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The Ultimate Revelation Of YouTube Shorts

What was your goal to become when you were a kid? An engineer? A Doctor? Police officer?

But today’s kids have something else in their minds, YouTubers!

And guess what, not just kids but everyone is trying to follow a trend of becoming a successful YouTuber. That makes the competition on the YouTube platform too high. If you are a YouTube content creator who is struggling to gain subscribers on YouTube, let me tell you you are not alone!

Nailing the YouTube game is not easy, But there is good news!

Short video content became quickly popular as an excellent source of entertainment. With this, there has been a sudden hike in the number of short video platforms too and YouTube has also announced a new feature called YouTube Shorts, which lets you post short videos in under 60 seconds.

This new feature is currently in beta version and still helping content creators to get millions of views. YouTube is promoting this feature heavily, creators can take advantage of this new video format to grow their YouTube channels.

What Are YouTube Shorts?

what-is-youtube-shortsShort is a feature of YouTube that lets you create and share a short video, and just like any other short video apps, there are several built-in editing tools that you can use to make videos more aesthetic.

  • An Answer to its rivals: Consider this feature as Google’s answer to TikTok and Instagram reels. You can merge clips, add text and music, adjust playback speed, and more.
  • Portrait Mode: Shorts are different from traditional YouTube videos. Just like any other short video apps, Shorts are also meant to be consumed on mobile devices in portrait mode.
  • A Golden Opportunity: YouTube Shorts have opened a new way to become a content creator. You have the option to post vertical videos under 60 seconds, instead of long detailed videos and grow YouTube subscriber count.

How Do YouTube Shorts Work?

how-does-Youtube-shorts-workIt is in beta mode right now, only available in selected regions : India, the US, the UK, Canada, and Latin America.

It does not mean that rest of the world is restricted from posting shorts, all creators can also participate by adding #Shorts in title/description in vertical videos of duration 60 seconds or less.

Basically, YouTube Shorts are the new version of YouTube stories, but Stories are only available for creators having more than 10,000 subscribers, YouTube shorts are available for everyone.

How To Make YouTube Shorts?

How-to-make-youtube-shortsAs mentioned earlier, YouTube shorts is in its beta version right now but still the features it is offering is great, and it surely will improve with time. There is a multi-segment shorts camera in the YouTube app, which has many features to help creators make amazing content.

  • Record Videos: You can record videos using this built-in camera or just import any clip from your gallery.
  • Edit Them: After recording or importing videos, you can also edit them using these amazing tools like speed controls, timer, and counters, etc.
  • Add Music: Choose and add music resonating with your videos from a large library that will continue to improve.
  • And Post: You can post videos after recording and editing or simply upload them from your gallery, you don’t need to have thousands of subscribers for posting.

How Is It Beneficial For YouTube Content Creators?

benefits-for-content-creatorsYouTube’s algorithm works in a way to provide the most relevant, personalized videos to their users, depending on their activity and behavior. So it becomes harder for new creators to prove their relevance to the YouTube algorithm.

“If you liked the video please subscribe and hit the bell icon”, even after this you are not getting many subscribers. Do not worry, because YouTube shorts can help you solve this problem.

  • Promotion: Since YouTube shorts is a new feature, YouTube is promoting it extensively, which creates a golden opportunity for the creators to grow their channels by creating trending shorts on YouTube.
  • Larger Reach: YouTube already has a huge user base, which will help the content creator to create and engage with their target audience.
  • Less Time Consuming: Creating a short video requires less time than the longer videos, so you will be able to create the best YouTube shorts and post more videos in less time.
  • Flexibility With Equipment: YouTube is trying to make the platform more compatible for its users. You don’t need A thousand-dollar camera for creating short content, smartphone cameras are capable enough for creating compelling videos.
  • Use Existing Videos: You may have already made many videos for other platforms, with some little tweaks you can post them as well.

What’s In It For Marketers?

It is a common theory that commercials are the best mode of advertisement. But it is not quite true, people get bored by these minute-long ads on tv or social media every day. Short videos are much more effective, here’s why!

  • Bigger Reach: YouTube is the second largest website having more than 2 billion monthly users, which will help you to create an audience and grow your business.
  • Easy To Consume: Even YouTube knows that people get annoyed by those ads, hence offering YouTube a premium for an ad-free experience. If you are promoting your business on YouTube, creating short video content will appeal to even those who have short attention spans.
  • Higher Retention: It is a human tendency to remember shorter videos more than longer ones. Even if we enjoy both of them equally, we can only grasp some parts from the longer videos.
  • More Flexibility: You don’t need to make detailed and lengthy videos, you can play with your style and theme in short videos to draw attention to your business.
  • Easy Content: For longer videos formal structure in content is crucial, but for short videos, you only need one topic which is easier than planning and creating a whole 10 or 30 minutes video.

Social media platforms are a great tool for promoting brands and growing businesses, there are many other factors that can help your channel grow on the YouTube platform. These platforms provide crucial insights about campaigns, posts, engagements, audience behavior, etc. which can help you create better strategies. To speed up this process there is an amazing and effective social media automation tool:


socinatorSocinator is one of the best social media automation software, which can level up your overall social media marketing game. It automates all your activities on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and various other platforms, and provides many useful features like Activity and Statistics Reports, Auto Publish posts, Auto comments, Auto Like, etc. 

Key Features:

  • Efficient Account Management: You can manage multiple YouTube accounts and channels efficiently.
  • Activity Statistics And Reports: It provides detailed reports and statistics of all activities performed with your account, which can help you analyze and create better strategies.
  • Auto Subscribe: It creates an automatic subscription link, which will help you grow the subscriber count of your channel.
  • Auto Watch, Like, and Comment: It will increase views, likes, comments by using different IPs and Proxy automatically.
  • Filter Support: This powerful feature will help you grow your target audience, increasing the chances of higher conversions, more views, and bulk comments.


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Concluding Words:

YouTube platform has provided a great opportunity for all the content creators, influencers, and brands to grow their business, And this new feature has opened a new door to success. YouTube is encouraging creators to use this feature to engage with the audience while creating a new source of entertainment for the masses, and I hope it will be beneficial for all the amazing content creators out there.

What are your views on these, did I miss any important points? Let me know your thoughts!