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Tool Reddit:09 Ways To Improve Your Brand Presence With Reddit Marketing

Unlike the manual way of marketing, which includes door-to-door travel to promote business, people nowadays are smart enough to do business online, especially on social media. 

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Today, there are a lot of social media platforms out there on the web which provide huge businesses and marketing opportunities to the people. And one such popular and efficient platform is Reddit. People nowadays prefer using Reddit to do business.

Reddit is not only used for uploading content related to the latest news, business and others but also used for online marketing. 

Have you ever thought of marketing through Reddit? Want to grow your business out of the traditional social media platforms? If yes, then the tool Reddit is the best option. In this article you will know about:

  • What is Reddit?
  • How popular is Reddit? What is its influence?
  • Some important terms that you should know before using Reddit.
  • Statistics of Reddit.




is a social media platform where users can submit contents and upvote and downvote them according to their choice.
The users on Reddit are very active in posting something new and different. Despite the interface, lots of users engage themselves on Reddit due to its high-quality content that attracts the people.

Reddit is very addictive because the individual members have a karma system that tallies how many good things you have posted in the community. It makes you more engaged and delivers quality content that gives you better Reddit clout.

The registration for becoming a member of Reddit is free. But if you want to get a monthly or yearly subscription, you can use Reddit gold, which provides some extended features which are not available for the non-payable members.


Popularity and influence of Reddit:

If we talk about its popularity and influence, it has grown to more than 330 million monthly active users since 2005. In terms of ranking, it is the 20th most visited site in the world.

Compared to other platforms, Reddit has the most engaged and active users. It is primarily a platform for the users to create, share, and discuss the content uploaded by other members where ranking takes place.

 Users submit their content to the platform in the form of text, phrases, photos, videos, etc. for viewing that is categorized as subreddits. Through the voting system, the content gets ranked, and the highest-ranked content will be more on the Reddit page and visible to millions of users. It has a unique discussion-based nature that makes it different from other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.


Few Reddit terms:



There are groups based on different topics where the users of the subreddit can upload their content. These groups are called subreddits. You can find a subreddit of your interest. When you decide to join Reddit, you can become a member of any group according to your choice that is already present on the site. You can also follow subreddits to improve your business.




Reddit has a voting system. When a user uploads some content on the site, the only aim would be to get more and more upvotes and fewer downvotes. When the upvotes are more, the content remains on the top of the homepage. When the post remains higher on the home page, it gets more and more engagement. This process is also the same for the comment on your content.




Reddit is a platform where people post their content to get upvotes and rank their content on the topmost of the Reddit homepage.

They can post photos, videos, phrases, etc. But they should post under the guidelines and rules of the subreddit.




As I have already mentioned above, karma is a kind of rating given by Reddit if you post your content under rules and guidelines. When you use the
tool Reddit site with proper strategy, you get karma points that will increase engagement on your post.


Reddit gold:


Along with free membership, you can also get customized themes and avatar, access to subreddits, turning off ads, etc. But for that, you have to sign up for the gold membership at $3.99 or $2.99 per year.

Before moving towards the statistics of Reddit, have an eye on a software which is not only used for managing your social media accounts but also to do social selling. 

It is nothing but the SOCINATOR that handles many social media platforms that we can use for business promotion and lead generation. It enables us to have an impact on social media in less time. It manages social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Quora, Linkedin, Youtube, Pinterest, etc.

Now you must be thinking that HOW DOES SOCINATOR MANAGE ALL THESE PLATFORMS? Let us have a brief on how the socinator manages to do all the tasks in very little time and what are some of the features that help it to do so.



In this busy schedule, we often forget to post anything like ads or videos on social media that can affect our business. But if you schedule the date and time of the post to publish, the Socinator automatically publishes your posts on any platforms that you have selected at the right time and date.

The Socinator helps you grow your accounts faster by giving some features like auto-publish, auto-follow, and follow back, auto post, auto message, live chat, and many others.

It also has features like auto friends request, auto-accept friend, auto post, auto comment, auto like auto-live, etc. It has the same features as Twitter also. It schedules your YouTube account on autopilot. For all social media platforms, it helps to increase your professional network and grow your business by connecting more with people.

Even if Reddit is the most controversial website on the internet, few stats will never let you ignore the Reddit platform to share your content.


Few statistics of Reddit:


  • It has 168 billion page views per year and about 14 billion views per month. In 2018, Reddit blogs saw an increase in traffic like 22% in engagement and 30% in views.
  • With the highly engaging platform, visitors spend an average of 16 minutes on Reddit after arriving on the site. Out of the 15 most visited sites in the world, people spend more time on Reddit, where they spend 5 to 6 minutes hardly on other sites.
  • In comparison to the early 2000s, 95% of adults use smartphones. 70% of the Reddit videos are from mobile, which shows the significance of mobile access to Reddit users.
  • Like Instagram is favored by female users of 35% of male users, Reddit is popular among males.

Now you must be sure that sharing your content and marketing on Reddit will never let you down. Now let us see some points which can help us to promote your business on Reddit.


How to improve your brand presence on Reddit:

1. Build a trustworthy account:


Opening an account is easy, but making it look trustworthy is challenging. Redditors ignore promotional profiles that make it different from other social media platforms. Before selling products, you have to engage with the Redditors.

 It is not as easy as marketing on Twitter and Facebook. After opening a Reddit account, you have to give useful comments and contents that will increase your karma points. The more the karma points, the more is the visibility of your profile that will also increase engagement, lead generation, and drive more sales to your brand. If the community trusts you, you can become successful on Reddit. 


2. Target the right audience:


Targeting an audience is the first step to do marketing. There are many subreddits on the platform where you have to choose one from them. You have to select a subreddit that is relevant to your brand or product. Using a community that does not even match your brand and product is worthless. When you join a subreddit with millions of followers where it does not go with your brand, the return on investment will be lower. So, it is better to join a subreddit that matches your content even if it has fewer followers.


3. Do not spam the platform:


Whatever content you add to the subreddit should be original. Sharing the same content on different subreddits can also be seen as spamming that can create problems for the growth of your brand presence.

Failure in the rules and the guidelines of Reddit may get you penalized because these rules differentiate real users from marketers. People trust marketing because the leads generated from the platform tool Reddit are of high quality.


4. Increase engagement through share button:


Just uploading the content will not get you engagement, especially when you are at the initial stage on the platform. Make use of the share button and share your content with your friends, followers, and other social media platforms. Upvotes and likes can help you grow in your initial stage on that platform.


5. Compatibility matters:


To build a trustworthy network and authority, you should be compatible with the platform. When you join any subreddit, you should provide value in a well-suited manner. To remain active in your group or community is a need. Give insightful answers to the questions asked. It can make Redditors appreciate your efforts and will make them engage with you regularly.


6. Create an AMA section:


AMA or ask me anything is the most effective way to build trust, engagement and position yourself in the niche. In this way, you can understand your audience and create content according to their needs. When they ask questions where you provide answers to them, they become happy and satisfied that will compel them to use your products.


7. Make use of Reddit ads:


Advertisements prove the best way to reach the audience. You can use Reddit advertisements to spread your brand awareness that can target your audience fast. You can refine your ads so that they can appear on the whole platform to get more karma points that can increase engagement for your brand. You can use either link ads or text ads for your brand.


8. Ask for feedback:


People often use schemes to sell their products. But Redditors focus on the needs of their audience because they love honesty. Asking feedback will make you sure that you are fulfilling your viewer’s desire or not. And you can also know if any of your audience is dissatisfied where you can get a chance to serve them better. Asking questions is a way to gain the trust of the audience.


9. Create a schedule:


It is a useful strategy with an increase in audience participation with the brand that can help you increase your community and engagement. With the help of a schedule, you can remind your audience about the event that is coming up. You can create excitement towards the launch of the new product or service through your ads and posts related to the upcoming event.

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Wrapped words:

From the above discussion, it is clear that unlike other social media platforms, it is not easy to do marketing directly through the tool Reddit. You have to follow its guidelines to gain trust and karma points on Reddit.

I hope you like my article. Thank you for giving your valuable time to this read. Any doubts or queries you have regarding this article, feel free to comment below. I would love to hear from you.