09 Thanksgiving Themed Ideas For Social Media

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09 Thanksgiving Themed Ideas For Social Media

As the Thanksgiving countdown has begun, businesses are looking for new ways to enjoy the season while improving brand memory. Thanksgiving social media posts are also a great approach to attract customers’ attention. They also help keep your business relevant at this time of giving thanks – and spending a lot of money. However, if you want your Thanksgiving social media posts to stand out, you’ll need killer Thanksgiving ideas that will instantly engage users and followers.

Meanwhile, when everyone is busy calculating how many days until Thanksgiving, you can stay ahead in the game with these listed ideas for Thanksgiving social media postings.

Make Fantastic Graphic Designs

Almost all of these Thanksgiving marketing ideas for your business might benefit from graphic design. Professional graphic designers can develop illustrations for your Thanksgiving social media posts, landing pages for your website, flyers, banners, posters, and plenty of other promotional collateral. Competition is tough in this age of advanced technology, and being recognized by your target audience is no easy task.

It might be tough to stand out in a crowd. It is especially true for small firms attempting to compete with larger, wealthier rivals. Having a fantastic graphic design will help you stand out from the crowd and grab everyone’s attention.

Thank Them with a Kind Message


Some of the most simple Thanksgiving marketing strategies may make a big difference. With a quick email or direct mail thank-you message, remind consumers that you care about them. Make sure the tone and content are consistent with your company’s identity. Consider the emotion you wish to elicit with this short statement.

Perhaps you want to instill pride in the community or a sense of shared history. You may add a brief tale about a touching gesture you witnessed. Or how about applauding the community for coming together in the aftermath of a terrible disaster? Customers want to know that your company shares its beliefs. So, when it comes to Thanksgiving marketing, don’t be afraid to feel a touch sentimental.

Launch a Social Media Marketing Campaign

It’s the season for giving and receiving love. Begin a social media campaign by asking your followers to use a hashtag you develop to share their gratitude or stories. Your company may start a social media campaign by publishing a message and inviting others to join in.

Don’t forget to tag people and urge them to mention your company if they want to participate. Consider awarding a prize to the person who receives the most likes or comments on their story if you’re willing to do so. It’s an excellent approach to attract your audience to join.



A unique, eye-catching, and mind-blowing best posts for your post might appear out of nowhere at any time. That is why having a helping hand, such as a Socinator, is always a good idea.

Why not use Socinator to plan a post this Thanksgiving ahead of time?

Socinator helps you with social media management of several profiles from a single, simple, and simple interface. You may also plan an infinite number of postings and automate every operation.

Auto-Schedule posts gather posts as they are published and store them until the prerequisites for the appropriate posting time reach. Among other choices, you can post articles at certain times, on specific days, and with a minimum time gap between them.

Socinator is a great application that allows you to publish to all the social media platforms in a variety of ways. You have the option of scheduling your posts based on your preferences.

Contribute to the Community


While publishing posts for Thanksgiving ads is vital, it is not the same as “marketing.” Marketing is any activity you do to promote or position your business. It isn’t necessarily about producing money in the near term. While raising brand recognition and cultivating a positive attitude about your company may not instantly result in sales, it is crucial to your bottom line.

The holidays are an excellent time to build favorable brand awareness. There are several events to attend, organizations to support, and fundraisers to organize.

If you’re stuck on ideas, keep in mind that Thanksgiving is, after all, a culinary holiday. By conducting a food drive at your place of work, you may improve your company’s image while also doing something good for your neighborhood. Canned food drives are simple to organize and publicize, and there are plenty of churches, synagogues, food banks, and charities in the region willing to assist you.

Organize a Holiday Contest, Challenge, or Giveaway


Organizing a contest or challenge is a guaranteed approach to get people interested in your company. Competitions can help you increase your social media engagement and grow your email list.

When it comes to competitions, creativity is crucial. Why not encourage people to submit their Thanksgiving wish lists and then award the winner with everything on their list? Encourage individuals to compose a Thanksgiving limerick or haiku, then employ user-generated material by urging them to submit a short video.

You might do a photo caption contest (what are the thoughts of everyone at the table?) or a competition to “paint a pumpkin.” Alternatively, you may challenge folks to adapt a traditional Thanksgiving side dish into a dessert.

Give an award to your brand’s best Thanksgiving mascot design. Encourage your fans to be creative by adding a customized spin to common holiday goods.

If the competitive attitude doesn’t appeal to your marketing sensibilities, you can always help make someone’s Thanksgiving weekend a little bit better by going the philanthropic route.

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Get a Head Start on Black Friday

Offer pre-Thanksgiving specials that are comparable to Black Friday discounts to set your company unique. If you operate an online business, consider providing free delivery and other attractive incentives. You’ll not only stand out from the crowd, but you’ll also be well-positioned once the holiday shopping season kicks off.

Give a Culinary Demonstration for Thanksgiving

Hold a cooking demonstration if you offer food, spices, sauces, or anything else linked to the kitchen to generate interest in your company. Use the Live option (it’s free and simple), although you might want to make several non-live trial runs first. Demonstrate to consumers how to cook a delicious appetizer, main dish, or dessert using one of your goods or components, and be sure to actively publicize it beforehand to ensure that you have plenty of viewers.

Donate to a Homeless Shelter

Social media can be an efficient means to generate money for a good cause and a tool for small companies to make sales. Use your social media contacts to help collect donations for a homeless shelter so that people in need can have a Thanksgiving dinner.

Run a Contest


What better way to thank folks who have supported your small company over the last year than by providing something pleasant to them? With a Giveaway, you can thank your loyal customers and fans!

Choose a beautiful item to give away. It might be one of your favorite products or services, or you could buy something special to give away. If you can help another small company in the process, you’ll get bonus points! You may form a partnership and hold a giveaway together. To be entered to win, ask others to share your post or tag a few friends.

It doesn’t matter how you go about it; what matters is that you’re sharing the love while also gaining some extra exposure!

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

Adding a unique spin to your small company marketing strategy isn’t just for Thanksgiving. It should be something you do regularly to provide your audience with new content to chew. Customers are more inclined to support your business and buy from your online store if you provide them with more value and connect with them on their terms. Meet them on the channel they’re most likely watching, offer comedy and empathy, and suggest alternatives for making their Christmas season more fascinating and relaxing—and they’ll turn to you for amusement.

People will be ready to eat, buy, and prepare for winter utilizing your company’s products or services over Thanksgiving, making it an even essential time to do so. Try out these Thanksgiving social media posts and more right away to reap the rewards of holiday marketing!