well.
  • Try to use all vertical images. Data says vertical images perform much better than the square or horizontal pictures. And try to get the best quality images for your ad campaign.
  • The ad must convey the message about whom you can help in achieving the goal.
  • The ad also must show the difficulties and challenges.
  • Your story must convey that your product or services can alleviate those existing difficulties and challenges.

Through all these, you can build trust for your e-commerce business among your targeted customers. 

2. Re-purpose the best organic pins for advertising

Not all pins are going to get the expected attention from the Pinterest platform. To find out which pins get the most clicks, likes, and repins, you will have to find out what works best on your profile.

Once you figure it out, it would be better to post content of that sort. It is found that pins with the most organic positive response get the best result after promoting it. So re-purposing the best organic pins for advertising is another Pinterest ad hack to boost your e-commerce business.

So always, keep on producing content. And be very mindful that which of those contents go viral. According to the virality of the pin, the real outcome will come after promotion. It is your content that must grab the attention of the people at first.

Before launching a campaign, always check on the analytics to know which of your pins are performing better. It means which pin has the highest number of repins, likes, and clicks. After having a look at this, decide in which pin you are going to invest in getting the expected outcome.

3. Try to provide elaborate and well-crafted pin descriptions

Words and the selection of those words matter a lot. By choosing the right words, you can influence the mind of the people how they would react to a specific ad of yours. While making an ad along with the visuals, the text is also crucial in Pinterest.

To create a thriving ad campaign on Pinterest, you have to use the words that grab the attention of the people and convey what you want to be told. The words must align with the features of your promoted words. 

There are so many options to use the words on your Pinterest campaigns. By using those words, you can make people more curious about the service or the products that you are offering.

So don’t just create an ad out of whim by not taking enough needed time. Take the time to select the words for your advertisement. These words ultimately lead the traffic to do your desired action, whether it is to collect a lead, selling a digital product, or membership subscription, and so on.

If you are not sure yet, which words are going to work, just keep doing different experiments. Eventually, with the time, you will figure it out.

4. Try different ad formats

Pinterest comes with various ad formats while launching an ad campaign to promote your product. So to grab the attention of your ideal client, you can try different ad formats. Then you can ultimately settle for the one that works best for them.

These are the basic ad format types on Pinterest,

Promoted carousel ads

This kind of ad was launched on Pinterest back in November 2018. So it is a comparatively newer kind of Pinterest ad. You can show your products for e-commerce business with up to five images. 

Such ads show up to Pinterest home feed, search fields, and related pins, and many more. If you want to show multiple products to your audience with a single ad, then this is going to be the ultimate choice for you.



Promoted pins

These are the oldest ad formats on Pinterest. A pin is chosen to promote to reach more targeted customers. 

Most of the promoted pins pop up in the home feed, search result pages, and so on. If an active user shares a pin of yours, it doesn’t show the promoted words.

So in this way you can get free exposure.




Buyable pins




Such ads are also called “shop the look”. This buyable pin can be used for shopping directly. 

These pins are getting quite popular among e-commerce businesses.

You can create such a buyable pin by using the Pinterest tagging tool. Then you can promote that pin.

Story pins

In story pins as a business owner, you get to add up to 20 pages of information related to your product. Such pins appear in the home feed, and you can promote those pins as well.

Promoted video pins

Just like the promoted Pinterest pin, it is also another type of promoted pin. But here, the difference is that it displays video instead of still pictures. It comes in the home feed, search feed, and the “more like this” section of Pinterest.

As the video contents are thriving now, promoted video pins are more likely to get 50% more views compared to the other pins.

Promoted App Pins

Through the promoted app pin, you get the audience the opportunity to download the app directly from the Pinterest platform. For boosting your e-commerce business, it can be quite helpful to promote the app of your business.

5. Separate mobile and desktop by campaign

If you are working for quite a long time in the digital marketing arena, you must have known by now that how the users would react varies according to the devices. It is no different for Pinterest as well.

The user interface and how the users experience this social media site differ significantly on it. Even the cost of running campaigns varies according to it.

The CPC or cost per click of running a campaign is much cheaper on mobile devices compared to the other devices. 

So when you maintain separate budgets for ad placements for different devices, you get a different scenario. Based on that, you can decide where you are getting the most return on investment or ROI.

Then you can decide on running your future Pinterest campaigns accordingly.

Wrapping Up

While having an e-commerce business, if you are still not using Pinterest for the promotion of your product, then you are missing out. So don’t overlook it. It can bring tons of conversion to your business. 

So, know your brand and keep on experimenting by launching different types of ad campaigns on the internet. This way, you can figure out what is going to work best for you.