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YouTube is growing day-by-day because users publish more than 700,000 hours of video each day on YouTube, and only a few of those videos are succeeding. In 2019, YouTubers’ channels are distended by over 25%, and there are 15 million independent creators who post 80 million videos per month. To know how to measure YouTube success, you need to know about the metrics in YouTube Analytics.     

If you are a YouTuber & want to get the highest rank in your videos above the competitions, you should know which metrics matter, and based on these how to create videos that people love and also well known about the best YouTube marketing tips to promote your YouTube channel.   

In this blog, I will share the top 7 metrics to analyze youtube ad performance that all YouTubers and video marketers should be concentrating on, how to make the best possible outcomes. I will define every single metric, the reason why it matters, and the solution of what you can do so that these metrics will work for you.   

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Why does someone need to Use YouTube Ads?   

Spending money on advertisements comes with certain risks. You never know if your ads will invest for themselves or users in your preferred market will even notice your text. Still, paid ads are the mainstream of social media marketing channels, and there are significant explanations to uses YouTube ads.   

Seventy percent of YouTube users claim that the platform gives them information about several new brands so that they are four times more fascinated to use YouTube to inquiry about a brand, product, or facility. According to viewers, they buy a product after watching it on YouTube. A YouTube video will be successful when it begins with knowing your viewers’ requirements, understanding who you want to share with, and customizing the ad to that target audience. For doing all sorts of things, data helps you to do that.   

What YouTube says to YouTubers   

what youtube- says- to- youtubers

YouTube wants more users to view several videos they can watch for a longer time. And to do this, YouTube has planned a structure that influences YouTubers who attract and catch user attention and increase profits.  

In a clearer sentence, when your videos are made of what people see as they keep content, the platform improves viewer profiles. It measures how much time your videos are consuming by viewers, how frequently they have watched those videos with a host of other aspects.   

7 metrics that all YouTubers should be concentrating    

Talking about how YouTube offers viewers is a significant part of creating content and a record-breaking outcome for your youtube channel and users. The easiest method to recognize how these metrics are according to YouTuber’s requirements is to rank your content in the first position, known as the Viewer Consumption Cycle. The viewer consumption cycle is dividing into three parts. They are:   

  • Attraction. Metrics, which are related to attracting users.   
  • Consumption. Metrics, which follow users and the process they acquire your videos.   
  • Feedback. Metrics that follow how users respond to your videos.   

As you know, attraction influences consumption and consumption leads to feedback, and the sequence repeats itself. E.g., when users see an attractive heading and the thumbnail you have posted, that is what we call the attraction period. When the tab on your video and view it, that is what we call the consumption period. The feedback period contains how long they spend watching the video. These metrics are grouped and analyzed by YouTube. Let us look into each period and metric.   

Attraction metrics   

Attraction metrics point out how successfully your videos attract users. These contain traffic sources demographics, impression tab-through charges, and views per single watcher.   

1. Traffic sources   

Traffic sources are all the sites from where your YouTube videos attract users. When there are several, these three enormously pull more traffic than all others:   

Search. These are users who get videos through the search section. You get more users engagement in your video, the more views you are likely to receive.   

Recommended Views. Traffic from videos that perform together with the video a user is viewing. And are present in the auto playlist. Recommended Views videos are the way to your new video views.   

Browse. These are videos that perform on a viewers’ home page screen. YouTube will display your video to a small number of users that are showing curiosity about your content times, and it can be the last seven to 28 days when they see your videos once, they will get the notification of your new video on their home page.   

How do improvement in your videos using traffic sources?   

Finding your videos to view in a search bar, recommended views, and be shared with your users includes improving your content. There are three components about how to optimize your content:   

  • Make some strong, catchy video headings   
  • Front-load your headings by keywords   
  • Include keywords in your description   

2. Impressions click-through ratio   

impression-click-through-youtube- ad -performance

Impressions click-through ratio measures how frequently a user watches a video after viewing an impression on YouTube. It is a great offer for independent video creators, too. If you receive tons of traffic and impressions on your videos but rarely any tabs, your video thumbnails and headings may not be pulling your target users.   

On the other side, if you receive tons of clicks that consume the least amount of watching hours, viewers may consider your content as clickbait.   

How do improvement in your videos using the “impression click-through ratio”?   

Like all sorts of things present in the YouTube network help in refining your “impression click-through ratio” is connected to other useful metrics. Here are two methods to improve your ”impression click-through ratio”:   

Focus on how your videos are performing   

“Impression click-through ratio” works as indicating where your video needs to be improved. High click-through ratios and low average view duration or AVD mean users feel attracted by your headings and thumbnails.   

Concentrate on data   

“Impression click-through ratio” is also connected with traffic sources and demographics. Traffic sources display you where more traffic arises from, and demographics indicate who is viewing your content. When you understand these two things, you can start progressing the features of your videos. For example, think of some catchy headings, thumbnails, and content to be more associated with your target viewers.   

3. Least views per viewer   

“Least views per viewer” shows how much time a viewer spends to watch your videos on the least. As your videos produce more new user views, this signs to a better engagement on YouTube. And because YouTube looks into consumer actions to create references, your content can start to increase in rankings.   

How to get improvement in your “views per new user “   

Viewers are fascinated by eye-catchy content that is enhancing for clicks. It is believing, the number of views you produce per new user is also attracting by content themes you form videos for, and videos are made based on the targeted users.   

Start by giving attention to those themes which help you to raise the number of views per viewer. It helps you to get the reference from your target user’s profile.   

4. Demographics   

Demographics are an indication of your users. When you do not find information on exactly which viewers are spending time viewing your videos, you still receive tons to work with some sponsored company. You can say where your viewers originate from, their gender, age, and finally, recognize who your videos are fascinating.   

How to improve your videos using demographics?   

If you have fought to get control of who your viewers are, here are three phases to explain:   

  • Keep on the eye, which videos generate the most views on YouTube, along with the genders, age, and user positions to identify who sees your content.   
  • Give attention to your video headings or titles and content to view what pulls your viewers.   
  • Once you have understood which type of videos and themes are getting attention, and where your views derive from, form a personality that describes who is your target audience.   Also, making content that is too large & consuming more time can affect your viewers’ progress.    

5. Average percentage viewed   

“Average percentage viewed” is a dimension of how much of a video viewer has viewed on the average number. This metric is particularly significant as YouTube uses it to measure how successfully your videos catch the attention of its viewers.   

6. Average view duration    

“Average view duration” is quite similar to “average percentage viewed”. This metric signifies the number of watch-time of a video calculated by the total number of videos performs.   

How does this improve the performance of your video?  

The inferior your “average view duration”, the fewer possibly YouTube is responsible for placing your videos above competitive content with improved average view durations.   

7. Audience retention   

“Audience retention” displays you when users watch and leave your videos. Audience attention is measured as a ratio and is well known as an influential metric because it says you exactly when users do not see your content, helping you to find what to modify or develop to enhance their retention rate.   

Socinator for YouTube marketing   

Why Socinator? 


Social Media can reach millions of people at a time. Being a Social Media Marketer, do not you think you could have few extra hours in your whole day? We already know the answer is YES. You might be belonging with the marketers in the world, who fight to get done all their social media tasks and get tired of doing the same.   

Everyone is searching for a medium to have a better effect on social media within a short time. Luckily Socinator allows us to do this.   

YouTube Automation   

Schedule your YouTube profiles on Auto-pilot, and watch them increase.   

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Activity Data and Reports   

View all the reports and data from time to time for the actions done with your profiles, which can help you for a better investigation of your marketing tactics. Gain insights on all the important aspects of your YouTube Channel.   

Auto Subscribe   

Add subscribers to your YouTube channel by making an automatic subscription link. It will support you to raise the number of subscribers to your YouTube Channel.   

Auto Like Videos   

Develop mass auto likes on your videos using several accounts.   

Auto Comment on Videos   

Publish mass comments or responses using several accounts and spinning text mode.   


It is hard to set a business benchmark for YouTube ad performance in your videos. It differs so much, and you do not identify the intention of your competitor. Instead, set your private benchmarks for what victory seems like for you. Try to Compare your YouTube campaigns with your competitors’ campaigns on their channels.    

You are the one who identifies and achieves your brand’s objectives and intension that result in successful campaigns.    

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