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Top 5 Follow Unfollow Instagram Tools

Are you making it big on Instagram or you are just like the millions of common users with an average number of followers?

No offence but if you want to step up and move forward on Instagram, you need to get out of that “average” zone. But the question is what separates an average user from an influencer in Instagram? Is there a secret sauce or something?

No, there is no spell and of course no secret sauce but just a few strategies applied in the right way. Want to explore what these strategies are, here is a sneak peek-

  • Post Relevant Content-”Content is the king” and if you want to stand out, you need to get this by heart. Stick to your niche and post regularly.
  • Follow Unfollow- This is the most common yet useful method of growing your followers’ list. Follow users on a regular basis and unfollow those who don’t follow you back. Simple, right?
  • Engage- The whole point of social media is to engage with your network. Build a network and engage as much as possible.

Now that you’ve got a rough idea regarding to leave a mark on Instagram, it’s time to show reveal a big secret to you- The secret of “automation”.


You might have noticed a few users who follow a lot, unfollow even more and engage at the maximum level and also they have an everyday change in Instagram followers to following ratio. Do you wonder how they manage to do all these stuff in such a short period of time?

They automate these functionalities. They find a great automation tool, automate it all and just enjoy the good results. And now it’s time for you to enjoy the same.

In this article, I will be sharing about Top 5 Follow Unfollow Instagram Tools that can help you automate your follow unfollow functionality that too without getting banned.



gramboard - All in one Instagram marketing tool

A tool that can help you to automate your follow unfollow functionality without any prior skills or knowledge or anyone’s help. All you need to do is create an account on Gramboard, share your Instagram credentials, activate the follow unfollow feature and sit back.


Gramboard’s AI will automatically search users based on your preferred niche, follow one by one, wait for a few days and then unfollow the users who didn’t follow back.


Some other features regarding the follow unfollow functionality-

  • Whitelisting- Set a list of users whom you don’t wish to unfollow ever.
  • Set the Speed- Fast? Medium? Or Slow? It will follow people according to your set speed.
  • Analytics and Reports- You get a weekly/monthly report of all the activities performed by the tool. Analyze yourself whether the follow unfollow tactic worked or not.


2. Gramto


When it comes Instagram automation, you can’t miss Gramto on the list. With Gramto, you can easily automate the follow unfollow functionality and check out the results by yourself.


The follow unfollow feature includes-

  • Powerful Targeting- The tools allow you to set a preferred niche with the help of hashtags, location and people.
  • Recent Followers- Follow the people who recently followed you.
  • Speed- Set the speed or just pause for some time, Gramto allows both the options.
  • Unfollow Desired Users- Unfollow those who didn’t follow you back.
  • Set a Whitelist- Create a custom list of users, whom you don’t want to follow.

3. Archie


Why not using secure tool for automation? Archie is another popular social media automation tool. Archie has a list of more than 10,000 clients including some big names like Uber, Shopify, etc.

Here is how it works-

  • Input- First of all Archie will ask you to define your niche or industry based on certain demographics.
  • Processing- Allow it a little time and it will find the most active users based on your preferences.
  • Output- It starts by collaborating with the users who belong to your industry. In simple words, it starts following them.


Whether you need to use it for personal use, professional or business, Archie has separate packages for all the three.

4. Instazood


Instazood is a new yet powerful tool when it comes to automating the follow unfollow process. Instazood allows you to put the follow unfollow functionality on full autopilot and does it all in the background without even bothering you.

Here are the benefits of using Instazood-

  • Highly Targeted Audience- You don’t need to command your bot to just follow the highly targeted users, it’s already meant to do that. All you need to do is specify certain demographics.
  • Free 3 Days Trial- Never choose a tool unless you are damn sure about it. Instazood allows you a 3 days free trial to understand whether it suits you or not.
  • Use Directly from the Browser- Unlike the other tools, you don’t need to install it but rather use it directly through your browser.


5. Combin


Another powerful Instagram automation tool. Whether you wish to follow the right users related to your niche or unfollow the traitor who didn’t follow you back, Combin is the perfect match for your strategy.


Within a few minutes of creating an account on Combin, you can easily set up the follow unfollow process. At first, you’ll need to provide the details of your preferred niche and Combin’s advanced search will look out for the most suited profiles and then follow them. Moreover, it will also track your unfollowers on Instagram (online) and then unfollow them one by one if you’re following them.




When you rely upon a tool that could automate your Instagram functionalities, you also need to take care of your profile’ authenticity. If the follow unfollow Instagram tools fail to maintain it then there are chances that your account may even get banned. Be smart and choose the right one only.

Choosing the right tool in just one attempt is not possible. You need to try them all one by one and then select the one that would fit the best of in your Instagram marketing strategy.


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